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Community Radio is inclusive, portable "Theater of the Mind" - instantly accessible, regardless of economic or technical resources.
Community Radio is inclusive, portable "Theater of the Mind" - instantly accessible, regardless of economic or technical resources.
83 backers pledged $8,980 to help bring this project to life.

YIKES ... Only 9 days left!

9 days to go ... and we've started climbing toward the goal again! Thank you!!!

Frankly, I was beginning to wonder if our hopes to rejuvenate the traditional Community Radio which was ignited by grassroot volunteers about a decade ago would make it in Oklahoma. But with the recent surge in pledges and an email from our successful companions in Missouri, who are completing their third year, we're feeling much better.

I'm excited to tell you that the Columbia Journal Review called and did an interview of our attempt to rekindle the Community Radio atmosphere in this reddest of all states. Alysia Santo promised to send a link if it got published and of course, I'll send it on to all our backers. We've had several other articles in other newspapers. Here are some links to show you what they are saying about us:

The other exciting thing we want to share is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to own a Low Power FM (LPFM) radio station! Only non-profits are eligible to apply. The FCC has ruled that the corporations and big full-power commercial stations have been hoarding air space and they have to give it back! We expect up to 2000 new frequencies to be available to non-profits only! Here is how we lost local community radio.

You can't imagine how HUGE this new legislation and FCC ruling is for Community Radio. Many of these LPFMs will be in urban areas. The FCC will open a short window for applications sometime in 2013 we are told. This means local groups can start their very own locally-operated radio station on the FM band! Nonprofits have been waiting over a decade for the FCC to provide this one and only opportunity for local groups to claim the very last open radio channels on the FM dial. Bill Moyers explained the problem in 2007.  And then in a 2010 broadcast he aired the solution

A recent example of a volunteer run Community station is KZ88 (KZGM in Cabool.)  They do 'Live Radio Theater' complete with sound effects and they incorporate the local community talent in their productions.  We hope to emulate this "Theater of the Mind" programming, which combines KZ88's own home-grown Ozark humor and good fun attitude with very clever sound effects.

Community stations like our friends in WGXC were built by volunteers from all over the nation. We sent one of our volunteers Sam Fredrickson who you saw in our video to help with WGXC's barnraising. We hope to become an umbrella for a network of Community Radio stations, which share programming and support each other.

____But we need your support to make this happen.
________Please pledge whatever you can afford.
___________Help us "take back the media"
______________and Ignite Oklahoma!!

________And we loves ya!  The KVOY Radio Crew

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    1. Mary Francis Creator on May 27, 2012

      Well here it is - The Columbia Journalism Review's article about us by Alysia Santo! Enjoy!