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MONSTER LANDS is a competitive 1-4 player game.
It combines worker placement, resource management, and fun battles with monsters.
MONSTER LANDS is a competitive 1-4 player game.
It combines dice placement, resource management, and fun battles with monsters in a universe full of beautiful illustrations. Voted MOST ANTICIPATED NEW GAME 2018 in the EURO category by BGG users.
MONSTER LANDS is a competitive 1-4 player game. It combines dice placement, resource management, and fun battles with monsters in a universe full of beautiful illustrations. Voted MOST ANTICIPATED NEW GAME 2018 in the EURO category by BGG users.
2,756 backers pledged €246,401 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Second Gate Games Creator 4 days ago

      @gain | you want to update your shipping address ANSWER send me a mail to

    2. gain 4 days ago

      Hi I am moving and would like to change my address. What email should I send my new address to?


    3. bradkey
      4 days ago

      Not right now, I agree. She can holiday on her own time ;-)

    4. Second Gate Games Creator 6 days ago

      @Mark Brugman | you'll be dropping by our booth in Essen ANSWER you are very welcome to do so! Find us in Hall 4D123.

      @Adam druzdzel | you ask whether potential future expansions will have a wooden token option for current backers ANSWER Yes! IF (and for now that's an "if" and not a "when") we develop an expansion for Monster Lands, we will launch it again through kickstarter, and current backers will be the first to know and benefit from early birds. In that case, there would definitely be a MONSTER version again, offering continuity for all our current MONSTER backers

    5. Missing avatar

      Adam druzdzel on

      So if this game will be in retail. How will future expansions be handled? I backed this game with the wooden tokens and i read an earlier comment about retail not having the wooden tokens for the 5th player expansion. So if there will be more expansions beyond what there is now will you have a KS for it that has a wooden token option or would we be stuck with retail no wood?

    6. Mark Brugman

      I will be there at thursday and friday.
      Ill be dropping by

    7. Second Gate Games Creator on

      @bradkey | you sarcastically comment on the 4-day holiday of our key accounter at LongPack ANSWER you are right, she deserves more! (not right now, though, we need her :)

      @Ruth | you thank us for our continued presence in the comments section ANSWER you are welcome, we take pride in answering every single comment here. I wish there was a way to update the FAQ section, though, that would make things a lot easier.

      @Blaise Richelieu | you are ready to receive the beautiful game ANSWER we are (almost) ready to send it!

      @Mark Brugman | you ask whether we go to Essen Spiel ANSWER very much so. In fact, our next update is going to be about our SPIEL presence and invites backers to actually WORK with us, we will be looking for demo personnel.

    8. Mark Brugman

      Are u guys going to essenspiel?

    9. Blaise Richelieu

      I'm so ready to receive this beautiful beautiful game.

    10. Ruth on

      Thanks for your continued presence in the comments @SGG! I couldn't remember if I'd added the 5th player expansion either and under "add-on items" in the survey it says "You did not add any add-ons" so I was a bit worried. Anyway, after reading your comment below, I see my pledge item also says "Monster engraved + expansion", so that's a relief. So - thanks for having answered my question before I'd even asked it! 😉

    11. bradkey

      4 day holiday, woooah, hold up!!!!
      No amount of work is worthy of 4 whole days off.
      I feel the backers should have been consulted....

    12. Second Gate Games Creator on

      @Blaise Richelieu | you ask for news on production ANSWER we are awaiting photos from China of the production process, with photos the next update will be much more informative than without them. Not before next week, though, because our contact person is on a well-earned 4-day holiday.

    13. Blaise Richelieu

      Any news on production?

    14. dasfrek

      @secondgategames Thx for the fast feedback. I didnt remember. :-)

    15. Second Gate Games Creator on

      @Johan Hellqvist | you are not sure where to find confirmation in your backerkit account about whether you ordered the expansion or not. ANSWER On your review page, there are two item lists, one is called "PLEDGE ITEMS", the other "ADD-ON ITEMS". These are the items you will receive. In your case, it says "1 MONSTER ENGRAVED + EXPANSION English", so yes, you did order the expansion and it is correctly registered. Greets to Japan! (with your name I wouldn't have guessed that the package goes there ;)

    16. Johan Hellqvist on

      @Second Gate Games
      I actually have the same question as I cannot recall if I added the 5th player expansion or not? though on my Backerkit it says "Pledge Level Upgrades" €26. Can I confirm in some way, or can you confirm for me?

    17. Second Gate Games Creator on

      @dasfrek | you ask whether there is still a chance to add the 5th player expansion into backerkit or any other chance to get it. ANSWER Unfortunately it is not possible to add the 5th player expansion to a pledge anymore, production numbers are already frozen. The Expansion will be available in retail, so you can pick it up there, but it will not come with the wooden tokens or engraved dice, sorry. In your particular case, @dasfrek, we just checked your backerkit survey and you DID order the expansion, you probably just don't remember ;) you are all set

    18. dasfrek


      is there a chance to get the 5th player expansion into backerkit for the delivery? Or any other chance to get it? Thx for your feedback.

