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Carry your laptop, camera gear and gadgets in style and comfort with ONE, a designer electronics bag system.
Carry your laptop, camera gear and gadgets in style and comfort with ONE, a designer electronics bag system.
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298 backers pledged $29,078 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Benni Klomfass on

      waist shooter looks awesome (just got it - finally) - thanks again !

      great quality and attention to all the details- thats the best bag i've ever seen - and it weights almost nothing - just amazing - keep on the great work ! (by 2 way your blog/website is great too!)

      waiting for my other one systems.. (friends bringing them - saved the 50$+ international shipping costs)

    2. Missing avatar

      Fabio Frosio on

      Santa Ana wind came to Italy! The Waist Shooter is here and it's awesome!
      Thank you Justin, and Undfind.

    3. UNDFIND Creator on

      Hi Fabio,

      Here is the customs form number: LC483253292US
      You can check the status of the package on

      Thank you for your patience and have a great week.


    4. Missing avatar

      Fabio Frosio on

      Hi Justin, I still havent't received the Waist Shooter. Could you please check my tracking info?

    5. Missing avatar

      Darryl Cheung on

      Got my bag and waist shooter yesterday, most impressive you guys!! Love the materials and love the extra attention to detail with the dust bags too!

    6. 1933 Photography on

      I got my ONE System in and I was beyond impressed! The straps are awesome and I can't wait to try my bags out for a event I have for this March. The dustbags were such a nice touch too!

    7. Kevin Foster on

      I got my waist shooter! It ROCKz! Everything is made really well. Good job and Thank you!

      FYI My box was smashed up as well but everything was fine inside.

    8. Missing avatar

      jcip on

      Just got the bag today.
      The box was totally beat up, but the bag inside is totally fine. Love the bag. Thanks.

    9. UNDFIND Creator on

      @Kathleen, thank you so much. ALOT of time went into the thought of the design and materials and nothing is more rewarding than hearing your feedback. I hope it helps change the way you shoot and tote around your gadgets!

    10. Missing avatar

      Kathleen Woodhouse on

      Justin, just received my set of bags today. WOW, they are spectacular! Amazing quality and amazing style. Thank you for all your efforts with this design. All the best.

    11. UNDFIND Creator on

      @Jon, thanks so much. I'm glad you love the bag. Every material used was carefully selected and tested.

    12. UNDFIND Creator on

      @Esther, you will be able to purchase the insert separately on starting tomorrow.

    13. UNDFIND Creator on

      @Kathleen, if you haven't received your bag yet, it should arrive by 2/4 at the latest next week. I'll double check on Monday and dig up your tracking info.

    14. Jon McGuffin on

      Woo-Hoo! Got my UndFind One System and I can say that the quality of the product is TOP NOTCH! VERY pleased with what I see here, I wish you guys the best of luck!

    15. Esther on

      I was so excited when my bag arrived yesterday! It totally made my day. Question -- I should have ordered the set with the photo insert, but I didn't. Is there anyway to order the photo insert separately?

    16. Missing avatar

      Kathleen Woodhouse on

      Hey, Justin
      Any update on when you'll be shipping and will you be providing tracking info? Looking forward to looking good with my new bag! Thanks.

    17. UNDFIND Creator on

      @Benni, I got you down for the three sets! We've done a very limited run of one called Pink Meadows (the one in the library) and will post them online this week. The other pink one depicted in the coffee shop is a concept cover and we will post that online for you guys to vote on. How it'll work is if we get enough votes for any given cover, we'll produce it.

    18. Benni Klomfass on

      Hey . Just wanted to make sure if you've
      Pledged 309 $ that you" ll get 3 sets because you could
      Choose just the 2 sets as a reward ( sent message-
      didn't get back any messages)

      I also wanted to know if/ when will those 2 pink covers be available (seen in the commercial with the women).

      Thank you

    19. Jen Barnes on

      I am so excited that the wait is *almost* over!

