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MONSTER LANDS is a competitive 1-4 player game.
It combines worker placement, resource management, and fun battles with monsters.
MONSTER LANDS is a competitive 1-4 player game.
It combines worker placement, resource management, and fun battles with monsters.
MONSTER LANDS is a competitive 1-4 player game. It combines worker placement, resource management, and fun battles with monsters.
2,756 backers pledged €246,401 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. raul 1 day ago

      @Jill the solo dice are bigger, the heavy weapons dice are smaller and carved, so no need to worry :)

    2. Jill
      3 days ago

      I just realised that the heavy weapon dice (upgraded version) and one of the solo mode dice are quite similar in colour. But considering the amazing job you guys did with the monster dice, I am not too worried.

    3. Missing avatar

      Nachman Tzarfati 6 days ago

      Just had to say that the way you guys answer and update us so quickly and take all of our feedback in, is simply honourable. I mean it's not something to take for granted and just makes me feel way more proud and safe as a backer. So well done on that!

    4. Flavio on December 7

      Yeah, Jason. The long wait has just begun.

    5. Jason Kersey on December 5

      Okay so after the dust of the campaign has settled my nerves have also settled. I was worried about the exchange rate and how it would drive the price up. Now my only concern is that we are at the start of production not the end! I’m so so excited now for this game. Glad I hung in there

    6. Missing avatar

      Brendan Robertson on December 5

      Thanks for keeling us posted. Cant wait.

    7. Missing avatar

      EvenOdds on December 5

      Just read the update and I wanna say that you guys are pretty solid. I am happy you are having such a positive experience with us backers the same way we are having with you. Whenever you are ready with the next project you can count me in from day one, cheers!

    8. Second Gate Games Creator on December 5

      @Kalky |you ask about the estimated time of arrival of the German PDF rulebook ANSWER The German translation has started just recently, after finalizing the English rulebook. Plan is to have it translated by year end. A big THANK YOU to our lead translator, Marcus, and to the numerous volunteers helping with fantastic discussions: Nicky, Arn, Mathias, Mirjam, Sebastian, Kim!
      Btw, French and Spanish translations have the same timetable, translations are also under way.

    9. Missing avatar

      Kalky on December 3

      @SSG. Someone knows the ETA of the german pdf rulebook. French and english is ready, but still missing the german one :)

    10. Piet Wenings on December 2

      Just checking in and I see the comments are still flowing here. Nice to see everything is moving along.

    11. Immanuel Aquino on November 30

      @SGG. Well help as much as we can so you can focus on the game (dice) *wink wink*

    12. Second Gate Games Creator on November 30

      @Daniel Cassidy | you mention that you backers weren't only an active community, but also a very demanding one. ANSWER You were. And we wouldn't want to change that the slightest bit. Thanks for your statement of "by God we delivered", makes us happy ;)

      @Chris Conway | you ask about card size and card number including SG and Expansion ANSWER All cards are Poker Size (3.5 inches by 2.5 inches). There are 106 cards in the base game, 46 cards come as KS exclusive content, and 23 cards in the expansion. Plus 4 cards if you take the Signed Promo cards.
      In total 175 cards (+4). With two packs of 100 Poker card sleeves, you will be fine (although there is not much stress on the cards anyway, as they don't pass through hands. They are always placed on the table).

      @Immanuel Aquino | thank you! to you and some others around here who have always been ready to help other backers with information. We noticed that a lot, a very nice and supportive crowd we have, with little to no negative vibe. That's noteworthy and unusual

    13. Immanuel Aquino on November 30

      And I'm not from SGG. :D

    14. Immanuel Aquino on November 30

      @Chris. Standard CCG sizes. You can get a rough number of cards based on the campaign page.

    15. Chris Conway on November 29

      @SGG | What size are the game cards, and how many are there total across the core game plus expansions (and stretch goals)

      Asking for the Paladin card sleeves Kickstarter project.

    16. Daniel Cassidy
      on November 29

      We demanded a lot too.... and to be fair, by God ye delivered.

