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Inirv React is the smartest, most beautifully designed device that keeps you safe and allows you to use your stove like never before!
Inirv React is the smartest, most beautifully designed device that keeps you safe and allows you to use your stove like never before!
Inirv React is the smartest, most beautifully designed device that keeps you safe and allows you to use your stove like never before!
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    1. Bob S. 5 days ago

      MOHAMMED started out whining for monthly updates, but if you look at his profile comments page, he's now whining for biweekly updates on every campaign he's pledged to. He will never be happy and he is a crowd of one. Inirv, update us anytime you feel the need, not on some crank's schedule.

    2. Missing avatar

      Collin Burkhart on May 12

      What a scam this is turning out to be. no product, no response to inquiries... Thanks for taking my money.

    3. Missing avatar

      MOHAMMED A KHAN on May 12

      @creator, hope your doing well. As requested below. Can we have bi-weekly updates please? It helps build trust and transparency for the backers and it gives you a goal to orient yourselves around to ensuring everything is on track.

    4. Missing avatar

      David Colin Meadley on April 24

      I haven't received any survey. Could you please resend? Thanks

    5. Inirv Creator on April 20

      @Virginia Yes of course! We will check and send you a message directly. Thanks for asking!

    6. Missing avatar

      on April 20

      Hi there.

      I’m unsure whether I received a survey in my email. Is there anyway of checking from your end as a search on my side did not come up with anything.

      Thanks so much!

    7. Inirv Creator on April 18

      @Tzfardaya Update scheduled for Friday! We should have specified, so thank you for asking.

      @No name needed A survey was sent out using CrowdOx! We will send it again to you incase you didn't receive it. Let us know if you don't get ut in within the next few days. Keep in mind the survey will be open until we ship, so you have time to update that information! Thank you for letting us know!

    8. No name needed
      on April 18

      Have you guys sent out a survey to confirm our mailing addresses? i'm only asking because i'm moving in 2 months and won't be able to receive these at the address on file. Will you be using backerkit to confirm mailing addresses? Thanks!

    9. Missing avatar

      on April 18

      Define soon.

    10. Inirv Creator on April 10

      @Bob S. Thank you so much for your understanding and words of encouragement. Your continued support truly means a lot to us. It is without a doubt a long process with so many moving parts but we are fully committed to creating the best product possible for you! Thank you again.

      @TaeWooKIM Update coming soon!

    11. Missing avatar

      on March 31

      Do you have any news?

    12. Missing avatar

      Adam Collins on March 24

      @Inirv Thank you for replying.

    13. Missing avatar

      MOHAMMED A KHAN on March 12

      @creator, thanks for the reply. Happy to hear that our understanding still is there!

    14. Bob S. on March 12

      A lot of people think Kickstarter projects magically appear and try to bully or apparently even blackmail creators into following demands. They have no idea that inventing, designing, manufacturing, and delivering a product is a slow and iterative process in which multiple entities have to work together to set each other's expectations so that the final products we receive match what we backed. During this long, slow process, there is fundamentally NO NEWS TO SHARE and if these bullies keep whining, grunting, and threatening to withdraw their support, you should remind them of the long slow process, Inirv, and tell them that when contracts are signed, that is when you'll have news worth sharing. I see some certain commenters here repeating their behavior across Kickstarter projects. They need to be shown how it works. All your other backers support you, Inirv. Best wishes during this stage of your process.

    15. Inirv Creator on March 11

      @MOHAMMED A KHAN Please give us an opportunity to deliver your orders! Yes, if we are unable to do so or if you receive the product and are unhappy with it we will provide a refund. As I mentioned, this is our full time job and our kickstarter backers are our number one priority, so we will make it happen!!

    16. Missing avatar

      MOHAMMED A KHAN on March 11

      @creator, I would like to remind you of your promise to me that the total amount I backed is fully refundable. I hope you guys still remember?

    17. Inirv Creator on March 10

      @Adam Collins We are still aiming for this summer, but we can provide a more specific date once we get a little further into manufacturing. We don't want to give you a definitive date until we are sure!! Please bear with us, we are working hard to speed up the process. If we could produce the devices ourselves we would stay up day and night to do so, but unfortunately much of the timeline relies on how quickly the manufacturer works.

