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MONSTER LANDS is a competitive 1-4 player game.
It combines dice placement, resource management, and fun battles with monsters in a universe full of beautiful illustrations. Voted MOST ANTICIPATED NEW GAME 2018 in the EURO category by BGG users.
MONSTER LANDS is a competitive 1-4 player game. It combines dice placement, resource management, and fun battles with monsters in a universe full of beautiful illustrations. Voted MOST ANTICIPATED NEW GAME 2018 in the EURO category by BGG users.
2,756 backers pledged €246,401 to help bring this project to life.


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    1. Missing avatar

      Michael Price

      I'm sorry to hear that you had some communication issues with Aetherworks.

      I will say, though, as an Australian -- whenever I back something on Kickstarter I do a dance of glee when I find out that Aetherworks is handling the Australian fulfillment.

      The price is always reasonable and the games arrive in large, well-packed boxes filled with packing peanuts. I have never received a game from them in anything but perfect condition.

      In the past two days I have received Monster Lands and Gugong, so it's possible that they got a bit of a backlog happening that they have been working to clear.

    2. Franco Ramorino on

      Finally got my copy (im from Chile)
      I just checked my copy and everything seems fine.

    3. Alexander Rucker

      Mine had everything. Thanks for the informative post and check list.

    4. Pete Sellers on

      Message sent. I only had issues with a few cards and one torn token. Thanks for your attention on this!! :)

    5. Second Gate Games Creator on

      @ 지성훈 | yes, we can provide you a google doc version.

      @Henry So | thanks for you special care and great problem management, very much appreciated!

      @Adam Prentis | you are welcome!

      @Ryan C | we understand your frustration. Next week we will see how we can solve your and other similar cases. At least you should be able to play the game, even if we can't deliver the Monster components immediately. We will discuss this by mail with you once we know what happened at Happy Shops and whether any of the Monster editions that must have been sent out erroneously are recoverable

      @Darrell Goodridge | yes, we can and will fix the issues, the only "but" is the definition of "quickly". It will take until Feb/March for the replacements to arrive to backers, see the update.

      @Mantichor | the 16 blue and green wooden potion tokens are fine for 5 players, mind you there is a limit of 3 per player. It is true that you may get additional temporary potions from Path headers, but having all 5 players being at the maximum storing limit is extremely unlikely, given the number of spaces that provide these tokens. We added more tokens to the punchboard simply because we had leftover space, not so much because they are needed.

    6. Mantichor

      Why doesn't the Monster edition come with 3 extra blue and green potion wooden tokens for the 5th player? Are we supposed to mix wooden and cardboard tokens for these?!

    7. Missing avatar

      Darrell Goodridge

      I did a component count on mine on opening. There is a discrepancy, but it's not a bad one. I have 2 Brawel assignment tokens. Otherwise, everything appears to be in order. I hope you can fix the issues quickly, because it is a very fun and well-designed game.

    8. Ryan C

      Yup. Paid for Monster and was sent a Leader Edition. Very frustrating having the game here, I can't play it, and have to wait while someone else now has a Monster edition that I paid for. =/

    9. Missing avatar

      Adam Prentis on

      @Henry So Kudos to you, sir!
      Thanks SGG for the update :-)

    10. Henry So (not a wizard) on

      I did have the issue where the cut wasn't deep enough so some edges didn't punch sharply on one of the punch boards, but I was careful and managed to only tear into one of the tokens slightly. The other tears occurred between tokens, so after a bit of pH-neutral PVA glue and careful use of scissors and a craft knife, all except one of my tokens are indistinguishable from the tokens that did punch out easily. I don't think it's worth the trouble to replace one slightly torn token (just a bit off the edge), so I'm not claiming for any replacements. Just wanted to let you know that I did experience the too-shallow cut issue on one punch board.

    11. Missing avatar

      지성훈 on

      I am Korean and I have to translate the rules into Korean. Is it possible to get a pdf for that? Or a txt file with text.

