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Over 100 of today's best cartoonists pay tribute to comics' greatest innovator, Winsor McCay, in one giant book.
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Posted by Locust Moon Press (Creator)

Hey everybody,

It's time for yet another frustrating update about how we're slowly inching towards getting books into everyone's hands. The bookplates were delayed due to some unexpected travel requirements Mr. Pope, so they had to wait for him to return to NYC. However, they're in the mail now en route to Philly. Once they get here, they will go out very shortly, I promise you. Our long national nightmare is almost over.

You guys have been so patient with us. We really are getting there. Outside of a couple stray sketch editions that we're still waiting on, everything will be in the mail this month. Hold steady. Don't lose faith. I know I keep saying this, but we really are getting there.

Thanks again for being so awesome. We'll make it worth your while.

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    1. Michael Wong on

      Greeting Andrew,

      Please what is the update on the Cliff Chang pledge?? Its now Sept 6 2015, and still have not receive any book from you. Please reply. Thank you.

    2. Mathieu Doublet on

      Hi Andrew,
      I didn't receive anyhting book or bookplates (from J H Williams III). Any news about that ? Thank you.

    3. Tim Klassen on

      Thanks for info, what I needed to know.

    4. Locust Moon Press 3-time creator on

      If you're not there to pick it up, they'll keep it at your local post office for a little while and then send it back.

    5. Locust Moon Press 3-time creator on

      First class international, Tim!

    6. Tim Klassen on

      How are you shipping to Canada? Going to be traveling in mid September so would be helpful to know if I'm at risk of having it sent back on me.

    7. Locust Moon Press 3-time creator on

      I know Michael. It's our fault -- we vastly underestimated how long it would take to get these bookplates signed. But all the recognition in the world doesn't help it move any faster. I promise you we're doing absolutely everything in our power to get this done, and it will be soon. I know you've all been waiting a long time.

    8. Michael McCarthy on

      It's becoming increasingly hard to be patient, given the absurdly long time we've had to wait & all the recognition the book has gained.

    9. Locust Moon Press 3-time creator on

      Not yet Christopher -- but very soon. So sorry for the wait.

    10. Christopher on

      Hello Andrew, would like to know if all kinds of signed books have been shipped? Thanks

    11. Locust Moon Press 3-time creator on

      Courtland, we're still waiting on Brandon. He tells me it'll be done this week...

      Belinda, the Mack signed copies should ship this month! Thanks all for your patience.

    12. Béliza Mendes on

      Thank you for the update! It's good to know that it's on its way. Any idea on when the copies signed by David Mack might arrive? Can't wait to get my copy! :)

    13. Missing avatar

      Courtland LaVallee

      Do you have an ETA for the Brandon Graham prints? Thanks! By the way, this book is one of the best things I have supported on Kickstarter - it is a beauty!

    14. Alex Johnson on

      Thanks for the update. It relieves the concerns.

    15. Missing avatar

      Carlos Portela Orjales on

      Don't worry. No problem on waiting a bit more.