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MONSTER LANDS is a competitive 1-4 player game.
It combines dice placement, resource management, and fun battles with monsters in a universe full of beautiful illustrations. Voted MOST ANTICIPATED NEW GAME 2018 in the EURO category by BGG users.
MONSTER LANDS is a competitive 1-4 player game. It combines dice placement, resource management, and fun battles with monsters in a universe full of beautiful illustrations. Voted MOST ANTICIPATED NEW GAME 2018 in the EURO category by BGG users.
2,756 backers pledged €246,401 to help bring this project to life.

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Shipping update

Posted by Second Gate Games (Creator)

Fellow Mercenaries,

another shipping update is due, we are well above 95% delivered product, and heaps of positive comments have been made by many of you, thank you for all the great feedback.

But there are also still a few outstanding deliveries which we need to solve, and those of you who are still waiting for your product are understandably anxious, so below an overview. 

Before we dive into it, a word on the "replacement operation" for defective or missing components (if you haven´t done so yet, please make sure to have read our last update!): on the positive side, the percentage of affected backers seems to be lower than we first feared. A big thank you to the large majority of you who reported errors in a very positive tone, acknowledging the overall quality of the game and project. Sorry again for those mistakes that happened.

But on the not so positive side we also have to admit that we were not prepared for the onslaught of several hundred very detailed error reports, it is taking us much longer than expected to get through all this, record it and prepare it for further processing. Apologies if you sent an error report and haven´t received an answer yet, we will get to it. 

So here an overview of the fulfillment. If you haven´t received your product yet and are not yet in contact with us about it, please write a mail to and include the text MISSING SHIPMENT in capital letters in the message header, this will help us identify your report easily and prioritize it over replacement reports. We know we are not as fast in answering as you would like us to be in these weeks, but we will resolve each case as fast as we can.


99% fulfilled. There are 10 backers still waiting for their packages. The reason for this is that these packages were filtered out by QML in their picking process, showing damage to the box. As we don´t have excess KS product at QML, we will contact you separately in the coming days to tell you that we will send the damaged boxes first (so you can at least start playing and enjoying the game) and then send you replacement boxes later. 


100% fulfilled. There are 3 backers which will receive replacement product, having received the wrong product in the first place. 


We don´t have an exact percentage of fulfillment yet, greater China, S. Korea, Japan, Malaysia are all delivered, and the countries working through hubs are mostly done, too.   


As of November 9th, 100% of the product has been shipped by Aetherworks and many of you already reported back that you got it. If you haven´t received it yet, it is likely still on the way (especially NZ). Please give it time until November 20th, if you haven't receive it by then, send a mail to and add the text MISSING SHIPMENT in the header.


More than 95% of the product has been shipped and received, but there are 9 pledges which haven't been sent out yet, because there has been a mix-up of product in some shipments (Cantarero was short of product in the end). We are in the process of resolving this with Cantarero, we may have to send your product from Barcelona next week. Sorry for the wait. There are also a few instances of confirmed shipments which haven´t arrived yet, these we are trying to resolve case by case.


More than 95% of the product has been shipped and around 90% received. There are 13 pledges (including one group pledge) which couldn't be configured by Happyshops because product was missing. We still don´t understand WHY this happened and where that product is, but at least we have been working on a solution and can send the product next week from Barcelona. If you are one of these 13 pledges, you will have received a mail by us just before this update. There are also several shipments that have been sent but not received, and some returns, these we are working with you on a case by case basis.

So much for now, once again, apologies for not being able to get through this fulfillment jungle as fast as we would hope to, the problems with production/assembly quality have taken us by surprise and we weren't ready for this. Our fault, not yours, for sure, but please understand that not getting an immediate response doesn´t mean that we will ignore your claim.


Second Gate Games

Important Notice, please read

Posted by Second Gate Games (Creator)

Fellow Mercenaries,

sorry for being absent in the comment section and not responding mails in the past 2 weeks, the Essen Spiel fair has taken its toll on "normal business" and we still need to recover. Essen has been a real blast, but more on that in another update.

Before we go to the task of responding one by one all of the mails you have written, we would like to step back and get everyone up to speed on the manufacturing and fulfillment issues we are finding.


As outlined in previous updates, we are experiencing a significantly higher than usual rate of manufacturing errors. Many of you got the perfect product we had planned for (thank you for letting us know), but others are missing items, or have defective components.

