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An album starring the VOCALOID "Big Al", produced by Eric "Kodakami" Freischlad.
An album starring the VOCALOID "Big Al", produced by Eric "Kodakami" Freischlad.
48 backers pledged $1,095 to help bring this project to life.

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Bonus Content Overview

One of the things that we never got to go over was the kind of stuff that would be included in the 'bonus content' of the Premium Package. While the custom USB flash drives are certainly cool the best part about them has to be all the goodies that go into said flash drives. Before we begin let’s take a look at the file structure of each...

Message from Kodakami.txt

One part README.txt and one part LICENCE.txt this text file includes the various licences that govern the content the USB. It grants you licences to use The BIG ALbum for non-commercial projects, tells you when you can use and how to properly credit the Instrumentals (Off-Vocals) versions, as well as containing information on how to contact us if you have any questions.

The BIG ALbum Lyrics

While not exactly a digital version of the insert booklet (a PDF version is included in the "Digital Extras" folder) these are the .txt versions of the lyrics sheet. Useful if you want to read along, catch what Al said on that one verse, or maybe to print out when you sing the songs for yourself! Either way if you don't have your booklet handy look no further than here for lyrics.

The BIG ALbum / The BIG ALbum [FLAC]

This is the digital version of the album coming in lossy MP3 and lossless FLAC varieties. Sure, you could rip the CD yourself but ripped MP3s don't include the proper ID3 tags that you will need before transferring it to your MP3 player. Normally you would query an online DB for the proper tagging information, but sadly said DBs are kinda lacking in indie Vocaloid albums (unless you're VocaDB)

Kodakami Sings... The BIG ALbum + [FLAC]

When Koda said he would 'serenade' all his backers I am not sure this was what they had in mind. For those of you who haven't had a chance to hear Koda sing 'from the bottom of his heart' we went ahead and put together a Crossfade Promo for the "Kodakami Sings" section of the bonus content. This promo doesn't include all of the tracks, but the last few are super secret bonuses that you will need the USB to hear.

Instrumental (Off-Vocal) Tracks + FLAC

The instrumental versions are not something usually shared but in case 'Kodakami Sings..." got you pumped to sing along with The BIG ALBum then these vocal-less versions of each track are probably for you. Feel free to dub, remix, cover, and do with these as you will, full licence governing their usage is included in the Message from Kodakami.txt with its latest version online here.

Digital Extras

This is all the other bonus content. Here you will find a PDF version of the insert booklet, HQ versions of the featured art from our guest artists, along with various promo materials created during The BIG ALbum's marketing campaign including the audio version of Aki Interviews Episode 3 where famed Vocaloid producer Aki Glancy interviewed Koda-P on her show.

Thank you all for your continued support. The final international backer rewards should go out tomorrow. Expect another update then, along with a photo update of how we put all the backer rewards together.

Physical Edition Update - Answer Surveys, Shipping Soon!

The USBs finally arrived from their production run in Mainland China. They turned out far cooler than any of us initially expected! The two-sided printing and the STYLE ON model's swivel design was definitely the right choice.

The print area is large, colors bright, and includes a metal ring that you can use to attach to a phone strap or keychain. We chose the 4GB model so even with all the extras we were planning on throwing in there should be plenty of room for whatever else you might want to use these for.

The Physical Edition CDs are still pending, but pickup is scheduled later this week. For those of you that can't wait, below is a peak at the first 2 pages of the insert booklet. Also, for backers with download codes, simply re-use them on the Download Page for the updated version.

For those of you who have not yet answered your Backer Survey please do so now, as the shipping information enclosed will be needed when we start shipping the rewards later this week. 

Thank you all for your continued support!

Album Release, Measure Up PV, Backer Update & Public Preorders

The BIG ALbum is Officially Released!

While every backer had early access to the album, the fifth track 'Just a Bit Lonely' was missing from the pre-release. Beyond that several of the other tracks were given another once over and have been remastered. You can get the update from the Kickstarter Download page using the download code that should have been emailed to you. If you have any difficulties or need your code re-issued feel free to contact us.