    19. Second Gate Games Creator on

      @Ben Richter | you request to make sure Quartermaster uses enough tape. ANSWER thanks for the reference, we have forwarded the request, hadn't heard about the Lucidity case

      @Dacfox | you request whether it is too late to change the shipping address ANSWER No, it isn't too late, but you cannot do it yourself anymore. Write to with your new mailing and phone information, and we will update your shipping address manually.

    20. Dacfox on

      Hi - Is it too late to change the shipping address? Backerkit has it as 'locked down'.
      Any info would help - Thanks.

    21. Ben Richter

      My only request as a US backer is: make sure Quartermaster uses enough tape! (Looking at you Lucidity: Six-sided Nightmares...)

    22. Steven Alvis

      @SGG, thank you for the reply, my situation is pretty unique but I'll just have to wait till I move to where it's being sent, it's going to a safe place at least XD

    23. Second Gate Games Creator on

      @Alexis (thanks for answering, @Shane Hall) | you asked for card size. ANSWER they are all poker size, 3.5 inch by 2.5 inch. There are 94 cards in the base game, 46 KS exclusive cards, 27 cards in the expansion, 4 cards in the hand-signed promo cards set and 4 cards + 1 rules reference card in the second promo card set.

      @Steven Alvis | you ask whether you can get your package delivered to a different address in a different country. ANSWER In principle, everything is possible and we will always try to give you as much flexibility as possible. Changing country might cause additional cost, though, which you would have to cover. This is not only because of the differing cost by country that you can see in the shipping cost overview, but also because of production volumes and allocations needing to be reviewed in case you change the country. We would have to look at each individual case and assess the implications.

    24. Steven Alvis

      Any way I can get my package delivered to a different address in a different country, just curious more than anything

    25. Missing avatar

      Shane Hall on

      They are all poker sized (3.5 inch by 2.5 inch).

    26. Missing avatar

      Alexis on

      Hello !
      Does anyone know size of the cards ?
      Thanks :)

    27. Jason Kersey on

      It sure looks good. The wait will be worth it I’m so excited.

    28. Second Gate Games Creator on

      @Jason Kersey | you say August seems so far away ANSWER please remember that the delivery date is late September. We pushed this out a month during the campaign when we decided to include the 5th player Expansion with the Heavy Weapons expansion. Unfortunately we couldn't edit the pledge boxes anymore, which is why the August date still appears in some places.

      @Jonathan Hobson | you ask for an update with pictures of the pre production copy ANSWER yes, we do! will be sent out today! All looking good, with some minor tweaks being done.

    29. Jonathan Hobson

      You have an update on this one with pictures of he pre production copy?

    30. Jason Kersey on

      August seems so far away!! I’m longing for some monsters!!!

    31. Second Gate Games Creator on

      @Artur Gasparetto Paiola | you ask for news on the production front ANSWER For now, everything is on schedule, we are right now in the pre-production phase, in which our manufacturer, LongPack, is creating pre-production samples that get sent to us so we can approve them for mass production or make changes if necessary. The pre-production samples have actually been sent today, so we hope that in a few days (provided the samples don't get held up in customs) we can share with you some pics. The next update will be about that.

    32. Artur Gasparetto Paiola on

      Hello Second Gate,

      You gave us update about promos and late pledges but I really would like to hear some fresh news about the production.
      How is everything going on? Is everything on schedule? What is the status and which phase is the production right now?

    33. raul on

      Thanks for the answer!, great that we can use the micro expansions with the dummy player, even knowing that Resurrection doesn´t make much sense.

      Regarding the dummy player, I was curious. People buy more than one automata in scythe and it was not intended for that, but seems to work fine. It´s only an example, not saying that scythe is a better game or have a better IA for that reason, and I don´t think I will miss another opponent beating my ass :P, but, you know, I have to ask!.

    34. Second Gate Games Creator on

      @raul | you ask about playing the solo version with the micro expansions or with more than one dummy player
      ANSWER there are three micro expansions:
      Potion Shop: perfectly playable in solo mode, adding more variety
      Sweet Failure: perfectly playable in solo mode, giving more flexibility to hire mercenaries
      Resurrection: playable in solo mode, but gives less added value, it is more interesting with more players who can also contribute to the "fallen heroes" pool.
      With regards to your question of playing solo with more than one dummy player, please bear in mind that our solo version is not about replicating the 2p-4p game. It is a solo version that follows its own balanced rules, and they are based on ONE very strong dummy player who always wins her battles. You will see that you need to put your focus on different aspects in solo play than you do in 2p-4p. As the rules and scenarios have been based on the single "almighty" opponent, you cannot add another dummy, sorry. But you won't want to, either, that one dummy is already strong enough ;)

    35. raul on

      Now that we are in the "waiting game" months, i will ask again a question that couldnt be answer during the campaign.

      Regarding the dummy player, have you finally test it with the micro expansions or more than one dummy player?. Just curious, i asked the same question months ago and wanted to know if something has changed. Cheers!

