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MONSTER LANDS is a competitive 1-4 player game.
It combines dice placement, resource management, and fun battles with monsters in a universe full of beautiful illustrations. Voted MOST ANTICIPATED NEW GAME 2018 in the EURO category by BGG users.
MONSTER LANDS is a competitive 1-4 player game. It combines dice placement, resource management, and fun battles with monsters in a universe full of beautiful illustrations. Voted MOST ANTICIPATED NEW GAME 2018 in the EURO category by BGG users.
2,756 backers pledged €246,401 to help bring this project to life.
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      Laugier on

      Il se trouve que je n'ai pas pu effectuer l'action de remplacement des pièces déffectueuses et manquantes !!!!!
      AIDEZ-MOI !!!


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      @secondgategames Thank you for your response below. It is very much appreciated. I really do look forward to opening the game and getting it to the table! I understand errors happen that are beyond control sometimes and I appreciate the attention you have provided Individually to your backers!

    3. Second Gate Games Creator on

      @Aaron Tilley | Wow, to say Monster Lands is easily Top 3 out of 90+ games backed is most certainly a big compliment, thanks

      @Oren Douek | you are welcome

      @Salvador Bernadó Sala | great you enjoyed your plays!

      @Haze77 | yes, your mail has been registered and is among the ones yet to be answered. The last week of October and first week of November was the pinnacle of the wave of error reports, paired with the Essen Spiel fair and travel, so most unanswered mails are from that time frame, we just couldn't get to them at the time and still have to catch up to the individual answers

      @Benjamin Curto | send a mail to and we will officially prolong your deadline, as we have done with many others who have come forward.

      @Darlene | send a mail to and we will officially prolong your deadline. Regarding your disappointment about a supposedly quick deadline, please note that we have sent various updates about the manufacturing errors, telling backers that BEGINNING OF DECEMBER we would hand over the data to LongPack. So rather than a quick deadline, this has been a deadline extension. Putting the extended deadline from one day to the other indeed sounds a bit harsh, but it is very effective, we have had another wave of error reports coming in in these two days. Mind you that backers tend to leave things to the very last minute, as proven by the fact that all these reports hadn't come in before, so a little push is necessary. But no worries, we are not as harsh when it comes to accepting backers' requests for deadline extensions, in any case we are factoring in a reasonable volume of likely late reports when we calculate replacement volume production.

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      Unfortunately the deadline doesn't work for me either. I have been on a work trip across the country since the game arrived and will not be able to inspect for your errors until sometime in January. I am disappointed in this quick deadline. I know there are many who have it already wrapped up for Christmas presents...a deadline right before Christmas??

    5. Benjamin Curto

      I appreciate the point of the deadline, but unfortunately this game is a present for my oldest son, so until he opens it I can't check components....

    6. Haze77 on

      @Second gate Game: Hi have just read the update. And I have a question. Have send you request for missing mercenary tokens. And some other questons on 30/10. Havent got any replay. Just checking its ok.
      Merry Christmas every one=)

    7. Salvador Bernadó Sala

      I'm sorry to hear that some people haven't received the game yet.
      I have played it a few times with friends and we enjoyed it very much.
      I hope soon everybody can have a go at the game too.
      Merry Christmas to everybody at Second GateGames and to all the backers.

    8. Missing avatar

      Oren Douek

      @Second Gate Games — Thanks!

    9. Missing avatar

      Aaron Tilley on

      @Second Gate Games - Perfect. Thank you! Somehow I missed that post. Have a Merry Christmas!

      P.S. This game and it's components are amazing. I've backed 90+ Kickstarters at this point and this one is easily top 3.

    10. Second Gate Games Creator on

      @Raul, you are welcome, MERRY CHRISTMAS!!

      @Mihail A, thank you! To you, too!

      @Aaron Tilley, please see previous update

      @Oren Douek, yes, no worries, we are planning with overproduction anyway, but please report as fast as you can

      @Hoodakey, ... and many many games as gifts!

    11. Hoodakey

      Merry Christmas!!!

    12. Missing avatar

      Oren Douek

      Could the deadline be extended to next week so that those of us who haven't yet got to it will have the weekend to sort this out? Thanks.

    13. Missing avatar

      Aaron Tilley on

      Are there specific errors we should be looking for? Unfortunately due to work commitments I have yet to get a chance to play the game or even really look at the contents of the box.

    14. Mihail A.

      Thanks and Happy Holidays!

    15. raul on

      A BIG BIG thank you for all the efforts you are making to solve the problems. Hope 2019 brings a new project from you guys, merry Christmas and happy new year to everyone!!.

    16. Second Gate Games Creator on

      @Luis, great you like the game. Any plans for future games have been totally pushed aside, we had no time for development in the past months

      @Lars Hobin, thank you for your words!

      @Llewellen, yes, if the back color variation is significant, it does qualify as an error.

      @Llewellen, this is not a new deadline, we have asked for error reports in various previous updates, asking backers to report by beginning december. If you received your product in October/November, you have had plenty of time to check

      @David Boussin, great to hear you play this with your son!!! Kids love this game :)

      @T.A. Brahm, we need to close the timeframe, because LongPack needs to start preparing, and we don't want 99% of the affected people wait another month, just because less than 1% of the people haven't gotten their product yet, it's not logical. However, we DO anticipate replacements for those who haven't gotten their product yet, and not 20%, but 100%, to be on the safe side.

    17. Missing avatar

      T. A. Brahm

      Llewellen... closing the timeframe before fulfillment is complete, although they should anticipate another 20% error reports from the people which didn't get their game yet is somehow irritating

    18. Missing avatar

      David Boussin on

      Once again thanks for the news. Merry christmas to you, and i can insure that my son and i have tons of fun playing your great game !!

    19. Missing avatar

      Llewellen on

      Also, giving a 24h notice right before Christmas, when people might not be at home ...

    20. Missing avatar

      Llewellen on

      Does a card's back color variation qualify as an error or not, with replacement or not?

    21. Missing avatar

      Lars Hobin

      You may not realize it but you guys are setting a benchmark for dealing with fulfillment issues. I can only imagine the amount of work and stress you are facing, and you deal with it professionally and gracefully. Thank you for the transparency and your hard work. Enjoy the holidays also!

    22. luis

      Weve played the game and we got so much fun
      Great game!
      Any new game in the future???
      Gran juego nos ha encantao
      Alguno nuevo a la vista?