      @MOHAMMED A KHAN We understand your frustration and appreciate the honesty. Our goal is to provide updates that are valuable to you. An update is scheduled for today and we apologize it is late - one was scheduled for the end of February but we didn't receive the information we planned to share until this week. There is a lot of back and forth with the manufacturer right now as they dissect our files and prepare, and we want to include meaningful information in updates for you. As I mentioned above, much of the manufacturing timeline depends on the manufacturer and how quickly they move, some move faster than others. Please know this is our full time job and our one and only goal is to deliver your kickstarter orders. Our product will not become a reality until we do this, so we will do whatever it takes.

    18. Missing avatar

      MOHAMMED A KHAN on March 10

      @creator, the lack of care provided to our requests for updates at least montly has not been followed. Unless we have a delivery date that is going to be soon hopefully, I would like my refund back. You have not even begun actual manufacturing.

    19. Missing avatar

      Adam Collins on March 7

      @ Creator Thank you for keeping us informed about the process. Is there any kind of timeline to completion? Thank you

    20. Inirv Creator on March 1

      @Tzfardaya Thanks for asking! We are currently dissecting the list of materials needed to produce the device to determine cost/sourcing/etc. This is a time consuming process but we're on the right track. Update to come in the next week in which we will give a more detailed outline!

    21. Missing avatar

      on February 22

      So? How goes the manufactory hunt?

    22. Inirv Creator on February 4

      @Tina We have sent an email to the address you provided! @Tzfardaya Thank you for your comment as well

    23. Missing avatar

      on January 31

      Waiting while projects are delayed is part of the kickstarter experience, And one of the risks you accepted when you made your kickstarter account and agreed to the kickstarter terms of use.

    24. Missing avatar

      Tina on January 29

      hi, could you cancel my order please. I have waited too long for this. I have also emailed to cancel the order but no one has contacted me. Please email me at
      Thank you.

    25. Missing avatar

      on January 27

      @Inirv thx

    26. Inirv Creator on January 23

      @Tzfardaya @TaeWooKIM We just met with the manufacturer yesterday and will provide an initial update this week! There are a lot of moving pieces and many more meetings/conversations to be had but we feel good about our first meeting. Please know we are working hard to get things moving as quickly as possible so bear with us! We really appreciate your patience.

    27. Missing avatar

      on January 23

      Because the last update had little to do with the project, and the update prior to that said they were meeting with a manufacturer this month and they'd update us in January about that meeting.... Running out of January and they haven't said peep about that meeting.

    28. Bob S. on January 23

      The last update was only two weeks ago. Why the whining?

    29. Missing avatar

      on January 22

      NO update?

    30. Inirv Creator on January 12

      @Gord Likar Thank you for following up. Please check your messages!

    31. Missing avatar

      Gord Likar on January 11

      I asked for a refund weeks ago, why no response whatsoever?

    32. Inirv Creator on January 8

      @Tzfardaya Yes, we will integrate with other smart home systems but our first priority is to get this device manufactured and delivered! In regards to Shark Tank - our appearance on the show has no effect on the kickstarter project or our progress, and we are pushing forward to deliver your orders. We agree, the software side can be integrated later through updates and thus as mentioned, we are first and foremost focusing on building a reliable device. We are working hard to find the right manufacturer who can meet our needs and will update when we do. Thank you!

    33. Missing avatar

      on January 8

      So, having watched your failed attempt on Shark Tank, where does that leave the kickstarter project? From the looks of your demonstration, you should be ready to take this to market and produce/deliver our pledges. The software upgrades (preprogrammed recipes) and the like you talked about can be done after as firmware/app updates.

      (problem with many fund seekers on shark tank is that they ask for too much with too little equity for offer... For example, $800,000 @ 8%..)

    34. Missing avatar

      on January 4

      I'm still hoping you'll connect to Google home, eclipse smarthome (openhab), and Apple homekit..

    35. Inirv Creator on December 21

      Thank you, @Bob S.! We appreciate your comment and understanding.

      @Mohamad Dafer Yes! Our direct email is As @Tzfardaya mentioned as well, you can send us a message through kickstarter as well. Let us know if you have issues with this!

    36. Missing avatar

      on December 15

      Kickstarter does have a direct message system between backers and project creators..

