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Over 100 of today's best cartoonists pay tribute to comics' greatest innovator, Winsor McCay, in one giant book.
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A Note on Fulfillment Status

Posted by Locust Moon Press (Creator)

Hey guys!

Just wanted to give you all a heads up, since we've been getting some understandably confused messages and comments. 

There was a mix-up with a batch of books that were supposed to go out at the end of February, but got mishandled. That issue has now been solved. All rewards in the book & prints tier are either in the mail or at their happy homes. If you have received a tracking number, then your book is en route to you. If you're in a $150 or less tier and have not yet received a tracking number, please message us directly and we'll figure out what's up.
As of now all $150 and under tiers -- as well as the "Piece of the Dream" tier -- have been shipped, and we're moving on to the signed and sketched editions. Thank you so much for your continued patience. We're learning as we go here, and have made some mistakes. But we're reaching the end of this process, and you should all have beautiful books and prints in your hands very soon. Please message us with any further questions or issues. You guys are the best.

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    1. Locust Moon Press 3-time creator on

      Hey guys -- a quick update on the signed editions. The ALL KINDS OF SIGNED GROUP TWO books are on our way to us now, and should be ready to send out by next week. The ALL KINDS OF SIGNED editions still have two more artists to work their way through. They should all go out in May, God willing. We're getting there! Ever closer.

      We're wrapping up the PDFs RIGHT NOW, and they will go out this month. You guys have been so patient with us. Thank you. When you receive all these rewards, I hope you'll see how hard we're working to deliver quality to you all.

      Stay frosty everybody. We're almost out of the woods.

    2. Paul van Dijken on

      $225 backer here. Any update on when I will receive my book ?

    3. Jamie Heron on

      Hi, I just wanted to ask about getting a tracking number for my $100 tier, as I haven't received one since this update a little over a month ago. I know you're very busy, just wanted to see about an update, cheers!

    4. Christopher on

      Any chance for an update on the signed editions?

    5. Jason Aaron Wong on

      Any updates on the sketched editions. Been silence for a looong time, despite numerous emails.

    6. Susan Adami

      Hi - I have not received the book or a tracking number - can you help? Thanks!


    7. Missing avatar

      Vic Wong on

      I'll need to change the address for delivery. How can I contact you on a change of address?

    8. Béliza Mendes on

      Hello! I'm patiently waiting for my signed copy by David Mack ^_^ It's great to have an update, so thank you for that.

    9. Andy Goldwasser on

      _Just_ received the book and prints (despite no tracking number), mucho thanks! But ditto on asking about the pdfs.

    10. Missing avatar

      Maria on

      Hello! I had no problem receiving Renee Nault's print. Beautiful work. ^_^ What is the status for PDFs?

    11. Missing avatar

      Gabriel Edge on

      PS, I agree with Tim. Thanks for this update.

    12. Missing avatar

      Gabriel Edge on

      PM'ed a couple of days ago and haven't heard back. I got a tracking number but no book (according to the email with tracking number it should have arrived around 2 weeks ago, but there's no update on the status when I check the tracking number). I'd appreciate a PM back so I can give my new address since I move this week.

    13. Tim Klassen on

      The update is much appreciated!

    14. Locust Moon Press 3-time creator on

      Tim -- I'm really sorry, but we're hustling as hard as we can. The signed editions are almost done making their way around the world, and should be ready to ship soon. We're at the mercy of other folks schedules here, and are doing everything we can to expedite this process. It's tricky coordinating this many exchanges of mail among people like Bill Sienkiewicz, Paul Pope, David Mack, etc, who tend to do a ton of traveling. We expect to send these out by the end of April, but we simply can't control exactly when we get them.

      Andy, I'm not sure why yours wasn't included in the shipment that just went out! I'll pack it up tomorrow and it'll go out by Monday at the latest. Thanks for the heads up.

      Eli, same goes for you.

      Robert -- I have you marked down as having received your reward back in December! Let me look into what happened, and I'll make sure to get another book out to you.

      Nigel, I'm so glad you're enjoying your book!

    15. Nigel Bell on

      ... Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

      ... received last Friday... lovely, lovely work!

      ... many thanks,

    16. Tim Klassen on

      A timeline for those of us who paid the most would be appreciated/appropriate.

    17. Andy Goldwasser on

      Hello, $150 backer here (pledged 7/23/14)--no tracking number (or book/prints). Thanks!

    18. Missing avatar

      robert wiener on

      Hi, $100 backer haven't seen anything yet.

    19. Eli Neugeboren on

      Hi There - $150 backer with no tracking # or book in my hands.