This update is designed to let you know:

a) what to look for in terms of potential manufacturing errors, based on current experience

b) what to do in case you are affected and need to report to us

c) what to expect in terms of timing for receiving replacement items 

To add to the number of incidences, we also have some problems with fulfillment itself, some of you were sent the wrong product or didn't get specific add-ons you ordered, or had damages from transport. Some others haven't received their product yet, while others in their area received theirs fine. On top, one fulfillment partner (Aetherworks for Australia/NZ) is extremely difficult to communicate with and isn't confirming whether they sent out the backer material (recent comments by Australian backers having received a shipping notice suggest they finally are sending the packages, but we don't have official confirmation from them).

First of all, we would like to send a message of reassurance: we WILL get you the product you ordered, and we WILL respond each of your mails. Please understand that it is taking us some time, for one because of Essen, but also because we weren't prepared for such a high number of incidences and had to put systems in place to deal with them and track them, otherwise we would end up in chaos. We think we can catch up with our backlog and respond to everyone during the course of next week, letting each of you know what the next steps are.

In the meantime, for anyone not having received or reviewed their package yet, please review it as soon as you can, so you can help us solve everyone's problems faster.

a) what to look for?

First of all, have the component list ready which we posted here. Below we list a series of errors that have been reported, to help you in your search for errors. We are truly sorry for the errors that have been found, you can imagine that each case is a blow for us, as much as it is for you.

While this list is long, it is by no means an indication that the production is a disaster as such, it is quite normal to see different assembly or production errors in a production as complex as ours. It is true, though, that some of the problems should never have happened, complex production or not. 

Please don't see this as an invitation to report "whatever little thing you can find", we are already hit bad enough as is by problems we had no control over, use common sense to decide whether an issue is eligible for replacement or not. We don't want to argue with you, you are our backers and most important partners.

- Wooden token issues

Count the number of tokens, comparing it to the component list. In some cases single tokens were missing, in some cases full affinities, so please check carefully, we want you to "be complete". 

Check specifically the front and backsides of the blue and green mercenary assignment tokens, in a batch of the production, these tokens were printed incorrectly, with either 2 front sides or 2 back sides.

In 2 cases in France, backers reported they received bags with rotten tokens, humidity had entered the bags and the white silicate bags apparently hadn't worked in trapping the humidity. If you experience this, don't open the bags, so that you don't get the smell or inhale the spores of the wood mold.

If you find any token issues, please take photos and proceed to "what to do". 

- Punchboard issues

There were two types of error reports regarding punchboards:

1. a few punchboards came damaged, even before punching out tokens

2. some punchboards were not cut sufficiently deep, so that punching out the tokens proved difficult and some tokens broke.

In case 1, please take photos of the punchboard(s) before punching out the tokens, in case 2, please take photos of the specific torn tokens you would like us to replace. Proceed to "what to do".

- Dice issues

We had a few cases of missing or defective dice.

If you have any dice issues, please take photos, record the number of affected dice of each type and proceed to "what to do".

- Card issues

While the cards are generally great in quality, we have seen numerous issues of problems with the printing of the BACK of the cards.

Some decks have significant background color variation. Minor color variations are ok in our eyes, because the backside of a card is only seen when being the top card of a replenishment stack. But major color variations are clearly not acceptable, even if they don´t affect gameplay.

Some cards have also had significant blobs or dirt on the backside.

Note that the errata of the card SPORUS (should have been an A category instead of a B category Monster) is just an errata, a mistake that we communicate but that in itself does not warrant a replacement of your deck.

If you have any issues with your cards, please note which card decks are affected, take photos, and proceed to "what to do".

- Rulebook issues

Some of you didn't receive the correct rulebook language.

If you have any rulebook issues, please take a photo of the rulebook you received and the box sticker and proceed to "what to do".

- Damaged boxes

In some cases, backers had significant dents in their box, potentially because of insufficient protection by the packaging of the fulfillment center. These damages we will have to evaluate together with the respective fulfillment center.

If you find any issues with your box, please take photos and proceed to "what to do"

- Incorrect product

Some of you received the wrong product, for example a Leader copy instead of a Monster copy. 

If you experience this problem, take photos of the packing slip or shipping invoice, the box (see that the sticker with the barcode is visible) and proceed to "what to do".

- Missing product

Some of you haven't received their product yet, while others around you in the same geographical area have.

If this is your case, proceed to "what to do", we will use next week to follow up with the respective fulfillment centers. 

b) what to do

Please report any issue with photos to Please be aware that we do not track other channels like facebook, twitter, KS messages, comments, BGG mails, etc, the account is the only one we are using for incidence resolution. 