    36. Second Gate Games Creator on

      @Columbus, you are right, I interpreted your "+1" as "me too" for the increased time window request. But all is good and thank you very much for your compliments, really appreciated! (and no, it wasn't a humor attempt, we don't even know what humor is...) ;)

    37. Columbus on

      @SGG - Not sure if you were responding to me or to someone else. I was actually giving you a compliment for your calm and respectful response to those who were complaining about the new promos, and how you always keep your cool no matter what. I have no problem at all as I bought the promo as soon as I noticed your update...but maybe it was attempt at some slight humor! :)

    38. Second Gate Games Creator on

      @cpa | you ask whether Monster Lands will hit retail. ANSWER we certainly plan and produce for retail distribution, but it was second priority to KS fulfillment so far. Now that KS fulfillment is prepared, we will use the next weeks to prepare retail distribution and license agreements. In the US, it is sure that it will hit retail, but we cannot say yet with which force, it will depend on the distributor uptake. The expansion, however, will be a "rare good", we only produce 800 retail copies for worldwide coverage, so it is unlikely to be distributed widely.

    39. Missing avatar


      Thanks SGG. It was definitely my bad. I will email Daniel as instructed. Any chance Monster Land hits retail?

    40. Second Gate Games Creator on

      @Steven Alvis, @whytestallion, @Michael Aaron, @Jason Kersey, @Adam Prentis, @Immanuel Aquino | You all communicate your appreciation that the promo cards are being offered as a service for backers, rather than just appearing in the market. You also understand that there is a cost for shipping. ANSWER Thanks for coming forward and giving positive feedback to put things into perspective. More than 950 of the new promos have already been ordered and growing, showing that there is indeed demand for this kind of offer.

      @LJ, @Columbus | LJ, you complain about the short window for the Promo card sale. Columbus, you would like an increased window, too ANSWER you are right, it was a bit short. We had to close down the core box sale yesterday to freeze production numbers, so we had thought to close everything (core box and promo sales) at the same time, but that wasn't necessary. We now reopened the promo sale until April 8th.

      @cpa | you ask yourself why you did not back the expansion ANSWER hmmm, why didn't you? ;) now we have frozen production numbers, and we cannot produce any new requests. But you MAY be lucky, because we produce each SKU in multiples of 6 and there are some units that are not allocated. Write to and we try to sort you out. Chances are less than 50%, it will depend on which fulfillment center you are served by, but we can surely look into it.

      @Peter Taddeo Jr | you wish we had done a last call because you wanted the 6 pack pledge ANSWER Sorry, we may be able to fit in the odd copy here or there, but 6 pack pledges are not possible anymore.

      @Psychotron | you ask how to find the address of the PM ANSWER There is a hyperlink in our update on the promo cards. But you can also copy this address:

    41. Missing avatar

      Psychotron on

      How to find the adress of the PM ?

    42. Peter Taddeo Jr

      Oh Bummer I wish you guys did a last call...I wanted to the 6 pack pledge....

    43. Missing avatar


      Why, oh why, did I not back the expansion?

    44. Columbus on

      @SGG +1 on the measured response. Now don't get distracted and bring on the monster invasion already! :)

    45. Missing avatar

      LJ on

      Well you go away for a week and this happens. A six day window to get in on these promos is nuts. Please reconsidered for those of us who apparently don’t visit this ks page on a regular basis. Not cool. No email received.

    46. Immanuel Aquino on

      I've posted this on BGG but just so everyone is aware. There is a short hand process to production. It's a triangle of cost, complexity, and speed. We are trying not to sacrifice speed, but we want to up complexity. By increasing complexity, we have to increase costs.

    47. Missing avatar

      Adam Prentis on

      I agree with most of the commentators - SGG are kind to offer backers the chance to get the promo set if they want to, but no one is forced to take it, and the price offer is clear. It is quite expensive, but that's for everyone to decide for themselves, if they want it or not. :-)

    48. Jason Kersey on

      Shipping is just part of it. As KS backers we should understand that. I personally really appreciate hearing about these and even getting offered the new promos is awesome! So thank you. Plus everything will come together so what a couple extra bucks (Canadian backer)for special content delivered right to my door. Oh wait! That’s what kickstarter is

    49. Michael Aaron

      I think this is a fair option, I really don't like exclusive things only for Conventions where actual backers of games don't have an option of getting their hands on them.

      There are loads of cases where I feel that a game is missing something as people that have not backed the game get them for free, and sometimes those free gifts are expansions that change the gameplay or similar, and there is no way of getting your hands on them unless it's via Ebay or BGG store where prices are inflated and whatever it is you have to add 10USD minimum for P&P.

      Thanks for giving us access to the Promos and I really think that the game is looking better with every update.

      Keep up the good work.

    50. Missing avatar

      whytestallion on

      I, quite frankly, like additional content. And while I may not be a designer, I understand there are logistics to adding promo cards or any additional content, so charging a little isn’t bad. I don’t feel abused, mislead, or mistreated. I have the option to buy them. I didn’t buy the signed cards, but I’ll gladly buy these. I think appreciation has been shown in how much they’ve added and the opportunity to get these. Hopefully this is a sign that more expansions will be offered. Keep up the good work!

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