    17. Second Gate Games Creator on November 29

      @Henry So, @David Boussin | you are right, we didn't spot the 2500 comments less reason to celebrate, though :), very good for a campaign of our size, you folks have been very active, contributed a lot.

    18. Missing avatar

      David Boussin on November 29

      @Henry So and Creator : exactly, it was a reference to 2500th comment. In fact i'm backer #2107 ;)

    19. Henry So on November 28

      @Creator: I think David was actually referring to the 2500th comment.

    20. Second Gate Games Creator on November 28

      @David Boussin | you tell us you are backer #2500 ANSWER Agree, that's worth celebrating! You came to the rescue in our hours of need and contributed to making that 240k stretch goal happen! Good for you (and for everyone here!)

      @raul | you comment on the game being a 10 out of 10 component wise, on us choosing the dice (opaque/mate) and ask whether we could offer an add on with replacement dice ANSWER thanks for your reassurance, we know you are just teasing with the board and that you are happy, it shows in your messages :) As for replacement dice as add-ons, we will likely not offer them for questions of logistic simplicity, but we will think about it and explore with LongPack.

      @Daniel Cassidy | you mention Matt Damon's "The Great Wall" movie and ask whether this is something we might be interested in. ANSWER Bah, Frosten is much cooler than Matt Damon (literally) ;)

    21. Daniel Cassidy
      on November 28

      Time to kick that dead dead horse again, I think the opaque dice just fit so much better with the colours and materials used in other parts of the game.

      I watched Matt 'legolas' Damon single handedly protect China and the world from tyranids there the other night. It looked like a cross between b-sieged and rising sun. SSG is that something you might be interested in.

    22. raul on November 26

      @SGG great to see you here!, the layered board thing was a little joke, now the game is, component wise, a 10/10 for me, a layered board would be a 11/10, so no complains here. If i understand you, you will chose the dice (opaque, mate) and later show us your choice, am i right?, maybe is the better option, there always going to be people not liking it, and we avoid eternal discussions here.
      And a last one, maybe you can offer an add on with replacement dice , not the full set, only a few of each custom dice, for people afraid to lose some.

    23. Missing avatar

      David Boussin on November 26

      Hello. Just to be #2500 :)

    24. Second Gate Games Creator on November 25

      Time for another review of comments, after the frantic pace in the campaign, we are finally moving to a slower frequency of messages here, which is nice for us, so we can concentrate on the product again. We have been busy running tests, preparing production of samples, finalizing the rules review (a big thank you to those who have contributed), preparing the translation processes, and preparing the PM. The next visible step for you will be the opening of the PM, but this isn't foreseen until the week after next. It will then run until mid-to-end January, exact dates will be confirmed once it is open.

      @Tom Paulussen, @Wouter Aerts| you ask whether it is possible you haven't received an email for the pledge manager ANSWER see above. The PM was originally announced to start 2-4 weeks after campaign end (see FAQ). We haven't passed the 2 week mark yet, but know that it will likely launch in week 4. Kickstarter is still "doing their thing" as well, so we don't have final confirmation of backers and funds yet.

      @raul | you ask how that layered board is going :* ANSWER we love you guys, you DO insist :) but no, no layered board :(

      @Immanuel Aquino, raul, Henry So, Adam Prentis, | you are discussing the question of the engraved dice. Translucent vs opaque, size, them being available as add-ons, ANSWER We will take this step by step:
      Translucent vs opaque: we have already initiated a process to see samples of both translucent and opaque, we will see those end December. Translucent MAY look good, but it also may well be that opaque is better. We are inclined to opaque but have an open mind to both options. Since this is a question of personal taste and is very much a design choice (it has to fit in with the game), we will take the decision ourselves and present the result to you.
      Size: the dice will be between 12mm and 13mm, we are exploring with the manufacturer. The original dice are 12mm, but we might increase this ever so slightly to still fit the paths, but win more room for the engraving. They will fit the game perfectly.
      Availability as add-on: neither the engraved dice nor the standard dice are planned as add-ons. End December / Beginning of January we will show you the engraved dice samples and you will be able to choose for yourself which option you like better. To be honest, we can hardly imagine that anyone would go for the standard dice, with the engraved dice being so cool, but the option is open. It is either one or the other.

