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Zombie Musical: Romeo and Drooliet's video poster

Post apocalypse, Romeo tries to win back his zombie love, Julia. But will he sacrifice his blood oath to Mercutio? Read more

Brooklyn, NY Shorts
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This project was successfully funded on July 1, 2012.

Post apocalypse, Romeo tries to win back his zombie love, Julia. But will he sacrifice his blood oath to Mercutio?

Brooklyn, NY Shorts
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About this project

Did you say Zombie Musical?

Yes, yes we did.  Did we mention it's an adaptation of Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet?  Okay, just checking.  If you're like us, and you're hooked on Shakespeare and have seen about a dozen different adaptations in film and theatre versions, you might be asking yourself 'why another one?' 

Well, we love zombie films.  We love musicals.  And we love Shakespeare.  But this isn't just a 'let's add zombies to the story and see what happens' (But you kind of were turned on by that, weren't you?).  We're fascinated by the friendship between Romeo and Mercutio and a story of betrayal.  Having Juliet come back as a zombie just seemed like a really funny (and song-worthy) way to explore their friendship and the theme of betrayal.

Why should you support this film?

Let me ask a question - "Do you like milkshakes on a hot summer day?"  Well, we sure do!  This film is dark and funny and strangely satisfying with that dark-chocolate-in-your-belly-kind-of feeling.  Watch it and see if you're not singing "Dearly Beloved" or "Holding Your Hand" in the shower.  And when your significant other or one-night stand (we don't judge) asks you 'what's that catchy zombie tune your belting out?' - you can casually reply 'Oh, just a little song from Zombie Musical...'  

Yeah, because you're hip and obviously they're not if they haven't seen it.  So help this thing happen, and we hope you have just as much fun watching it and facebooking-it as we did making it.

Umm, so what are you going to do with the film?

Our plan is to play it at several horror and comedy film festivals because singing zombies on a big screen has been kind of a dream of all of ours.  A Big Dream.  SINGING ZOMBIES!  After the festival circuit, we plan on sharing our love on the intertubes.  But if you support this film, you will see it MONTHS and MONTHS before it hits the intertubes and have a nice high quality copy of it.  Maybe even some 'Zombie Musical' swagger 'cause we love ya too.

Who are you guys? And how do I know you're not just takin' off with my zombie bucks?

Several of us are filmmakers at NYU, but don't hold our indie-film-lovin' reputation against us.  We're good peeps and it's a cool place to be making films at.  And some of us are groovy people in NYC.  Here's the team:

Dagny Looper - writer, director (NYU grad film)

Nikko Benson - composer (NYU grad musical theatre writer)

Ben Halstead - lyricist (NYU grad musical theatre writer)

Richard Salem - producer (NYC)

Ryan Johnson - director of photography (NYU grad film)

Crystal Lonneberg - make-up (NYC)

Seth Miller - Romeo 

Tim Eliot - Mercutio

Martin Pfefferkorn - Zombie

Susan Kirby - Zombie

And we're finishing up casting for Juliet this week. Shweet!

How are you going to spend the money?

We're lucky in that we get to use a lot of NYU equipment and facilities for "free" (insert exorbitant tuition here).  But there's a lot of stuff that's not covered like: transportation of crew and equipment, location fees, feeding a cast and crew, sound equipment for a musical (it's beyond our basic sound package), and post-production sound design(!).  We've been working our butts off for free for three months to make this film happen.  We hope you can help us get there!

What happens if you raise more than your goal?

The more we raise, the better looking and sounding this bad boy is going to be.  Dagny (the director) is secretly hoping that we can raise enough to rent a small toy helicopter to get aerial shots while the zombies attack.  Come on!  It'll only cost $500 more!   But alas, cool shit like this is not accounted for in our basic budget.  Our kickstarter goal is the amount we need to make the bare bones of an awesome musical.  Every penny over this amount will go towards the film and to make it even more fun and crazy.  

How does Kickstarter work?

Kickstarter is a platform that helps creative people crowdfund innovative projects. It's somewhere between charity and buying something you like, because in exchange for every donation received, the donor gets to choose a prize! The project has a target goal and a deadline, and if the money isn't raised in time, no money changes hands.

If we don't raise the money in time we get nothing. Nada. Zilch.  No money will be charged to you and "Zombie Musical" will not get made...  I know, it makes us sad too.  So please donate and facebook us!                                    

After I pledge, when will I receive the prize? 

Depends on the prize! As soon as possible - we'll make sure to keep you updated.

Is my pledge amount publicly displayed? 

No! Privacy is important in this digital age, and we respect it.

Who does the money go to? 

Kickstarter takes 5% for providing the platform and making all this run smoothly, and Amazon Payments takes 3 to 5% to process all the pledges. Every penny beyond that goes towards Zombie Musical's budget!

Contact us!

Our email is  Write to us and we'll write you back within 48 hours.  Zing!

We love making films and hope you love Zombie Musical!



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    Theme song download and shout out on our facebook page!

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    Digital download of the full, high quality sound track (6 songs) and a shout out on our facebook page.

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    Digital download of the film and a shout out on our facebook page.

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    A DVD of the final film with behind the scenes outtakes and bonus features along with a digital download or a CD of the sound track, and of course a shout out!

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    A limited edition poster (12"x18") signed by the makers of "Zombie Musical," a DVD of the final film, a digital download or CD of the sound track, and a thank you in the film credits.

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    An invitation to the premiere party of "Zombie Musical" in NYC (transportation not provided) - come dressed as your favorite Zombie Shakespearean character! And of course, all of Reward #5.

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    Pledge $250 or more

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    All of Reward #6 plus "Sponsor Credit" on IMDB. Chat with the director in person or over skype about how to make a film, musical, or what it's like working with zombies. Who loves zombies? You do!

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    Pledge $500 or more

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    All of Reward #7 and an Associate Producer credit in the final film and on IMDB. Wow, you really love Shakespeare! (Or brains. No judgment here...)

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