      On the campaign page is a button labelled ask the creator a question.. It sends the creator the dm and an email notification.

    37. Missing avatar

      Mohamad Dafer on December 15

      Is it possible to have an email to send you a direct message.
      Thank you

    38. Bob S. on December 7

      Inirv, don't be bullied by backers who think they deserve something for free. Update us when there's real news. Focus on getting us the device we backed that will improve our lives and make us safer. There are always a few high-maintenance people in every campaign. Don't let them run things or control you.

    39. Inirv Creator on December 6

      @MOHAMMED A KHAN Thank you for your feedback! We know it is very upsetting and disappointing and please know it is for us as well - we want to get our product to market as fast as we can and have been doing everything possible to achieve this. We agree that we should post at least a bi-weekly update - we of course do not want to lose your faith or trust so we will be sure to follow through! Right now our focus is getting our product manufactured and delivered, however we will look into how we can show our appreciation to you all by the time we ship. Again, thank you for your honest communication and let us know if we can answer any other questions.

    40. Missing avatar

      MOHAMMED A KHAN on December 6

      @creator, a 6 month delay is a bit upsetting. We really have no idea what goes on in your lives but we have have been waiting anxiously for the Inirv.

      The least I requested at the end of the campaign was a regular update from you guys. A bi-weekly update doesn't take that long and is easily doable. If you do not want us to lose faith and trust in you, you should maintain that as a minimum. Also, a gift of some sort should be added as a Goodwill from your end.

    41. Inirv Creator on December 1

      @MedicNYC Thank you for your comment, and we understand and agree! We will make sure to post more regular updates, regardless of how much there is to be said. We do have manufacturers lined up, and have for several months. However, given the testing and design changes, we have not finalized one yet and we want to be honest about that. We spent the last 4 months meeting with manufacturers and have a very good handle on the partner we require to produce the best quality product. Unfortunately, with so many moving parts and a complex device, we have found it difficult to find a partner that meets all our needs without compromising on quality. Our next milestone is finalizing the design based on our in house and beta testing which will allow is to begin manufacturing, and we will be sure to provide an update along the way as well as when this milestone is complete.

      Thank you for your honest communication! We take your feedback very seriously and will act on it. Please let us know if you have any other questions or concerns.

    42. Missing avatar

      on December 1

      Thanks for the update. While delays are normal and expected, it would be nice to get more regular updates from you. I've backed campaigns that regardless of how much or little they have to report, they send out a weekly update. It doesn't take much time and makes a big difference.

      Please continue to keep us updated... while also not over promising on timelines. You don't even have a manufacturer lined up yet, so there's no way you can accurately estimate a shipping time frame. The two worst things you can do is fail to give us regular updates and to make timeline promises that don't/won't hold up. Be honest with yourselves and us. Updating us along the way and at each milestone is a far better way to let us know how things are going than to say you plan to ship this coming summer (or any time for that matter,) until you know things are really on track for shipping.

    43. Inirv Creator on November 29

      Thank you for checking in, @Tzfardaya @MOHAMMED A KHAN & @Dave W!

      Update coming tomorrow!! Unfortunately Christmas is unlikely but we will explain in detail why and give an update on the expected timeline. We really appreciate your patience!

    44. Dave W on November 29

      I'll assume this is not coming before Christmas? I can't remember if there was an update that changed delivery date, but can we get an update soon?

    45. Missing avatar

      MOHAMMED A KHAN on November 28

      @creator, any updates?

    46. Missing avatar

      on November 15, 2017

      How goes the beta tests?

    47. Missing avatar

      Abdul Mohammed on November 7, 2017


      Thanks for the reply. The url with my friend.

    48. Inirv Creator on November 7, 2017

      @Bob S. Thank you for replying!! @Adam Collins As was mentioned, we are working to get through beta testing quickly and have been refining where we need to so manufacturing will be as smooth as possible. We will post an update soon with an estimated delivery date. Our sincerest apologies for the delayed reply - please know we are working around the clock to get the highest quality product shipped in a timely manner.

    49. Bob S. on October 23, 2017

      Just below your question, Adam --

      "delivery date will depend on how quickly we can get the beta test completed and how it goes."

      I doubt much changed in three days, especially over the weekend.

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