    12. Second Gate Games Creator on

      @Trey Elliott | thanks for your report!!! make sure to also post on BGG :)

    13. Trey Elliott

      Just finished our first 4 player run through. I won with 42 points! I love the game and can’t wait to get the expansion (regretting not getting it initially for sure!)! I also love all the great B-Sieged references, killing the Avatar of the Abyss never felt so good!

      Thanks for making such an incredible game guys!

    14. Second Gate Games Creator on

      @Piet Wenings | great to hear your product is in perfect condition, congrats for your first solo play.

      @Stuart | thanks for letting us know about the product being of great quality, good luck at the boardgame club meeting

      @moroQ | the photos are a necessary part in this, we need them to proof to the manufacturer which mistakes are are their responsibility. They also help the manufacturer to analyse what went wrong and make sure the mistakes don't repeat themselves.

      @cRuEIIY | that's the objective of this update, make you review your copy, we want to be transparent.

      @Steve | Yes, we share your disappointment about your game not being complete.

      @Tuccio | thanks for the flowers!

      @Tuccio, @Hendrick, @Nachman Tzafarti | thanks for your positive stance and the flowers!

      @paxton73 | you fall into the category "Missing product" mentioned in the update. We are aware that some of you haven't received your product yet, but were unable to solve these issues in the past 2 weeks, a simple question of time, given the influx of error reports. Yes, you are right we haven't answered and we apologise, and we don't have an answer right now of what happened in your case or how we will solve it, we will have to analyse yours and other cases next week.

    15. Piet Wenings

      I am glad to say that all my components are in fine condition and complete. Sad to hear some of you have issues. TodaynI became a Hero in my first solo endeavour.

    16. Missing avatar

      Stuart on

      After a first, quick run-through, it seems everything I backed is right there and in perfect shape. Some of the cardboard and the cards are perhaps a bit bent, which is to be expected after shipping.

      I don't want to diminish the issues other backers might have, but I'm mightily exuberant about my quality copy, every component is thick and clearly printed, so thanks guys!

      Absolutely looking forward to giving this a testrun at the boardgame club this sunday.

    17. moroQ on

      Your support is great, however, for you judge to replace parts of my game or not, if you ask me for those pictures, It troublesome for me.
      About each parts and problem, I have to take a picture and send a picture to you.
      Because you want to minimize costs, I think that you are requesting pictures to me.

      In other projects, a form for parts replacement is prepared, and using that form, the supporter simply requests the parts that he wants.
      Why will not you do so?

    18. cRuEllY

      Well, I shall take a second and even a third look at all the components.

    19. Steve on

      Disappointed that my game came incomplete (missing a lot of wood components at minimum) after paying so much for it, but it is what it is. Due to personal issues I have not been able to thoroughly look at everything and get a ticket in, but I plan to tonight. Thanks for the update.

    20. Tuccio on

      Good Job SGG, I will wait to my replacement part playing this fantastic game!!!

      Me quito el sombrero con ustedes caballeros ;)

    21. Missing avatar

      Hendrick on

      This is the absolute best handling I've ever seen for manufacturing defects. Bar none.

      Fantastic job SGG!

    22. Missing avatar

      Nachman Tzarfati on

      My game is on the way but I just got to say, I cant get over your great attitude. You are running this campaign so great with such care to us backers. I don't think any of us should take this for granted. And yes, problems tend to rise not to mention with this high vulome of parts we are getting in this game so I don't thing this is a big deal, even if I get something wrong and have to wait a little bit longer to play it I will survive. Most KS campaings get delays on top of delays so you actually putting this out so quick is great so I wouldnt mind waiting a bit more if I will need to.

    23. paxton73 on

      Hello, What if your issue is that you never received your reward + all the extras bought and no one responds to emails? Sadly I fit this category. I see that I can now buy it on Miniature Market but instead I seat waiting.