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MONSTER LANDS is a competitive 1-4 player game.
It combines worker placement, resource management, and fun battles with monsters.
MONSTER LANDS is a competitive 1-4 player game.
It combines dice placement, resource management, and fun battles with monsters in a universe full of beautiful illustrations. Voted MOST ANTICIPATED NEW GAME 2018 in the EURO category by BGG users.
MONSTER LANDS is a competitive 1-4 player game. It combines dice placement, resource management, and fun battles with monsters in a universe full of beautiful illustrations. Voted MOST ANTICIPATED NEW GAME 2018 in the EURO category by BGG users.
2,756 backers pledged €246,401 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Steven Alvis
      about 1 hour ago

      I don't care about an extra Euro for shipping, these things happen, game looks brilliant no matter what, otherwise I wouldn't have backed.
      I definitely appreciated the fact that you told us about these promos rather than them appearing on places like Ebay or Amazon Marketplace for 10x the price.

    2. Second Gate Games Creator about 6 hours ago

      @Cauquil Lionel, @Gary Barnett, @José María Morales | you are saying we are abusing a little with the new promo set, that we could have given it free of charge to all backers. José María, you go even further and claim the initial hand-signed promo cards were very badly received and these are as well. You are generally disappointed with the campaign and call the whole thing bad style. ANSWER Of course we understand that you would like to get more stuff included in your original pledge, who wouldn't. But this particular campaign is far from being short of stuff that we have included over time, as appreciated by the vast majority of backers and shown by the immensely positive vibe in this comments section.

      The promo cards have been developed to be used to push new sales and to be sold on fairs and on BGG. To offer them to our backers as well, giving them a chance to get them with their pledge, is a matter of making it easy for our backers. But let's not forget, these are promo cards, they are completely optional, not an essential part of the game. Everyone is completely free to take them or not to take them, we just offer items that give the game additional variety and have collector value. If you don't like the promo sale or think their price is too high for you, that's ok. But don't extrapolate from your opinion on everyone else's, please, and respect a creator's offer for what it is: just an offer. A well-meant offer, we might add.
      For your info, the promo cards have had a huge uptake (almost 50% of backers for the hand-signed cards, and for these we are already at 25% in a day, despite the nuisance of having to reopen a new pledge), it just isn't in line with your claim that this isn't well received in general. We do, however, realise and are sorry that you in particular are disappointed. We didn't mean to upset you. How could we, our backers ROCK!!! :)

    3. Foreshadow
      about 6 hours ago

      I'm cool thanks for the feedback. I think this game will be more than worth it, but yes you must deal with shipping and that is expensive. I get it.

    4. José María Morales about 10 hours ago

      Que mal estilo chicos, de veras. Qué decepción me estoy llevando con esta campaña... Hemos confiado en vosotros y os hemos adelantado entre todos un dinero para que podáis financiar vuestro juego sin tener que depender de créditos y bancos (ese es el espíritu real de un crowfunding, creo) y tratáis de arañar unos euros de mas con estas cosas... En fin... Ya las promo que lanzasteis durante el pledge quedaron fatal. Ahora otra mas. Deberíais de aprender del refrán que dice que "ningún perro lamiendo engorda". Maldito Games, la editora de Sevilla, regaló las promos del Terraforming Mars a cualquiera que compre el juego. Y se las envía a su casa gratis por correo postal (que tiene un coste de manipulación y franqueo que asumen ellos) simplemente enviándoles un correo electrónico indicando que habéis comprado el juego. No os vendría mal tomar nota de como se trata a los clientes en este mercado. Lo mismo resulta que sois buenos diseñadores de juegos (B-Sieged es un juegazo, que duda cabe) y malos comerciales. Mejor os buscáis otro CMON para que os comercialice el siguiente... Salud y suerte.

    5. Gary Barnett about 10 hours ago

      I tend to agree. Those backing the Monster edition are already paying between €87 and €112 (plus shipping) for a Kickstarted game (and expansion). Frankly, it would have been nice to show your appreciation of the fact that these people helped you bring the game to market by throwing this small promo in for free.

    6. Cauquil Lionel about 17 hours ago

      you abuse a little with this extension to 5 € in addition to an add-on to 5 € we should not take too much for pigeons ...