If you have already sent a mail to, please don't send another one asking for the status! We have a large backlog of mails to answer, and we will get to it during the next week, please give us time to catch up with everyone. We admit we weren't prepared for this and it happened at the worst possible moment with all of us out for a full week in Essen, but we commit to get back on track.

c) what to expect

As part of our crisis management, we have had several meetings with LongPack during the Essen Spiel fair and mapped out a plan to produce and deliver replacement components. While we can assure everyone that you will get your components, we must unfortunately also tell you that it is going to take us quite a while.

In order to know the quantities of replacements to produce, we will have to wait until beginning of December, because we want all backers to have received their product and have had a chance to review it. 

LongPack will then produce replacement material second half of December/first half of January. After that (and before Chinese New Year), an external service in China will assemble individual envelopes with the replacement material for each affected backer. These envelopes will be sent by air to hubs in each region and sent forward from there. All in all, we expect they will be delivered in February/March.

This seemed an awful long time to us when we first discussed it with LongPack, but they made us see that assembly of hundreds of envelopes with different needs for each single case is not to be done in a hurry, we don't want to get it wrong once more. They will also need to edge up their quality control mechanisms for this.

For some of the issues, we will try to find a more immediate solution, in particular for those cases that don't allow you to play the game right away (for example, missing rulebook, or a missing token sheet). Luckily, most issues are not preventing you from enjoying the game while you wait for your well-deserved replacement items. 

So much for now, sorry again for this whole ordeal, and sorry for not getting individual answers out to everyone yet, we promise to get to it starting Monday.

Kind regards,

Second Gate Games

PS: A HUGE thank you to all of you who have been so extremely positive in your error report messages, it is just great to see how backers appreciate that problems may arise and comment positively on the project as such and the game! THANK YOU!

A big THANK YOU also to the many backers helping out in the comment section and on BGG to guide others on different topics while we were unable to attend!

Europe & ROW product on the way to fulfilment centers

Posted by Second Gate Games (Creator)

Fellow Mercenaries,

after the good news of QML having completed almost all of the US volume last weekend, we have more good news to share: We got the two containers full of product for Europe & Row released from customs today and spent all day in a logistics center to prep pallets going to different locations around Europe. 32 pallets of Monster Madness!!!


The product for Happy Shops is now on the way on a truck to Germany, arriving there before the weekend. Once it gets there, Happy Shops will do their picking and packing work and send out shipments to Europe and ROW backers. You will then get a tracking code from them. Depending on how far you live from Germany, it may takes days or weeks to get to you, shipments are made with DHL. There have been rumours in the comment section that Happy Shops might have a similar backlog as QML, but on checking with them, Happy Shops claims they are up to date, so we shouldn't see much of (or any) delay there. We will see once the product gets there in a few days.

The product for Spain is on its way to Sevilla, to be processed by Cantarero. It will get there on Thursday and Cantarero told us they should be able to turn this around in 3-4 business days, so it looks like all Spanish orders should be on the final leg of transport in the next week.

A word also on Australia and NZ: your vessel has arrived in Sydney, Aetherworks is awaiting customs clearance, they expect to get it released next week. Once they get the product, we will be able to give an exact shipping date.

So much for now, we will update again with some news on our Essen participation.


Second Gate Games

Beware, Monsters on the move in the US...

Posted by Second Gate Games (Creator)

Fellow (US) Mercenaries,

just a short note to tell you QML has started shipping and will finish it off on the weekend!

Thanks, QML, for not only recovering some of the delay, but putting in that extra work on the weekend to finish the job fast! Well done!

Have a great weekend,

Second Gate Games

Shipping update

Posted by Second Gate Games (Creator)

Fellow Mercenaries,

a status report from the shipping side:


QML is currently finalizing shipments of another campaign, we are next in line. We are waiting for their confirmation that they are starting, any day now.


All product should have been shipped now, if you haven´t received a shipping notice by Friday, please contact us at We are already seeing unboxing videos and reports from Canadian backers, feel free to share them on BGG and here in the comments section!


Greater China, S. Korea, and Japan should all have gotten their shipments, other markets are getting closer. Again, we have seen great reports from backers having played the game a series of times already!


Your vessel has made it to the East Coast, close to Brisbane right now. It is expected in Sydney on October 14. 


The MSC Paloma arrived in Barcelona on October 8th, but we are still waiting for customs to release the containers. We have been told that we definitely won't get access to the product before Tuesday (October 16), which is when we hope to be able to forward it to Happy Shops and Cantarero for further distribution to you. The product is so close, and yet untouchable, it is a bit frustrating ;)  We will update again next week, once we get the product released. 

More news as they unfold. 

Second Gate Games