For all you non-backers The BIG ALbum is now available for FREE download through the Kodakami Bandcamp under the pay-what-you-want donation model.

For free downloads just enter $0 and select the format you would like to download it as. Bandcamp offers downloads in MP3 320, FLAC, MP3 VBR (V0), AAC, Ogg Vorbis or ALAC so it is bound to work on whatever device you own and for all you audiophiles out there the archival quality lossless format is just for you!

No, we haven't forgotten about the 'bonus track'. Its simply a physical edition exclusive. To find out exactly what it entails, you will need to wait for the CD!

Stellar Factory 'Measure Up' PV

The good folks at Stellar Factory have once again teamed up with Kodakami to present to you an amazing PV featuring the fourth track in the album 'Measure Up'.

For those of you unfamiliar with Stellar Factory they are a collaboration group of artists, illustrators, directors, and sfx magicians whose goal is to promote Vocaloid works from the West, and create high quality PVs (promotional videos) to original music. You can read more about this collab on their Engloids.Info press release.

Backer Update & Public Preorder

For all our backers that were wondering on the progress of the physical album fear not, updates are coming. Amazon Payments places all funds on a 2-week hold while they wait for everything to finish processing. This hold should lift by December 30th and once it does expect a survey to be forwarded to your email inbox asking for additional information so we can ship you your physical goods. From there expect regular updates on the progress of all the physical goods right up until shipping.

For all of you who missed the Kickstarter and would like to pre-order physical copies of The BIG ALbum we also have a general preorder available through the Kodakami Physical Products Store. Unfortunately free domestic & discounted international shipping was a Kickstarter exclusive promotion. We are keeping shipping fees as close to our actual cost as possible but if any Kickstarter backers would like to add extra copies or upgrade their reward-tier contact us so we can issue you a free-shipping or upgrade coupon code.

As a final note, the physical edition of the album will ONLY be available online through preorder. We will ship everything in one large batch and after that the only way to attain the physical CD will be through conventions or other live events.

Fin! Downloads to Come...

Yesterday at 11:59pm The BIG ALbum Physical Edition was successfully funded! With everyone's help, we are now moving into the production stage of this project. Because of how much you contributed beyond our project goal, we have made a few improvements to our original product to put the funds to better use: 

  • Booklet has been upgraded from 8 ppanels to 12. Now each song can have its own dedicated page.
  • The disc, once silver with black text, will now be full color.
  • The disc tray, once black, will now be clear with a double-sided insert behind it.
  • The entire package will be finished in a poly wrap.

In addition, we've made a few changes to the Premium Package. The stainless steel Kingston USB drive has been upgraded to a "Twister" custom flash drive with The BIG ALbum's logo imprinted on the side. The contents will include:

  • Each song from The BIG ALbum.
  • The instrumental (off-vocal) track for each song.
  • A human-voice version of each song (by Kodakami).
  • A PDF version of the insert booklet.
  • High-quality versions of the album art assets by our contributing artists.
Thank you for supporting The BIG ALbum! Backers can expect their download keys later today.

Header image art by "phonypsychic", one of the artists featured in our insert booklet.

Additional Album Preview + Interview

As we enter the home stretch, we would once again like to thank all our backers. As a reminder, all backers will receive early access downloads to the full album on December 15th, 2012, as soon as this Kickstarter closes. 

Below we have included another preview track from the album.

Titled 'Little Allan's Big Polka' the song's original concept for this song was "an anime friendship speech turned polka" but from there it somehow changed to become more of a shōnen manga plot of some kind.

Little Allan is obviously inspired by Big Al, and Tony is actually named after Zero-G's opera VOCALOID, Tonio. Considering order of release, it doesn't make much sense, but Tonio was a convenient face to make into a rival figure.

Musical inspirations include the folk dance music of Eastern Europe, and of course the Ievan Polkka. Ievan Polkka, spelled with an I and two Ks.

The art included in the promo is by Aki Glancy. She is one of the collaborators who will be appearing in the album's insert booklet and if you haven't seen it already, she recently interviewed Koda in 【Aki Interviews】Special Guest Koda-P.

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