      @Kristoffer Dyer | you played on Tabletopia and have a few questions | ANSWER
      a) the Glory Bonus dice from the Clan Progress Track are easily forgotten at the beginning, true. We will ask Tabletopia to add the picture of our player aid from the back of the rule book, where each phase is described and checking of Glory Bonus dice is noted.
      b) Potions/Venoms: you can take 1 potion and/or 1 Venoms and/or 1 Elixir with your merc (the Elixir doesn't exist on Tabletopia, since it is KS exclusive). They can be used at any time during battle (optional), also in fights to conquer Lands. You get to take them back home, if you don't use them.
      c) you say defense of the citadel is painful if you miss as the other player may kill the monster and on top gets 5 gold coins from the Path. ANSWER yes, it is painful, and that's why the choice of Path is so interesting in this game. We needed to make the second Path very attractive in this case, because fights at the Entrance of the Citadel are a lot easier than fights against Monsters in Lands. The first Path has generally very good chances. It all comes down to the interesting mechanism of path choice.
      d) you understand that one can reuse the failed dice from an alive merc but feel that this is a huge leg up that should cost something ANSWER in development, we tested with a "cost" for using the dice from a previous merc, in the form of sharing part of the reward and other ideas. But the balance is not good when you take away part of the risk of the first path. It HAS to be risky, that's why there is so much fun in the choice of Path, one of the critical aspects in the game.

      @Kurt Temmerman | you are curious about the end product, as the game has sooooo many components :) ANSWER you are right. It's full to the brim with stuff. Believe us, we are curious to see the final production as well, but at least we have the advantage of already having some superb prototypes in hand.

      @Immanuel Aquino, @Daniel Cassidy | you are discussing sourcing of custom coins ANSWER you are right, custom coins are available in the market at a much cheaper price than we would have been able to offer, that's why we decided not to take the risk of offering any.

      @CT | you ask whether there are card sleeves available for the game ANSWER Not from us, but you can buy them at your local provider or on the web at much better prices than we would be able to offer. The cards are Poker size (3.5 inches by 2.5 inches). With 2 x 100 sleeves you will be fine.

      @raul | you are banning everyone from the comment section, saying pornography isn't allowed here (with reference to the comments about the "engraved dice on game board" pictures) ANSWER let everyone drool... we do, too. they just look gorgeous!

      @Piet Wenings, @Jordan Herd | you ask whether people looked at the game board picture with the engraved dice, which are soooooo beautiful ANSWER for those who missed the link, here it is again

      @Jerrid_120, @Immanuel Aquino, @Henry So | you were discussing problems with credit card acceptance of the pledge ANSWER we understand you finally figured it out, which is great. We had about 70 pledges which didn't come through in the end or which are still "pending", which is of course a pity, but in line or below the normal percentage of failed payments. For anyone who DID fail because of a problem he couldn't solve but wanted to, know that you will be able to jump back on the train in the Pledge Manager phase with a Late Pledge.

      @raul | you mention that you are mercenaries and can't help discuss (answering a comment of ours that the discussion of translucent vs opaque custom dice had not point at the moment) ANSWER you are partially right. you are right in saying that you can't help discuss and you SHOULD. But you are wrong in saying that you are mercenaries after all. You are LEADERS and MONSTERS and deserve your status!

    25. Missing avatar

      Wouter Aerts on November 25

      @Tom: me neither

    26. Tom Paulussen on November 25

      Still received no email for survey/pledge manager. Is that possible?

    27. raul on November 22

      Wait until we see a preproduction sample of the custom dice, nobody will doubt :P.

      @SGG How is that layered board going? :*

    28. Immanuel Aquino on November 21

      @Henry. All good! I actually just got a copy of Santa Maria and immediately went to my local store to replace all the dice. >_<

    29. Henry So on November 21

      @Immanuel: Different people get stuck on different things, and I happened to get stuck on this.

