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Carry your laptop, camera gear and gadgets in style and comfort with ONE, a designer electronics bag system.
Carry your laptop, camera gear and gadgets in style and comfort with ONE, a designer electronics bag system.
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Behind the Product Blog Series

Hey Everyone! 

I'd like to announce a new blog series I'll be running on our UNDFIND blog ( called "Behind the Product".  Like most of you, I'm a gadget lover and photographer by trade so I had to learn the product design process from the ground up.  The design process is tricky for several reasons.  You always have a great idea and know perfectly in your mind how it's going to work.  Then you lay it out on the computer and take it to be made, and then you run into issue after issue.  For example, we initially ran into several challenges on sewing together so many layers of high-quality neoprene for The One Bag and it took us a while before we found manufacturers who would be willing to do it. 

After you get the general design of the bag down, then come the details.  What piping material should we use? What color zipper cloth should we use? Will the Velcro fray the piping? What stitch pattern is most durable for the accessory pockets?  In the end, we had to use approximately 20 different materials to create the One Bag.  

Once you nail down the functionality of the bag, then comes the appearance of the bag which is a whole new issue of its own that I won't get into here.  

In the end, it's hard not to get feature creep and want to put every feature into your products; i.e.-Homermobile!  You have to always remember who you are designing the bag for by keeping it clean, intuitive, and durable.  

At any rate, I hope you all enjoy this series and please, please, please, leave some suggestions, thoughts, questions on the blog so I can always improve our products.  I know together we'll make some killer stuff!




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    1. CHRIS DAWSON PHOTOGRAPHY on January 4, 2012

      Justin, Your honesty shown in your writing is personified in the product(s) you produce. I look forward to receiving my ONE BAG CAMERA & LAPTOP SET as well as many more intuitively-inspired products for us 'field photographers'. Keep your focus. Much success will follow. NAMASTE.
      Chris Dawson