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Sweetness tells a tale of forgiveness and transformation through dance, New York and magic.

We, the creative team behind Sweetness, have been making films together for over five years.  During our time together, we have continually strived to refine our storytelling abilities and hone our respective crafts. We have brought to life numerous short films and one feature film.

Sweetness, our latest film, centers around Tore and Micah, a young couple living together in Brooklyn.  The film begins in the wake of Tore's newfound sobriety.  Despite the couple's commitment to Tore's teetotalism, memories of his alcoholic past bleed into the comfort of their daily lives.

Visually, the film is dynamic, weaving dance, dreams and magic into the fabric of the narrative.  Our goal is to tell a story of forgiveness in which old wounds heal, laughter trumps pain and the present emerges sweeter than the past.  It is an ambitious film and an opportunity for us to give something of value back to you, our patrons and our audience.

Preproduction is already underway.  We are: 

  • Joe Lueben - Writer and Director
  • Nicholas Williams - Producer and Composer
  • Phil Mershon - Writer and Casting Director
  • Anna J. Martinez - Dance Choreographer
  • Trevor Tweeten - Actor and Director of Photography
  • Brad Pearson - Art Director
  • Drew Mershon - Camera Assistant
  • Iva Gocheva - Actor 

Currently, we are in the process of casting actors, choreographing the dance scene and staging disciplined scene rehearsals.  We are engaged in spirited collaboration on a daily basis to discuss creative solutions to technical and artistic dilemas.  As always, we are doing our best to make sure that, come time to film, we are ready to maximize the value of your donations.

Your donations to the project will go directly to the production budget.  

Essential production elements include:  Constructing an elaborate Christmas wonderland on an apartment rooftop, securing an expansive, skylit dance studio, crafting unique props, feeding hungry filmmakers and purchasing production insurance.

Since we are all working on a volunteer basis, it is imperative that the money spent on the production value of Sweetness matches the amount of effort, hard work and dedication we have put in to make the film a reality.

Thank you all for your donations, time and commitment to Sweetness.


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    A thank you, a backer credit in the film and an invitation to a special screening of "Sweetness" in Brooklyn, NY.

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    The above, plus an executive producer credit in the film and a "Sweetness" breakaway bottle. Note! The TITLE CREDIT of "Sweetness" will be awarded to the individual who gives the HIGHEST DONATION!

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