    30. Immanuel Aquino on November 21

      @Henry. They have already said it's 12mm sizes. I can only see this as a cost issue where, if you find yourself not liking the custom dice, you may end up buying the normal pips in case you didn't like the customized dice after you've chosen.

    31. Henry So on November 21

      @Immanuel Aquino: they wouldn't be the exact color and size for the campaign. This is why I'm still struggling with the choice.

    32. Missing avatar

      Adam Prentis on November 21

      Seeing that everyone pitched in their opinion: engraved dice shouldn't be translucent, it doesn't go well together imho. :-)

    33. Immanuel Aquino on November 21

      @Jill. Come on now. You can source that from other stores :P

    34. Jill
      on November 20

      So I'm going to smchoose to go with the new fancy dice when I get the survey for Monster level. My question is, can I add-on the regular dice?

    35. Kristoffer Dyer
      on November 19

      played again on tabletopia. things from our play.

      * we keep forgetting to get dice for the game board
      * confusion around potions and venom. how many can you take with a merc on a path? can venom be used on lands?
      * defense of the citadel is painful if you miss and the other kills the monster as not only did they get the kill bonuses they got 5 gold as well whereas you get nothing.
      * i understand you can reuse the failed dice from an alive merc but it feels like your getting a huge leg up that should cost you something for not going first

      anyway some thoughts from playing it on tabletopia.

    36. Kurt Temmerman
      on November 18

      This game has sooo much components. Very curious about the end product.

    37. Immanuel Aquino on November 18

      @Daniel. No idea who's making the coins but they can be acquired through late pledges in Crowdox for Rise to Nobility.

    38. Daniel Cassidy
      on November 18

      I don't know how to get them at the moment but the guys who did cavern tavern and rise to nobility have had metal coins done up got to play with them on the last day of spiel. They are some of the best coins I have ever held. Only problem was the were all golden in colour. The 1's and 5's were golden. But the one was round and the 5 was multi sided. But I usually like multiple colours like silvers and bronzes etc. But still they were solid and thick and heavy.

    39. Missing avatar

      CT on November 18

      Is there card sleeves available for the game?

    40. Immanuel Aquino on November 17

      @Michael, @Philippe. Regarding metal coins, since SGG won't do them, I suggest you look at PlaidHatGames, Seafall Metal Coins. They are generic enough to fit within most games. There's also Campaign Coins - Island Siege set that could fit easily with the game.

      Here's something I'm thinking of using when the game comes. :D

    41. raul on November 17

      All of you are banned from the comments section. No pornography allowed.

    42. Piet Wenings on November 17

      @Jordan, I definitely had a look at all the goodness. Love it.

    43. Jordan Herd on November 17

      Did anyone look at the picture of the game board decked out wiht pieces omg soooo beautiful!

    44. Immanuel Aquino on November 17

      Lolol. I'm waiting for Dinosaur Island to see the effect of transparency on heat printed dice. I'm positive it will look great cause of heat printing. My experience with molded transparent dice is it's too much.

    45. raul on November 17

      Great Jerrid,now you can jump the translucent vs opaque discussion! :P

    46. Jerrid_120 on November 17

      @Everyone FINALLY found out the problem wasn't Kickstarter but my own. Outside purchases usually get blocked...guess this one was the one that did it. But it's all good now and I can't wait to get this game. After all the trouble I had XD XD XD

    47. Immanuel Aquino on November 17

      @Jerrid. Same here, I've done other campaigns that charged in Euros and somehow my bank didn't complain. Somehow, it triggered for this charge. Hopefully you get it resolved in a timely manner.

    48. Henry So on November 17

      I get a fraud alert that I have to clear for every KS or pledge manager transaction that is not in my native currency. That's a long way of saying to check with your card provider anyway.

    49. Jerrid_120 on November 17

      @Immanuel That shouldn't be the issue, 105.00 Euro is about 124.00 USD. I have helped kickstart 4 euro games now and haven't had any issues. I'll contact one final time, but I feel it's on Kickstarter's side and not my bank.

    50. Immanuel Aquino on November 17

      @Jerrid. Have you talked to your banks? I got a message to fix as well and verify fraudulent activity when KS tried to charge in Euros.

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