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FUGU & TAKO continue their epic buddy adventure from film to graphic novel glory! Read more

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FUGU & TAKO continue their epic buddy adventure from film to graphic novel glory!

About this project

The Adventures of FUGU & TAKO 

After becoming fish mutants, FUGU & TAKO must battle against their own ineptitude, a legion of yakuza, and a Godzilla-like monster in an epic journey to find the one person who can return them to normal, the Sushi Chef who transformed them.

Written by Ben West

This is what Adventure looks like!

FUGU & TAKO - Monster concept
FUGU & TAKO - Monster concept

 The Graphic novel will be Commercial quality Premium printed. See for details.

example : The Kingdom
example : The Kingdom
FUGU & TAKO - Monster!
FUGU & TAKO - Monster!

What people are saying about FUGU & TAKO.....!!!

"Bravo!" "Dooopeee...." "Brilliant!" "Fantastic!" "Wow!" "Sugoi!" "Wonderful!" "Amazing!" "Awesome work!" "An instant classic!"

"Mind numbingly brilliant !!!"

Where the story started....

FUGU & TAKO started their journey in a film about two Japanese salary men whose lives literally transform when one of them eats a live puffer fish in a sushi bar. With incredible visual effects and a great story the film has gained a huge following online. 

With the encouragement of fans, and the demand to see more of FUGU & TAKO's adventures, we're continuing their story in a graphic novel. Approximately 120 pages of Awesomeness!!!

FUGU & TAKO will literally be diving in the deep end as they face greater challenges in this new chapter. Kicking off from where the film ended we'll see these unlikely heroes harness the full power of their fishy faculties to battle against an enemy of Godzilla proportions. Not since Batman & Robin have we seen such a compelling, dynamic duo!

It's the journey from Karaoke to Karate!!!!

Illustrated by Brad Vancata

Brad has worked as an inker and colorist for all of the majors in the comic book industry, including Marvel, DC, Image, and Dark Horse, to name a few. He's worked on a variety of top titles, such as The Hulk, Spider-Man, X-Men, and the highly acclaimed mini-series, Aquaman: Time and Tide.

Brad Vancata
Brad Vancata

Concept Design & Matte Painting by Jamie O'Hara

FRAMESTORE legendary artist, Jamie O’hara joins the team. Jamie has been a leading concept designer and award winning visual effects artist for over 10 years. He has worked with the best studios in the industry including, Psyop, The Mill, MPC and Framestore.

Monster Concept Development - Jamie O'Hara
Monster Concept Development - Jamie O'Hara

Virtual Reality!!!

As a bonus to The Adventures of FUGU & TAKO graphic novel we are developing a Virtual reality experience. This 3D Virtual Reality experience will put you into the comic space. You’ll be able to view an epic battle scene with FUGU & TAKO vs the Godzilla-like bad guy surrounded by destruction and chaos.

Imagine a 3d illustrated scene similar to the static moments in Halo Believe.

Included FREE with any reward $25 or more!!!

#{project_title}'s video poster


Link to FUGU & TAKO Interviews

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Risks and challenges

The ocean is deep but we're feeling confident FUGU & TAKO can swim the distance. With over 15 years of design, visual effects and storytelling experience supporting the production of this graphic novel, it's gonna be nothing short of Awesome!!!!

As with any project there may be delays or setbacks along the way. That's why we have a healthy schedule for delivery on December 2015.

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