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Venger Satanis presents an O5R, weird, gonzo, science-fantasy, paper & pencil roleplaying game adventure about a brothel in space.
Venger Satanis presents an O5R, weird, gonzo, science-fantasy, paper & pencil roleplaying game adventure about a brothel in space.
Venger Satanis presents an O5R, weird, gonzo, science-fantasy, paper & pencil roleplaying game adventure about a brothel in space.
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Big Decision: Maps


So, Glynn has given me a choice between two different styles.  Honestly, I like them both and I'm not sure which I prefer.  Keep in mind, these aren't the finished maps you're looking at, but aesthetic differences.

Depending on what I tell him, Glynn will either do all the maps in the hand-drawn style (the maps on the left side) or computer-created style (the maps on the right side).  The blue shading on the far left and right is just for scale, I believe.  Alpha Blue has a traditional circular space station design (don't worry about the science regarding gravity,etc... I've got that covered)

If there's an overwhelming demand for both, that's also an option - though it'll cost me double.  Now, I don't mind paying the extra money if it's something backers really want and will use (even if it's for display purposes).  But don't want to throw money away if there's a clear winner and loser... whichever that may be.

Please give me your feedback within the next 48 hours because that decision has to be made soon.



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    1. Missing avatar

      Willam Lee on

      Based on the maps being laid out different (shapes, integration into round rooms etc), really it would seem being able to see the left in the right side style and reverse may be a tell all. Round and angles versus hard and square seems to make the difference in how the maps integrate all I just posted previously. It may not be the style, but the design difference of the two maps.

    2. Missing avatar

      Willam Lee on

      Ah man so tough! Ok here's my thoughts in VS style (a little everywhere at once). I like the left one, crisp and contrasted. I love the RIGHT one and is my vote. It is Alpha Blue, Sci-Fi, everything we think that captures the feels. My reason to make it tough and could really hit the Right one home is

      The left one has blocks of "closed" walls. Gives it a sense of weight, solid, separation. Leads to simplicity of movement. The Right one has the look, feel of the theme but can Glynn capture the color scheme feel and create that mirror of the map on the left so its walls are not "thin" or floaty and hollow, (Thus we like Left, bring that to right). Maybe fill it in or thicken some of them up to give some of that "left" to the "right." In keeping the theme, lines, maybe blue-er color contract or such will allow to maintain the blue print feel while cheating a touch and sliding that style from the left in there with some heft and solid. (Shade some blueprint or darker off, thicken up. . . something to that effect.)

      As to ramble on more, see how the left walls thicken before they get to the chunked off areas in dark grey yet stay thin on shared walls and small areas. It seems the right has Dark Blue Chunks, then thin white walls all the way around. Contrast those few walls or non shared walls with other than white lines. Seems paper thin everywhere and I want to just blast holes or run through every wall and ignore hallways.

      Hope all that made sense, but in person this may all be completely different on a large scale. I VOTE RIGHT in the end though. Great work

    3. Missing avatar

      Bill Adcock on

      I definitely prefer the style on the right as well.

    4. Missing avatar

      Adam Thornton on

      I prefer the blueprint style on the right. The one on the left looks like D&D 3.x to me.

    5. Missing avatar

      Dave Sherohman on

      Strong preference for the style on the left, mainly because having the walls filled makes it a lot easier to distinguish open areas, shapes of rooms, etc. at a glance. (The drop shadows probably contribute to this as well, but I don't think they're likely to be as significant of a factor.) It also feels a bit more atmospheric, like a picture of the actual station, while the style on the right looks like a blueprint - a plan for how the station should be built rather than how it actually turned out or what it's evolved into over its lifetime.

    6. nerdwerds on

      Very tough decision because I love both of these styles. I think, as a GM, the right hand side is my preference because it feels cleaner and more retro. The left hand side would be good for people who play online, where the GM can slowly reveal the map using a graphics program.

    7. Chris Ayotte

      I prefer the right one, for me it feels more "space station" than the left. I can picture it displayed on a screen or as a Star Wars style projection for the characters to interact with.

    8. Venger Satanis 15-time creator on

      When Glynn has a little more time (thanks for clarifying my mistake, BTW), I've asked him to lighten up the interior of the right side so it's even more distinct from both the outer blue and the grid squares. I think that'll make it look a bit more inviting and user friendly.

      Also, again these are just the raw materials. Glynn and I are planning to include alien writing and weird symbols. Plus, blowing it up to a huge size will change the perspective, too.

    9. Missing avatar

      aktuality on

      Right side is my preference.

    10. Matthias Platzer on

      The right one is best!

    11. Danny Are on

      I like the hand drawn style on the left, it seems more natural and less clinical.

    12. Glynn Seal on

      Just to clarify... the LEFT is computer-created, and the RIGHT is hand-drawn :)

    13. T.Love on

      I definitely prefer the left side.

    14. Antonio Vincentelli

      It pains me a little to admit it, because I really like the blueprint aesthetic, but the left map is far more legible at a glance and in detail, though I might vote for blueprint if it was tweaked to make it easier to read. For example, both do seem to have a background that's a darker shade of the floor color, but it's much more pronounced and separated on the left map than the right. On the right, I actually thought the floor and background were the same color at first (visual illusion due to the white wall lines).

      Both maps are certainly stylish.

    15. Missing avatar

      David Bresson

      I prefer the artistry of the hand drawn on the left.

    16. Patrick SAYET

      I'm for the left one, of course the right one seems obvious for the futuristic setting, but the left one has that "dirty", lots of shaky people roaming around vibe

    17. John Taft

      Tough call.
      I think Wayne is correct that it is a bit harder to read the blueprint, but the flavour tips towards that map. Utility is key with maps so the Left should be the choice.
      Not getting lost on the map is probably the critical element.
      Do not print both.

    18. Wayne Clemmer on

      The one on the right is simply blueprint, which, to me, is slightly harder to read. I prefer the left.

    19. Venger Satanis 15-time creator on

      Thanks for all the comments so far, guys! I appreciate the feedback. Still plenty of time for everyone else to weigh in, so don't be shy. ;)

    20. menteroso on

      I prefer the computer generated side. It feels more sci-fi.

    21. Oli Palmer on

      Prefer the right hands down. Both are great but the one on the right is far more fitting for the setting, the one on the left is too "abandoned alien structure in a fantasy setting" as opposed to the clean scifi feel of the right.

    22. wouter

      I think the hand drawn looks best.

    23. Victor Garrison on

      Especially for this project, I choose the computer generated map.

    24. Joshua Kubli on

      It's hard to say without seeing both hand drawn and computer designed, because the colors kind of mask the overall look. I think the hand drawn in blue and white will look best, but can't be sure.

    25. Missing avatar

      Matt Shoemaker

      I prefer the right but only barely. They are both fine really.

    26. Scott Dexter on

      I like the computer generated style on the right.