    20. UNDFIND Creator on

      @Patty, you selected Black Leather

    21. UNDFIND Creator on

      @Catherine, you chose the Twilight Garden cover which you'll get. Also, unfortunately once the funding period ends, Kickstarter won't let you can change your pledge :(

    22. Missing avatar

      Patty swift on

      hi congratulations, how can I check which colour I ordered, thanks.. Can't wait to get my bag!

    23. Catherine Lacey Dodd on

      can I still increase the pledge from $79 to $109?

    24. Catherine Lacey Dodd on

      hi congratulations, how can I check which colour I ordered, thanks.. want to add the waist shooter

    25. Missing avatar

      deleted on

      This user's account has been deleted.

    26. Karen Lynne Moonitz on

      I'm looking forward to getting my bags! Still confused when we pick the style. But I still want smoky Damask. lol Congratulations!

    27. Missing avatar

      Spicytee on

      Lol.. That's what the bags has turned me too.. And yes.. I'm fun all the way. And I'm glad I'm one of your international backers. Can't wait to rock it. So so waiting for the project to expire. So you can bill me and mail me the exciting info afterward!
      Thanks and keep up the good work :)

    28. elisha j. schabel {elle j. photography} on

      I can't wait to receive my bag! So excited!

    29. Missing avatar

      Courtney Cook on

      Yay! I made it just in the knick of time ... ;) You guys seriously rock. Can't wait to get my system ... hopefully in time for WPPI/Showit United?!?!? I would like to rock it out for you all!!!

    30. Lisa on

      Yay! Super excited to be one of your newest and last backers! We can't wait to get out bags! Thanks for answering all my questions and being so helpful! Great job and best of luck!

    31. Benni Klomfass on

      Great post on your blog, yes it answered my question , no doubt !

      keep up the great work/regular updates - i'm sure that there will be a lot of buyers for your product as almost everyone carries a laptop with him and has a dslr/slt (amateur/advanced) @home as their prices dropped within the last months/year and became affordable for many people.

      got some more questions , would be glad if you could answer/consider them:

      1)main front pocket:
      would it be possible to add another pocket behind the tablet/phone pockets (instead of the document pocket at the back of the laptop compartment ) that uses all the width of the bag so that you can carry a thin laptop (let's say a Macbook Air 11.6 inch) or could hold a document folder or an ipad with a bigger case.

      It would also be nice, as this bag is also used as a photography bag- if you would have some small pockets for battery/memory management like tamron has
      (could be an additional pocket for sale/included that can be attached or is even build in the photo insert on the sides)

      I know that you want to have it clean and simple, but if it will have additional pockets.sleeves you can use the bag everyday for everything (cam+lense,laptop+acc., documents/pens, batteries/chargers/etc.)

      3) regarding the rain/dust cover- if there would be a build in pocket/or if it could be attached to the lower inner bag cover (interchangeable cover) that would be great (like those lowepro (but should be really waterproof ) - maybe add an additional cover to the main pocket... just a thought

      that's it for now ;P

    32. UNDFIND Creator on

      @Spicytee, thanks for checking it out. That's so cool that we have international customers already! You sound like a pretty-funny person...'to have, to hold and cherish 'em forever' haha! I know you're gonna love the bags!

    33. UNDFIND Creator on

      @Carol, I designed The One Bag to squeeze in the 17" Macbook Pro however it is a tight fit. It fits more like a neoprene sleeve than it would in a regular messenger bag. The difficult part in designing the bag was I didn't want to make the bag too large. Keep in mind that neoprene does stretch over time so if you don't mind the tight fit then you're okay. If you want to see some pics I can snap some tomorrow and send them over!

    34. UNDFIND Creator on

      @Benni, thank you for putting your faith in us and backing our project! I won't let you down I promise. I'm glad you asked these questions. Because of you I decided to start a behind-the-scenes blog series called "Behind the Product". Your first question of the shoulder strap is answered here:

      In regards to your second question, the insert is thin but both sides are padded with EVA shock protection foam and lined with Lycra. The dividers themselves are made of wetsuit-grade neoprene that prevent your lenses from hitting each other.

