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Atelier Dion is looking to add a Ram Press and gas kiln to increase our production. Help us take our business to the next level!
296 backers pledged $50,601 to help bring this project to life.

We reached our goal! Help us PUSH!

Posted by Atelier Dion (Creator)

Dear Believers,

Rie and I cannot begin to express the gratitude that we have felt throughout this process. You have reached deep to help us out at a crucial time in our business and you have come from the full spectrum of our lives.  From family members to friends that go back to elementary school, to new supporters and followers on instagram.  Its been truly overwhelming to know that you are behind us.  Our only wish is that the cups and dishware that we send you will carry the memory of this campaign.  They will be made with love, you can be sure of that!

Now, enough of the warm fuzzies, lets see what else we can do!

The $45,000 funding of this project ensures the Ram Press and Kiln will be a reality for our studio.  However, there are a few key ingredients missing to allow us to really hit the ground running

  • Air compressor: $2000 The ram press works with compressed air and machinery of this size requires a lot of it.
  • Clay Mixer: $4500 Using the ram press requires a different type of clay with less water than we use now. The clay mixer will allow us to continue to make our own custom clay bodies and colors.
  • Pug mill: $6000 Pug mills are machines that take the air out of the clay. It mixes the clay with large augers and pumps it out through a smaller hole creating round "pugs" that can be directly loaded into the ram press.

From here on out we have 70 hours left.  This campaign closes on Monday Morning at 8:00 AM

Please let everyone you know that we are still open for business!  Many of these pieces will be available only through this kickstarter.

With all our hearts!

Jay and Rie

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