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Unlimited power in your pocket. Credit-card sized Plan B. You'll forget you have it until you need it. Never be caught off guard again.
Unlimited power in your pocket. Credit-card sized Plan B. You'll forget you have it until you need it. Never be caught off guard again.
Unlimited power in your pocket. Credit-card sized Plan B. You'll forget you have it until you need it. Never be caught off guard again.
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    1. Missing avatar

      Adrian Perez about 1 hour ago

      Looking to buy a second one, can't wait to see this available to buy outside of Kickstarter!

    2. Falk Polz
      4 days ago

      Got mine in Germany. I really love the packaging nice features... ;-)
      The card is great. Have a cable with me is a great idea at all. I tried also the generator and could get my phone to start loading, but not wíth the attached cable but with an external cable attached to the USB port. The cranking is a little but to hard for two reason. First the lever ist to small or I have to large hands... What I expected was something folding out to extend the lever to at least 2-3 cm. The scond point is, you have to have a little force in order to produce enough energy for charging the phones. But the crank is to short to really transport the power. I tried to crank hard for about 1 min and got both hands tired fast, beause you have to hold the generator with one hand hard and to crank hard with the other hand.
      I have to say, I still really like the idea! But for using it I will do only in real emergencies... ;-)

    3. CARD Creator on February 15

      @Howard Simon

      Thanks for your support for the CG1.
      CG1 is not the conventional power bank, it’s an emergency charger when you don’t have any power source and need to make an emergency call. Just hand crank the CG1 and get some power.

      The built-in 400mA battery that stores the hand-cranked power is a buffer only. it certain can’t feed the S6 edge’s 3000mA battery too much(power off phone can charge more %) .

      The reasons we designed 400mA are:
      1. Make CG1 as small, thin, and light as possible. Then, people can have it in their bag or even wallet, and not leave it at home because the device is bulky.
      2. Hank cranking is not laid-back work, you will only use it for emergency situations. The cranked power is just for few calls or messages. You can generate some power on the spot just by yourself.

      That’s what CG1 is designed for.

    4. Howard Simon on February 15

      After using my charger for a few weeks now, I have to say I am a bit disappointed with the performance. Charging my Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge, I go from "FU" ie. full battery down to 15% power fairly quickly and only increasing the charge of my phone just over 5%. If the point is to not use power from the phone, so it does not drain as quickly, then I get it, but the fact that it takes less than an hour to drain the entire battery makes this less than useful. Is this common? Are other people having this same problem?

    5. CARD Creator on February 13

      message sent.

    6. CARD Creator on February 13

      @Kyle Mercer

      Glad you like it!

    7. CARD Creator on February 13

      @Philip Oswin Alphonse ,
      Thank you!

    8. CARD Creator on February 13


      So Sorry about the mistake made. already send you a message about the delivery.


    9. Missing avatar

      Curious on February 12

      never received item... asked creator for tracking or status without i need to register to some stupid site but no response... finnally gave up and registered (forced to do so) and I can see item was never delivered as per this link…

      It's frustrating when creator answered everyone except my messages :-(

      can I get item delivery sorted? or just refund to end this bad experience? as I don't like when creator ignores me

    10. Missing avatar

      Philip Oswin Alphonse on February 10

      Received mine. Looks and feels awesome. Yet to test it out but definitely an amazing product.. congratulations guys.

    11. Missing avatar

      Kyle Mercer on February 9

      I received my rewards. Looks great. Thanks again for creating this product!

    12. Missing avatar

      on February 9

      @Creator Sent you an email about 2 days ago

    13. CARD Creator on February 6

      Please take a picture of the broken hand crank and send to the mail we left you in the message column. We'll help you cope with the problem.

    14. CARD Creator on February 6

      @ Mac
      You can take the link for the reference attached as followed.
      The package is designed to be reusable and is able to be a DIY photo frame as well.

    15. CARD Creator on February 6

      @ TEO SENG KEE
      Great! Hope you like it!

    16. CARD Creator on February 6

      @ Alexander Martinz
      You can uncover the lid and take a look at the storage case.
      There's suppose to be an adapter in CARD generator storage case: )

    17. Missing avatar

      on February 6

      Received mine today. The hand crank on my card generator broke within minutes of use.

    18. Mac on February 6

      Just recieved mine today in Japan, Thank you!
      I had the Plan B combo & the adaptor was already attached to the charging cable
      The packaging took me a little bit to figure out but I was able to to do it :)
      Thank you for this very handy tool :)

    19. TEO SENG KEE
      on February 6

      Received mine today in Malaysia, Thanks !

    20. Missing avatar

      Alexander Martinz
      on February 6

      Just received it right now, pretty cool, i like it! :)

      Though it was hard for me to open packaging (i broke both of them while trying to open it) and the Plan B combo does not include any adapter?

      Still, it's great to have all tools i need around and am looking forward to use them in action! :)

    21. CARD Creator on February 4


      That's fantastic! Thank you !!