    7. Second Gate Games Creator about 17 hours ago

      @Foreshadow | I guess we should have run this differently, rather than charging 5+1 euro, we should have said its 6 euros shipping included. Internally, we have to allocate a euro to shipping in either case, because picking cost and added complexity are a reality. But we DO see that it can look strange to charge 1 euro for a set of cards, so maybe next time we learn and fold this into the price. In the end its all good, as you say, and we don't take offence by anyone voicing their concerns. Sorry for creating it in the first place.

      @Jason Kersey | Yes, it is jam packed indeed, so much we had to change the box size.

    8. Jason Kersey about 23 hours ago

      Thank you so much! This game is going to jam packed with components and “stuff” I’m excited!

    9. Foreshadow
      about 23 hours ago

      I don't want my Euro back but hey maybe an extra card or something for the game or another merc or something. I do think 5 Euro is a bit much but you do include the wooden pieces so in the end, its all good but I wanted to voice my true feelings on that matter.

    10. Foreshadow
      about 23 hours ago

      Everythings cool BUT 1 euro for shipping for promo cards which will be shipped and combined with the pledge. Really? I don't like that.

    11. Immanuel Aquino 1 day ago

      @Foreshadow. It's an extra set to be paid for.

    12. Foreshadow
      1 day ago

      To be super-clear then this is a second promo set and it costs a separate amount of money. If I paid for the first promo will I get this second set free? but the I still need to complete the survey in order for that to happen.

    13. Second Gate Games Creator 1 day ago

      @yixi | you are in the US and ask if you can get a Chinese version Manual ANSWER for backers outside China and Taiwan, we can only offer the downloadable digital version, sorry.

      @Foreshadow | you ask whether the new promo cards will be added automatically to the bids of those who have taken the previous promo cards. ANSWER We now have two promo card sets and they are separate add-ons. If you want the new promo cards, you will have to open a completely new pledge, using the same email address you used for your old pledge, so we can match the bids and combine them later. Btw, I just looked at your existing survey and can confirm you already ordered the hand-signed promos.

      @Tom Paulussen | you answer about Essen pickup and whether you will get refunded for shipping in Essen 2018 ANSWER the cost for Essen pick-up is 4 euros, independent of how many add-ons you order. In Essen, we will refund any shipping cost you have already paid (including this new 1 euro), retaining 4 euros.

    14. Tom Paulussen 1 day ago

      @SSG: So for my KS pledge I want essen pickup. Again I have paid 1€ for the promo cards now. Will I get refunded in total when picking up my stuff @ essen 2018?

    15. Foreshadow
      1 day ago

      I got the Monster pledge and I think when I did the pledge manager if there was a promo card option and it was extra (not included with the monster pledge) I believe I added it to my cart and thus have it. If this is all the case, which I think it is, will the new promo mercs and those wooden bits be automatically added to my pledge? Do I need to worry about it.

    16. Missing avatar

      1 day ago

      Hi i am in US but i am Chinese so can i ask for chinese ver Mannual in my copy as well?


    17. Second Gate Games Creator 1 day ago

      @Steve Caiazzo | your link is not working ANSWER here it is again, this time spelled out:
      It seems to be working fine in general, as there are loads of orders coming in continuously. let us know by direct message if it doesn't work, and we help to sort you out

    18. Missing avatar

      Steve Caiazzo
      1 day ago

      I’m having issues with the backerkit link. When I clocked it initially through the email update, it brought me to the backerkit, but every time I tried to enter my information in the necessary fields, it wouldn’t populate at all. When I tried to access the link through the KS app, it wouldn’t load at all. Now neither link loads. Is it possible to resend the link so I dont miss out on the promo cards?

    19. Second Gate Games Creator 1 day ago

      @Robin | you ask whether there is an explanation of the square die modifier somewhere ANSWER Yes, the promo card set will consist of 5 cards, actually, 4 Mercenary cards, and 1 rules card with the explanation of the Mercenary abilities. For space reasons, we only put the English explanation of the abilities, but added a QR code that leads to the translations in French, German, Spanish, Chinese, Czech, Italian, Portuguese/Brazilian, and Polish.

