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A language-independent card game of deception and area control for 2 to 4 players. Featuring easy to learn mechanics and deep strategy.
A language-independent card game of deception and area control for 2 to 4 players. Featuring easy to learn mechanics and deep strategy.
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In the northern city of Bergen there lived a duke with seven beautiful daughters. One day, a masked man appeared before the duke with a warning: that night, when the sun set, the Troll – Giant of the Forest – would assail Bergen and carry off the duke’s daughters and wealth.

Night Clan is a fast-paced area control game with a hint of deception for 2 to 4 players. As the duke, you must hide your Daughters and Riches in various locations around Bergen to shelter them from the Troll. Outsmart your opponent and try to figure out what everyone is up to. Ally yourself with the Mistletoe, whose mystical powers can drive off the Troll. With the wise use of the Night Watch turn the tide in your favor and ultimately win the game.

Supported Languages

Night Clan is language-independent. This means that once you know the rules, you can teach and play the game with anyone, as there's no need to read any text on the cards. The rulebook will be printed with three different languages: English, German and French.

Also, we will have the rulebook translated in downloadable PDFs for other languages too!

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In Night Clan, each player is given an identical deck composed of 13 main cards, which possess different abilities and score values.

Some of the cards ('Daughter' and 'Night Watch') are played face up, while others ('Riches', 'Mistletoe' and 'Troll') are played face down and their effects trigger at the end of the game.

Location cards are placed on the table, and on them players will then play the main cards from their hand. In the corner of every location there is a number that indicates the maximum amount of cards that it can contain.

At the beginning of the game players draw three cards. Then, everyone takes turns playing two of them from their hand (in the same location or in different ones) and draw two new cards.

The objective of the game is to score more points than the adversaries. This is achieved by placing valuable cards on locations players consider safe, away from the terrible trolls, while trying to place their own troll where they think opponents have the most points.

No one can know if under a facedown card there is a malefic troll hiding, whose presence eliminates all the cards that share the same location, a treasure, or the mistletoe, the only charm that has the power to make the troll flee.

At the end of the game, facedown cards are revealed and special effects are triggered. Each location is scored accordingly and the player with the most points wins.

You can download a draft of the rulebook here.


We will ship games to fulfillment centers around the world to reduce customs fees and VAT.

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  • You are getting the best deal! 25% off MSRP. Pay €9 instead of €12.
  • There is always room for improvements; and while we are committed to delivering a game of the highest quality, stretch goals will make it possible to enhance the final quality even more.
  • All Kickstarter backers receive a money-back guarantee. Within a month of receiving your copy you can return the game and get the money of your pledge (the tier you chose plus shipping costs).
  • There is no big publisher behind Night Clan, so with your pledges you will help us in bringing more great games to you.



If you are a retailer interested in Night Clan we would love to hear from you. Just send an email during or after the campaign to and we will give you all the information you need.

Risks and challenges

We know that various risks are involved in creating a game (both conceptually and physically), shipping to the warehouse, and fulfilling our backers. Knowing that, while there is a lot we are learning as we go, we are doing our best to manage and prevent any problem that may arise, and keeping you updated will be a priority.

The game has been designed, developed, and released already in Japan, though in very limited quantity. While the design and the art for the game has been finalized, we are working every day with our manufacturer to improve the final quality of the product.

Moreover, to make sure the fulfillment proceeds smoothly, we are partnering with different fulfillment companies around the world. Another way we want to ensure your satisfaction is by offering a money-back guarantee for our product, in case you do not like the game or if it arrives damaged.
In conclusion, we ourselves want you to enjoy our game.

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