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Over 100 of today's best cartoonists pay tribute to comics' greatest innovator, Winsor McCay, in one giant book.
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Posted by Locust Moon Press (Creator)

Thank you, everyone who has supported us so far – as of the last 24 hours you’ve taken this campaign past $90,000! I need to think of a new word for unbelievable, because that one just doesn't seem strong enough anymore...

I’ve mentioned this before in some other updates, but ever since the overwhelming and surprising first couple days of this Kickstarter campaign, Josh, Chris, and I have been trying to work out how to reward all of you and make it worth your time to keep helping us get the word out for Dream Another Dream. “Stretch goals” are a popular thing on Kickstarter, but they’re also a danger and can often end up harming the campaigns and creators they’re meant to help. A lot of costs go into putting a project together, and a lot what looks like free money (even to the creator, at first) ends up getting lost to fees, taxes, and reward fulfillment (new production, shipping, etc).

When organizing this campaign, we thought and planned hard and long about how we could make it work best for the book, and how we could avoid any potential disasters. First, as you might already know, we made sure Little Nemo: Dream Another Dream was 100% complete before starting up our campaign. We’ve been working with a lot of very busy artists here, and while they’ve all been extraordinarily excited to take part, a few who had at one point fully committed were just not able to follow through, due to issues of timing, health, and so on. Other creators took a lot longer than expected, often for understandable reasons, but it made keeping a strict deadline for ourselves sort of tough. Upon launching our Kickstarter, we did not want to end up in a situation where we were weighing delays in sending you all books against potentially not fulfilling part of our promise (and having to cut an artist you might have backed us for). That’s why we waited to have a complete, get-exactly-what-you-pay-for product ready to print and ship to you all as soon as humanly possible.

We also priced our rewards – the book especially – in such a way that we could definitely cover costs involved in each fulfillment, while still keeping the basic book priced below what it’ll go for in most shops upon release (see IDW’s Artist Editions or Sunday Press’s same-sized Little Nemo reprints for comparison).

We were very conservative with our funding goal. In fact, $50k is quite a bit less than the cost of the project – it's less than the cost of printing alone. We calculated it as the bare minimum amount we would have to raise to get this across the finish line, when combined with every penny we had or could borrow. When all is said and done, there will end up being about twice that much money spent in total.

This Kickstarter campaign has been incredible to be a part of – the love and support that comes in every day is insane, and at a level I never thought I’d be on the receiving end of, ever. The fact that I get to be one of these lucky guys who’s handing off all the incredible work in this book to you is a dream come true (no pun intended, I swear). Asking for a number as huge as $50K seemed like it should have been impossible to us at the start, but we had to go for it. And you know, if we had somehow found a way to get a hold of all of that money without you guys & gals, this book simply could not have become what it is right now. Kickstarter has given us a way to reach you, and you a way to find us, that simply sticking a book up for sale at our store and conventions could never even slightly approach. This entire book was an enormous risk for us, but we knew it’d be worth it if enough people found Dream Another Dream and saw just how special it was. Kickstarter is potentially the best platform we’ll ever have to spread word of the book, and we want to take full advantage of that. We don’t really want a warehouse full of these giant, beautiful objects just sitting around as we slowly whittle their numbers down – we want them out in the world.

If this all seems like an absurdly long prelude to finally introduce our stretch goal, that’s for two reasons (look, I'm making it even longer!). First, I just wanted you all to know what’s going on behind the scenes, and how much this campaign and your continued love and generosity mean to us. And second, just in case the stretch goal seems high, at first glance -- because we don’t want to introduce any major new costs into this campaign before breaking even on the book as a whole. Too many Kickstarters succeed, and yet still – often because of their great success – end up *losing* money. We don’t want to do that. We don’t want to put this project, or Locust Moon in general, at risk. Locust Moon isn't some big company -- it’s just three guys running a store, an art gallery, a small press, a website, and a comics festival, while also being writers on our own time (whenever that ends up existing). But more important than anything else here, in some ways, is that we have to make sure that all the creators in this book are rewarded, too. Once we finally break even on all the costs of putting this book out there, we split any profits with all the artists involved. There are a lot of them, as you know by now, so it’ll never be too much – but it’s a reward earned and deserved, and we don’t want to just keep racking up costs to the point where it’s impossible for us to reach. They didn’t do this for the money, they did it out of love for McCay and the idea of this project – and that’s all the more reason why they deserve our appreciation, in any way possible.

So here it is: $125K.

If we reach $125,000 on Kickstarter…everyone who backs this campaign at $100 (for the BOOK) and above will ALSO get:

  • Oversized, 3” x 11” bookmark fit for a giant book, made with art by FAREL DALRYMPLE (The Wrenchies) for his Nemo strip!

And everyone who backs at the $150 (BOOK + PRINTS) level and above (including “Signed Book” and “Piece of the Dream” backers) will be getting TWO AWESOME NEW 16" x 21" PRINTS in their package:

  • A full-size print of GERHARD’s (Cerebus) epic introduction to Nemo’s world. This is the first piece of art you’ll see upon opening the book, and for good reason.
  • A 3-D version of DENIS KITCHEN’s (Kitchen Sink Press) Nemo strip! 3D glasses not included. Kitchen’s adorable and slightly creepy strip (colored by BOX BROWN!) is featured in the book, but the 3D version is exclusive to this stretch goal print.

So that's what we're aiming for now. Reaching $125K means we'll be able to print and share this beautiful stuff with you, so I hope you’ll help. Please, tweet, share, pin, tumbl, tell your friends about this book and let them know that now is the best time to get a book for themselves. Best for us, yeah, but more importantly, best for them!

Thank you again, beautiful people, and keep dreaming.

- Andrew Carl

PS. We’ll keep working on finding more cool rewards for those of you who like sketches and original art!

PPS. Publishers Weekly ran a story on the book and revealed our page by the amazing CRAIG THOMPSON (Blankets)! Enjoy…


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