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The Key will be a bi-monthly events magazine featuring ALL arts & culture events surrounding Blair County, Pennsylvania. Read more

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This project was successfully funded on August 18, 2013.

The Key will be a bi-monthly events magazine featuring ALL arts & culture events surrounding Blair County, Pennsylvania.

About this project

The Key Magazine

The Key Magazine will be a glossy, full-color, 48-page magazine covering arts & culture in and around Blair County. 

Blair and the surrounding counties have a wealth of activities and events going on all year, but local media does a spotty job of covering the scene consistently. There's also an under-appreciated cultural scene -- from the 75-year old Altoona Symphony Orchestra, to the groups doing great theater at the Mishler, to the myriad of artisan craft shows in the area -- that doesn't get the coverage and attention it deserves. We want to change all that and help the arts scene blossom.

Our area needs this.

Any organization can enter their events for free at Prior to each issue, we will pull all of these events for inclusion in the classified-style listings FOR FREE! Inclusion is the name of the game.

I want to include all events in driving distance of Blair County since our communities here in Central PA overlap so much. I know that many folks regularly drive to Johnstown, Ebensburg, Huntingdon, State College etc. for events. I also want to focus on concerts and "great performances" at the bigger venues in the area as well. 

"The Key" name is of course a play on Pennsylvania being the Keystone state, but it also alludes to the key of a map or chart, since the magazine will help you find events, classes or arts information. 

Why Donate?

If you've ever sat around trying to find something to do - especially during our long winters! - then I hope you will personally be glad to have a copy of The Key sitting on your coffee table. And if you've ever wished Altoona and the surrounding areas were a little more "urban" or cultural, then you should support this project, so we can likewise support arts in this area. By drawing attention to all the fabulous events and artisans/performers, we make this a better place to live and work!

It's also important to me that the work I do helps the world in some way. So I want to make sure that each month we feature a non-profit in the local community, and I've dedicated the back page for features on local environmental or "green" topics. 

The Magazine

The magazine will be a free, full-color publication available in and around Blair County. The magazine will feature chronological event listings sprinkled with feature stories in the categories listed below.  We will have an "Outdoor" section catering to events like hikes or state park events, and an "Athletic" section to feature things like running or cycling races, even charity golf tournaments.


  • Editor's Notes
  • Classes & Workshops
  • Nonprofit Focus
  • Craft
  • Kids & Family
  • Music (Nightlife & Concerts)
  • Outdoors
  • Art (Visual Art)
  • Performance (Theater, dance and music)
  • Sports
  • Etcetera
  • The Green Page

Why Kickstarter?

Future issues of The Key will be supported by advertising. Without crowdfunding, we won't be able to publish our first hard copy until 2014, and it is nearly impossible to sell advertising in a product that doesn't exist yet.  

Use of Funds

All of the funds raised will cover printing costs of the first issue. We are proud to have the magazine printed locally!!

Should we raise more than the $2750 needed, those funds will be used to cover sales tax, delivery and storage fees, Web maintenance costs, and insurance costs.


The issue will take about two weeks to print and a week to deliver. That would set us on "news stands" the first week of September. 

We'd like to distribute the magazine exclusively at convenience store locations in and around Blair county - a complete listing of locations will be published on the Website, and will include surrounding towns like Ebensburg, Tyrone, Bedford, Roaring Spring, etc. 

The Future

Starting with the first 2014 issue, the magazine will be funded by advertising. The long-term plan would be to move it to a monthly publication in 2015, and hire at least one sales person and possibly a gaggle of freelance writers! I'd also like to involve local photographers when possible and pay them for their work. There are many local organizations and creative artists who will benefit from this project. We hope you will join us and back The Key!

Risks and challenges

Our main ongoing costs and risks will be printing and delivery. However, the majority of the publication is laid out and ready to go! We have lots of press releases and stories submitted from local organizations who are excited about the opportunity. Should our project not receive full funding, we will promote the first issue as an e-pub only.

As such, the main challenge "post-kickstarter" will be selling ads. The Blair County area has a LOT of competition in the advertising space, with multiple TV, radio, outdoor, periodical, directory and sign companies all vying for advertiser dollars. But I am positive that the community will quickly come to value and look forward to finding this on the news stand with each new issue!

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    Any amount helps! Thank you in advance for believing in us, and we'll make sure you are all listed on the Website and in the magazine on a special "Thank You" page. We can even include a one-line message if you'd like to make a shout out. We'll email you when the magazine is out so you can go pick up a copy.

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    If you are a small business, you will receive a small, one-column width square ad in addition to being listed on the thank you page listed above (and of course receive a hard copy via mail.) If you don't have a business, you can also choose to donate the ad space to a non-profit organization or choose an official Key Magazine coffee mug instead!

    And of course you will receive a hard copy in the mail.

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    Inside Launch Partner -

    Receive one of four inside cover ads to advertise your business, project or event.

    If you do not have a business you'd like to advertise, you can donate the space to a non-profit or choose to receive two Key T-shirts or mugs for you and a friend. We'll of course send you copies in the mail too.

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    Receive the back cover to advertise your event, project, or company! You can also choose to donate the ad space to a non-profit organization if you'd like. You'll receive special mention in the first editorial column and in the masthead, plus two T-shirts and two coffee mugs to brag to everyone about your philanthropy!

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