    20. Second Gate Games Creator 1 day ago

      @Piet | that's the spirit :)

      @Robin | you ask whether there is an explanation of the square die modifier somewhere ANSWER Yes, the promo card set will consist of 5 cards, actually, 4 Mercenary cards, and 1 rules card with the explanation of the Mercenary abilities.

    21. Missing avatar

      Robin 1 day ago

      That is the first time i see that square die modifier that only works for 1 die, will that symbol also be explained in the rulebook and in the rules summary. Seems like something that is easy to overlook.

    22. Piet Wenings 1 day ago

      Well, since I already get the wooden tokens, I need the complementing cards obviously. So, added!

    23. Second Gate Games Creator 1 day ago

      @Robin | further to the design of the cards: the Mercenaries powers include the square die modifier, which modifies 1 (ONE) die only, but with a higher value.

    24. Second Gate Games Creator 1 day ago

      @Robin | you ask to see the full promo card set to see the powers better. ANSWER sure, copy this link:
      @Robin | yes, if you ordered your promos for 6 euros with the same email address, everything should come together, even if it is 2 separate orders. We will match and combine them and come back to you, if we find non-matching cases.

    25. Missing avatar

      Robin 1 day ago

      Could we see the full cards of these promos so we can there powers better? I yust made a new order via backerkit for the promos for 6 euro on the same email adress. So now everything should come together even if it are 2 seperate orders?

    26. Second Gate Games Creator 1 day ago

      @Kurt Temmerman | you are missing the country drop-down menu you are used to ANSWER just proceed to where you give your shipping address and define the country there.

      @Immanuel Aquino | you "instand-added" the promos ANSWER wouldn't have expected anything less from you ;)

    27. Kurt Temmerman
      1 day ago

      I can’t seep to change the country to Belgium in pm

    28. Immanuel Aquino 1 day ago

      Instant add!

    29. Second Gate Games Creator 1 day ago

      @Jonathan Hobson | you ask why we don't add the cards for free, if we already include the wooden tokens for free ANSWER The promo cards are not meant to be a free add-on, they will be used to promote new sales and be sold separately on fairs and bgg. The decision of adding the wooden tokens for free in the Monster pledge was a complex one. On the one hand, we didn't want the wooden tokens in the promo card pack (it creates confusion and envy among new buyers of the retail version), on the other hand we didn't want to offer you promo cards without their respective wooden tokens. So we just add them to all packs, giving you an additional incentive to get the cards ;)

    30. Second Gate Games Creator 1 day ago

      @Zachary Apps | you ask about the shipping charge for the promo cards. ANSWER as is the case for all other add-ons that are shipped together with the main order (e.g. dice packs or the hand-signed promo cards), a shipping supplement of 1€ per add-on applies. This covers the so-called "picking cost", a charge by the fulfillment center, and an added complexity cost.

      @MDL, @Robin, @Imamanuel Aquino | you comment on different metal coin options from other suppliers and on their elevated price ANSWER yes, as you saw in your own research, metal coins are expensive, when they are needed in quantity.

    31. Jonathan Hobson
      1 day ago

      If you're already putting the wooden tokens in the pledge, why not just include the cards to go with them?

    32. Zachary Apps
      1 day ago

      So why are we being charged shipping for the four promo cards if they’re going to be shipped with our order?

    33. MDL 1 day ago

      @Immanuel Aquino | Thank you so much for the suggestion, but I ended up going for the Legendary's coins. (probably going to pick 2xMedieval Unit, Elf, Orc).
      They we're quite expensive (especially with surprise +20% Vat for EU backers like myself), but I really do love them !

    34. Missing avatar

      Robin 1 day ago

      I am going to use the metal coins of clans of caledonia. The gold coins show a queen wich fits in the theme of the game.

    35. Immanuel Aquino 1 day ago

      @MDL. Checkout the Fantasy Coins campaign running right now. I think the Orc set will work for the game.

    36. Second Gate Games Creator 4 days ago

      @Torojima | you found out 4 mercenaries live in your wide neighbourhood by studying our Monster Lands google map ANSWER I hope you pledged for the 5p expansion ;)

      @Kenton | you haven't received your glass monster yet and ask whether it should have arrived ANSWER we are in touch with you by direct mail to solve this. Should anyone else have ordered but not received the glass monsters, please contact us at The glass monsters were shipped by registered mail, so it is relatively easy to see if and where a shipment gets lost (if it does). Kenton's, in particular, got stuck at the Maltese post office.

