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Some children want more than gifts for Christmas, they want safety & freedom; this Santa will do whatever it takes to make it a reality
Some children want more than gifts for Christmas, they want safety & freedom; this Santa will do whatever it takes to make it a reality
125 backers pledged £3,963 to help bring this project to life.

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New Website!

Merry Christmas everyone! Before I get into the update please contact me if you are yet to receive your rewards.  

We've now got a website where we will be putting updates as well as (hopefully) getting a more people to buy the comic. Take a look, share it and help us to get the word out! 

We've had a couple more positive pieces of coverage. One from a podcast, CXC - Indie Comix Club where they're pretty glowing about what we've created. We were also featured on Comic Book Resources which is a pretty big website.

If people could please tweet and share the website that would be fantastic. Despite the press coverage we've had so far we have seen very little in terms of sales, so you guys sharing it with other people would mean a lot to us. Here's a link to our tweet that you can share

Hope you all have a wonderful Christmas and a cracking New Year!

Now on General Sale & Our First Review

Hi everyone,

I hope you have all received your rewards by now. International backers it may take a little while longer but it shouldn't be too long if you've not received them yet. All the British backers should have theirs by now, let me know if you haven't received yours yet please. Those who have received them I hope you enjoyed your rewards!

As the title suggests, the comic is now on general sale and we're hoping to get a few sales to help fund The List #2.

It's available digitally on ComixCentral. Sadly you can only leave a review if you've bought a copy through them.

I will be putting it on Comixology soon too, I'm just waiting for them to give it the okay. When that happens I'll update again with a link.

It's also available on eBay with 3 different listings:

10% of the eBay sales are going towards Children in Need.

Please share all of these links with anyone you think might be interested!


We got our first review from FirstComicNews a 4/5! 

We also got a little bit of coverage from Comic Book Resources who have a ton of followers so that's pretty good for us!

Again, if there are any problems please contact me!


Out for Delivery!


Morning everyone!

The day has finally come and the rewards have been shipped out (I actually started later yesterday evening just before the Post Office closed). All copies have now been sent out!

The PDF copy should be going live very soon, it's being hosted by backerkit so keep an eye out for an email. Let me know if there are any issues with quality, I've got a higher quality one ready to go if there are any problems. If you don't get an email from backerkit please let me know.

I hope you all enjoy your rewards! If there are any problems then please get in touch and we'll see what we can do to remedy it.

Thank you for all being so patient and waiting close to a year for your rewards. We really appreciate your support and belief.

While it's a bit early to say this in my opinion, Merry Christmas everyone! 

Now enjoy a rather generic picture of some large envelopes in a box...

Shipping Update

Hi everyone,

Just wanted to give you all a quick update. Due to some minor issues shipping the comics to Italy to be signed I won't start shipping out the physical rewards until next Wednesday/Thursday. When I start to ship the physical copies out I'll send out the link to the pdf copies through BackerKit.

For the people who are getting the merch, instead of 4 postcards I have got 6 fantastic looking postcards for each of you (see below)! They've been printed on 400gsm card and they look and feel fantastic!

Apologies for the slight delay but the comic will be with you all well before Christmas :D




Hi everyone,

Great news, the physical copies of the comic have arrived and they look and feel great! We've gone for a heavier cover and internal pages compared to a normal off-the-shelf comic, it was more expensive but the extra quality really shows.

Sorry for the rubbish lighting!
Sorry for the rubbish lighting!

Now to let you know what the next few weeks will entail... 

First I will be shipping a load of comics out to Italy for Liana to sign and then send back to me. During that time I will be packing up all of the other physical copies, ready to be sent out. Once the signed copies return from Italy I will post all of the physical rewards out together. The same day I will make the pdf version available to everyone. I'm hoping this will be November 12th if the shipping to and from Italy goes well.

About 10 days after this I plan to make the comic available for digital sale (I hope that's enough time for the physical rewards to reach the overseas backers). Any proceeds from digital sales will be put towards making the second issue.

Thank you all for being a part of this and bringing this comic to life!

As always, any questions or concerns please contact me!