    22. CARD Creator on February 4


      That's fantastic! Thank you !!

    23. Missing avatar

      oekaki on February 4

      Received CG1 yesterday in Finland! Great design, great product. I've review it on my blog:

    24. CARD Creator on February 3


      I see!, we change design from T card store to micro to lightning or TYPE C adapter store.

    25. Missing avatar

      Andrejs on February 3


      I am able to insert TF card into reader; I was talking about the whole kit. Isn't it supposed to keep TF card besides adaptor, cable and pin?

    26. CARD Creator on February 3

      Thank you for your suggestion. We’ll see how to adjust the package. Glad to know you like the idea of re-usable packaging : )

    27. CARD Creator on February 3

      LG battery device may not support slow charging mode. There’re two reasons that CG1 is designed in slow charging mode.
      1. Slow charging mode makes less currency consumption. On the other words, it saves the power much more than fast charging mode under the charging process. for a emergency charger, get more power is more impotent than charging speed.
      2. CG1 is designed in ultra-compact size. There’re 400mA in CG1 battery. more than 1C discharge would shorten battery durability. Thus, we keep the battery durability in slow charging mode.

    28. CARD Creator on February 3

      @ Andrejs

      The link attached as followed demonstrates the way to insert the card into the thumb drive. We hope it helps : )

    29. CARD Creator on February 3

      @ Andrejs
      We cherish the opportunity to share our designs with you guys on Kickstarter very much. Besides, you are also the power to keep us move on.

    30. CARD Creator on February 3

      Yup! It should be a good start to against Murphy’s Law.

    31. CARD Creator on February 3

      Sorry about that. We’ve already made SOP and show how to open the case easier.
      You can take the link followed as reference.

    32. CARD Creator on February 3

      The loosen type A socket may be the reason leads to the situation you mentioned. Please try to plug in other electrical devices and see if it works again.

    33. CARD Creator on February 3

      @Adam Morris
      The link attached as followed shows how to unpack the case. You can also make your own frame via our designed packaging case : )
      Glad to know you like our design so much. Your support is our biggest drive.

    34. Sam Johnson on February 2

      I had a little piece of grit between the two packages which scratched the hell out of the photo frame, but that wasn't why i bought this anyway. Love the idea of the re-usable packaging but i suggest putting something between them so they dont get scratched up

    35. Sam Johnson on February 2

      Andrejs - the TF card slots into the cable underneath the big USB end, on the side opposite the switch

    36. Sam Johnson on February 2

      Love it, thanks for such a cool piece of kit :)

    37. Missing avatar

      Andrejs on February 2


      Would be great to use the TF adapter/charge cable also as OTG cable, to use TF card not only as a thumb drive for PC, but as an external drive for phone, too...
      And btw, how is it possible to put TF card into this kit?! Either I'm quite stupid for it, or quite weak... or both? :)

    38. Missing avatar

      Sanny Tan on February 2

      Finally managed to open. But what disappoint me is, it cannot charge my lg g4 battery kit. Phone is ok, but only 0,5A. So it's very slow to charge. But tell why it cannot charge the battery kit?

    39. Missing avatar

      Andrejs on February 2

      Received mine today (should get two days ago, but had no time).
      So far looks quite nice and convenient, thanks.
      And special thanks to that project it helped to keep the faith into KS :)
      Latvia, EU.

    40. Vincent Goudreault
      on February 1

      My Murphy's law breaker arrived today (Montreal Canada), and I note the since it had a "estimated delivery: Feb 2017", it is therefore unusually precise. Has Murphy's law actually been beaten completely?

    41. Bel Every on February 1

      Arrived today (1feb) in Australia:)

    42. Missing avatar

      on February 1

      Received mine yesterday. The frame-like packaging is nice but a little hard to open ;-)

    43. Missing avatar

      Curious on January 31

      Don't wish to register to another website for tracking purpose... but I am clueless when I can expect my rewards :-(

    44. Missing avatar

      TC on January 31

      I just collected mine today. It's got lots of features and is very compact. I like it especially the T Card Reader that's hidden in the USB cable.
      BUT when charging my iPhone, after a few seconds it says the accessory is not supported. What should I do?

    45. Adam Morris on January 30

      It arrived... After lots of fiddling working out how to open the packaging without damaging it... I saw the arrows, didn't know I should turn the hook...

      I have to say that this is even cooler than I expected. The charger is small, the way everything fits together both on the card and the charger is good.

      Thank you!

    46. CARD Creator on January 26

      1. Turn to the back of the packaging
      2. Turn the hook out perpendicular to the side
      3. Push open the case from the two triangular arrows
      hope it helps, tks!

    47. CARD Creator on January 26

      will sell online soon.

    48. CARD Creator on January 26

      Thanks! hope you will like it.

    49. CARD Creator on January 26

      @Bryan,Florian, like PippiMD mentions, thanks!!

    50. Missing avatar

      Jeremy on January 26

      Not sure if i missed anything.. But how in the world do you open the packaging!

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