    37. Kenton
      5 days ago

      @secondgategames from your comments and update, would you expect everyone have received their glass monster by now? If so, do you have a process for backers who didn't receive their glass monster?

    38. Torojima on March 2

      yay, two copies going to Aachen. And two others to Waimes and St. Vith. Grüße aus Eupen an die Nachbarn :D

    39. Second Gate Games Creator on March 2

      @Jason Kersey | you are ready to play ANSWER won't be long now, end september is almost upon us ;)

      @Immanuel Aquino, @MDL | you comment on metal coins by another creator ANSWER by all means go for them. (thanks for the nice words of support, @MDL)

      @luis grijalba | you received your glass monsters ANSWER yihaaa... thanks for letting us know! all other glass monster backers should receive their product in the coming days, they were all sent from Malta. Those overseas (the US, Asia) will probably take until end next week.

      @Jasper Wierda | you give compliments for an amazing campaign and ask for a SGG mailing list ANSWER thank you for your kind words, we try hard to please you ;) as for mailing list, sign up here:

      @Daniel Cassidy | you love the map feature ANSWER Nifty, hm?! We love it, too.

      @Seyit | you picked up on Man vs Meeple's Kickstarter campaign, they are offering a Monster Lands promo card. You ask whether it is the same as offered here as add-on. ANSWER the promo card in MvM's Kickstarter campaign is unique, specifically designed for them. It is a land card called Jerdav (from their first names Jeremy and David), and it shows a land where 2 men come to an island and face a giant Meeple. If you back them, make sure to get it. If you want the card, consider backing them :)

    40. Seyit on March 2

      Man vs Meeple is offering a promo for this game. Is that the same promo as an add-on here or a totally new one?

    41. Daniel Cassidy
      on March 2

      Love that map feature

    42. Missing avatar

      Jasper Wierda on March 1

      @SGG thanks for the update and insightful interview in there! Can't agree more that Monsterland was an amazing campaign to be backing - huge stand out of the crowd :)
      Noticed the comment below on possible future projects - is there some kind of SGG mailinglist somewhere?

    43. Missing avatar

      luis grijalba on March 1

      Wowow i got the glass monster today !!
      Its awesome !! Now lets wait for the game!!
      You rock!!

    44. Immanuel Aquino on February 25

      @MDL. I'm planning to do a mix of two sets. I'll most likely go for the elven and medieval set since they look like they are the same diameters and would work with the game. I'll see how the SGs go though since these are pricey.

    45. MDL on February 23

      @Second Gate Games | This is my first comment around here, so let me firstly share my enthusiasm. Monster Lands is my most awaited kickstarter project I ever backed. It looks so interesting, extremely fun, love the theme and LOVE the look of the game. Can't wait to put it on my table !
      Congratulations, I will be following every one of your futures projects :D !

      @Immanuel Aquino | Wich of the legendary set are you planning to use for Monster Lands ?
      I would love to get some metal coins for Monster Lands and these look really well made, but I can seem to connect any of theses set with the look of Monster Lands :/

    46. Immanuel Aquino on February 23

      For people that would like metal coins, there is a campaign for Legendary Metal Coins running right now.

    47. Jason Kersey on February 19

      Is it August yet? I’m ready to play!

    48. Second Gate Games Creator on February 15

      @Kevin Sauter | You are eager for the product and ask for the projected ship date ANSWER you will have to bite your nails a bit, but relatively short for a Kickstarter project. We plan to deliver to you end September.
      @Robin | you found some errors in the rules summary ANSWER right you are, what you point out is indeed erroneous. Not a problem, though, because it stems from minor balancing adjustments we made to a few cards in the past week, and the rules summary and some translations still need a final card check, anyway, so this one wouldn't have gone unnoticed. Keep pointing out, though, errors tend to be very stubborn.

    49. Missing avatar

      Kevin Sauter on February 15

      Can't wait for this! When is the projected ship date for the game?

    50. Missing avatar

      Robin on February 14

      Also moldo his power discription is different the the iconography in the summary.

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