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We're sending 1000 student projects to the edge of space. Each one inside a ping pong ball.
We're sending 1000 student projects to the edge of space. Each one inside a ping pong ball.
457 backers pledged $12,466 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Scott on

      So... About that second mission... Any chance that you'll be able to send stragglers up on another mission (as you said you were committed to doing)?

    2. Allan Max Axelrod on

      When are the business cards being sent out? I have been waiting to present the card I had sent in as a gift to a friend in the industry.

    3. Kevin on

      Finally got a chance to watch the dvd. The peaceful ascent followed by a mad dash back to Earth is interesting to watch play out! Thanks so much for including the video footage.

    4. David M Oliver on

      jus received my DVD and photos - in time for New Year! Congrats on the mission, and for helping out both kids and researchers with your efforts. However, can you provide more details as to the mission difficulties you mentioned in our letter?

    5. Benji Sun on

      just received my DVD and photos. it took a bit longer than expected, but thanks!

    6. Elena M. Martinez on

      Got my DVD just a few days ago, very nice!

    7. Benji Sun on

      still waiting on my DVD

    8. Pat Heiden on

      Just received the DVD today - Awesome !!!

    9. Elena M. Martinez on

      Argh, missed the deadline for the card. I totally forgot about it. >_< Ah, well, I'll still be getting the DVD.

    10. Richie on

      To which E-Mail Adress do I send the Exac Name of the 50$ Pledge?

    11. Lori East on

      Are you putting together the sign with all the names on it, for the $50 pledge? Or do I need to send you something? Unclear....

    12. John Powell 2-time creator on

      Laser printing will work just fine.


    13. Missing avatar

      Fritz Grobe on

      Getting ready to send my cards to you. Is there any reason to think that laser printing on card stock will come off in space? Thanks!

    14. Jac on

      I cannot find any paints that will change color based on temperature in the temperature range I am looking for, they are all designed to change when they get hotter, not colder. If anyone has any luck, I would love to know.

    15. Jac on

      So are we going to send you a business card? or how is that going to work?

    16. John Powell 2-time creator on

      Thank you Paul!!!!!

    17. Jac on

      @John well I think I will do this as a little mini experiment, it's going to be a gift for my Dad, who works for Boeing.

    18. John Powell 2-time creator on

      The cards get flown and we're photographing putting them on board and talking them off but they don't get photographed in flight. We're also including a flight certificate when we send them back to you after the flight. There are paints that reach to changes in temperatures. They could b painted on the cards. It sounds like a great PongSat experiment!

    19. John Powell 2-time creator on

      Absolutely! I've noted it down. Also if you could put a note about the DVD when you send your cards to us that will be great.

      John Powell
      JP Aerospace

    20. Missing avatar

      Fritz Grobe on

      I would also like to send more than one card and get a DVD. Can I pledge $65 and send 4 cards and get the DVD?

    21. Allan Max Axelrod on

      I'm happy to be involved in any capacity with this. I can't wait to receive the experiment results, too!

    22. Elena M. Martinez on

      I wanted to send the small card and get the DVD, so I pledged $35...hopefully, that's going to work and not confuse anyone.... =D

    23. Jac on

      Is there any kind of substance that could be placed on the business card, that would change color permanently after being exposed to the pressure/temperature at the altitude this is going to? I just think that would be cool to put on my business card, it's a gift to my dad.

    24. Paul Shirey on

      Promoted this project over at

      It will probably make my next podcast as well!

    25. Michael Alderson on

      What actually happens with the note we send into space? Will we get to see all the notes that are sent up? How will out loved ones know we actually sent the note up is what I'm asking. Btw already backing anyway because this seems awesome hehe

    26. Anneliese Bowman on

      My contribution is in memory of Sally Ride. Please pass the tissues...

    27. John Powell 2-time creator on

      That's a great idea Kevin! We will put together list of what flew and what the results are and send it out to all the backers. Sometime it takes a bit for the students to get back to us with what happened after they get the experiments back.

      There will be pictures of all the PongSats on the DVD.

    28. Kevin on

      What a great project! Just curious... will there be any way to know what experiments went up and what the end results were? It would be interesting to hear follow-up reactions from the students, but maybe that will be in the dvd.