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An album starring the VOCALOID "Big Al", produced by Eric "Kodakami" Freischlad.
48 backers pledged $1,095 to help bring this project to life.

Fin! Downloads to Come...

Posted by Eric Freischlad (Creator)

Yesterday at 11:59pm The BIG ALbum Physical Edition was successfully funded! With everyone's help, we are now moving into the production stage of this project. Because of how much you contributed beyond our project goal, we have made a few improvements to our original product to put the funds to better use: 

  • Booklet has been upgraded from 8 ppanels to 12. Now each song can have its own dedicated page.
  • The disc, once silver with black text, will now be full color.
  • The disc tray, once black, will now be clear with a double-sided insert behind it.
  • The entire package will be finished in a poly wrap.

In addition, we've made a few changes to the Premium Package. The stainless steel Kingston USB drive has been upgraded to a "Twister" custom flash drive with The BIG ALbum's logo imprinted on the side. The contents will include:

  • Each song from The BIG ALbum.
  • The instrumental (off-vocal) track for each song.
  • A human-voice version of each song (by Kodakami).
  • A PDF version of the insert booklet.
  • High-quality versions of the album art assets by our contributing artists.
Thank you for supporting The BIG ALbum! Backers can expect their download keys later today.

Header image art by "phonypsychic", one of the artists featured in our insert booklet.


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