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Let's do both! While we're at it, let's install veggie gardens & do garden coaching for low-income homeowners. Mmm, mmm, good!
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Meet our first urban farming student of 2012!

The process of matching PRI's urban farming students with Harvest Moon's food shelf gardens has begun. Our first match is placing Allen Killian-Moore in the garden at the Land Stewardship Project's building where he will be growing vegetables and herbs for The Aliveness Project. He is an artist who is rediscovering his love of soil and growing food.

Allen was raised in the garden, with his early experiences informing an interest in food cultivation. His mother grew up on a farm in Wisconsin and brought that knowledge to urban Minnesota where she grew every kind of vegetable imaginable in a small backyard plot. Those experiences as a child gave Allen a love of the soil. He has taught gardening to kids in New York and worked with the Youth Farm and Market Project in Minneapolis. He hopes to implement an urban farm, growing, harvesting, eating, and marketing organically grown produce utilizing a permaculture methodology. Allen is also very interested in issues of food-justice and distributing knowledge or resources along egalitarian lines, building sustainable communities in the process. He wants to connect people to the sources of their food, providing them with the tools and know-how to cultivate their own foods and build sustainable lives.

Allen is also an artist, writer, environmentalist, and curator. He works in a variety of disciplines including film and video, natural cultivation, mixed-media, sound art, and photography. Allen has described these disciplines as being complementary and fluid, each drawing upon elements from the others in a symbiotic relationship. His work offers contemplation on both the frailty and resilience of life, as well as exploring human relationships with the natural environment and the degree to which social, cultural, or economic structures shape our existence. These interests are often viewed through an ethical, spiritual, or philosophical frame within his work. A primary concern inherent in his practice is the desire for progressive dialogue while allowing room for thoughts or actions to connect in a dynamic interchange of people and ideas.

We are looking forward to working with you, Allen!