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pledged of $15,000pledged of $15,000 goal
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The project's funding goal was not reached on Mon, September 28 2015 6:18 PM UTC +00:00


Background/About me:  

Hello, my name is Joel! Born and raised in Chicago, the city I absolutely am in love with! Just like anyone else, there has been struggles in my life, including the golden question, "What do I want to be remembered for?". I have always been fascinated with Tequila and the classy vibe it brings with it. I intend on creating a brand and service that will compete with the best names in the industry! Just like any other brand/company, start-up money is where the struggle seems to come in! Funding me and my dream will help in getting the process going such as; bottle molding, label printing, and getting help from one of the top distillery's in the world.

What We Need & What You Get:

The amount that I am seeking that will be enough to get the best start-up possible will be $16,000. This money will be going towards paying for the most intricate detailed custom glass made bottles. When the mass amount of bottles are made, more of the funding will go towards getting our design on labels to have those printed, and the remainder of the funds will go towards the top distillery in Jalisco, Mexico so we have the best selected Agave field for the best enriching taste. I have studied how business works and how the Tequila industries work for quite a while now. From college courses such as; Marketing, Accounting, Graphic Design, Entrepreneurship just to name a few, to learning from top individuals in the line of work! I have worked multiple jobs, and nothing has ever struck me. This is something I can truly say I work on day and night, just so I can beat at my craft. This idea and company plan is something I breathe. If I by any chance do not reach my limit because the fund goal is not met, then I will still use whatever is raised to chip away at my dream. It is not something I will give up on.

Building An Empire: 

This is a project that I intend to take to a world wide level. Tequila is a product enjoyed by millions! What I am providing is the richest taste from the land where it all started. Re-inventing the Tequila industry with the best upcoming product. What will be offered is a brand new type of Tequila that will have your taste buds craving more of our royal, classy, enriching Tequila. Describing me is hard to do, but most would say I am a very dedicated person that accomplishes anything my mind is set to. I have to agree with that, since there has yet been a time that give up. I am promising my 110% to provide the greatest service known in the Tequila industry.


When going in to business, risks and challenges are everywhere. The main challenge I see coming across would be getting the word out nation wide at first. The way I intend on fixing this is by contacting friends, family, and other individuals across the country to help get the word out about this upcoming Tequila Calderon brand. Advertisement through internet, social media, word of mouth, and getting in touch with magazines, newspapers, radio stations will be done to help overcome this challenge. 


If funding is something you are financially not able to do, then I completely understand! All iI ask is to help get the word out by sharing the link to this funding page! (Can use the Indiegogo sharing tool! Thank you very much for everything! ANYTHING HELPS!

Risks and challenges

The biggest challenge that I will face is getting the name Tequila Calderon out there. Luckily, I have friends and family around the world where I will get their help to put up advertisement signs, pictures, posting on social-media, and through word of mouth. Another challenge after getting funded might be getting the right amount of alcohol levels in the tequila. If that is to happen, there will be tasting sessions until we figure out a level that best brings out the rich taste of Tequila Calderon, as well as make it go down smoothly. If there is any type of setback with bottle making, labeling, or designing, it will be detected early on because I will be in contact frequently with all those involved in the process. It will get fixed by looking at different angles such as; maybe molding a different bottle style, printing different style labels or even switching label companies, and make sure I personally am very hands-on and assertive. If there is any issues with coming to an agreement with a bar or shop to getting my product sold, then I will look at the agreement and find out what it is that they don't like, or what alteration can be made to put us on the same page and come to terms with a deal that will benefit the both of us.

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