      I appreciate the suggestion for a rain/dust cover and will definitely start the research process.

      Thanks again Benni and have a good night!

    35. Missing avatar

      Spicytee on

      Wow... I heard about it with some #Showiteers and I decided to check on it.. I'm glad I did. I can't just wait to have the bags in Nigeria. I'm so excited about them. I CAN'T wait... To have, to hold and cherish 'em forever.

    36. Missing avatar

      Carol Parker on

      Will the One Bag fit a 17" 2011 MacBook Pro? Almost everywhere on your website says 15", but I did spot one comment that said a 'slim' 17" would fit. Also that you made it 1" longer? Let me know asap as I will upgrade my pledge if it will fit my laptop!

    37. Benni Klomfass on

      Hey UNDFIND Team,

      there are many great projects out there (design/technology) , so in the last 2 weeks i was following many of them and decide that my first backed up project will be yours - it just looks great and for the awesome price i couldn't resist and pledged for 2 (maybe i'll change that...some time left)...
      I just wanted to know;

      - is the Shoulder Strap comfortable enough if you have a laptop and many other things in the bag (to carry it around for a while) ?

      - the photo insert ; is it soft enough (the sides of it that divide the 3 pockets)? becaus ethey look very thin...

      - will you come up with an additional protective cover against rain/dust (water resistant/water proof) that wil fit in / over the bag (that would be great) ?

      Can't wait and good luck guys!

    38. Jen Barnes on

      My first KickStarter pledge and I couldn't be more excited!

    39. Missing avatar

      Kim Larson on

      I have the first version of the ONE bag and I LOVE it! I love it so much I need to get a second for when I wear this one out (which will take a very long time - believe me, these are incredibly well-made). And they are way better than that *other* photography shoulder bag, which I have also owned. ;) Thanks guys!

    40. Allison Cobb on

      Just wanted to leave you a note and let you know that I'm super-excited about this project! I just found you guys this morning through "Photo Dough" when I ordered your Fishbombs. I was looking around your website afterwards and found the ONE bag. Excellent idea! I have an all-in-one camera bag/purse that I carry with me daily but it is too big and bulky to actually wear while trying to photograph an event like a wedding. This looks perfect! I'm always needing something out of my camera bag and then have to stop, go find the bag and get the batteries, extra card, etc. I just went through this last weekend at a wedding, for real. Thanks for creating what looks like an awesome product!! I'm a very happy pre-owner of the ONE bag! lol :)

    41. Berge Simonian on

      Totally stoked about this bag and the fact that this project seems to be a go!! This is my first time around on Kickstarter too and it's a great tool! Looking forward to receiving my bag and the continued success of UNDFIND!

    42. UNDFIND Creator on

      @Sarah, isn't the power of media amazing? I've been telling myself constantly that all we need is to get the word out because I know when people see this product, it's a no brainer :)

      Definitely a special thanks to Wired Magazine for the feature but beyond that, you along with the other backers are the ones that took the next step and made this happen! Thanks again Sarah

    43. UNDFIND Creator on

      @NobelArc, I know you're going to love this bag. I'm excited for you to physically hold this bag. You're going to love the quality and functionality of the bag. Thank you so much for your support!

    44. UNDFIND Creator on

      @James, Kickstarter's great isn't it? It totally gives us little guys a chance to bring our innovations to market!

      To answer your question, after the funding period ends, we'll send out a questionnaire asking you for your cover preferences along with shipping information, etc.

    45. Sarah V. Martinez on

      YES!!!!!! I can't wait to get this bag! Special thank you to Wired for posting about the bag and sending it over the top so quickly!!!

    46. NobleArc on

      Was just browsing KickStarter (for the first time I might add) when I saw this. Perfect! I was about to start shopping around for a laptop bag to buy around January/Feb anyway, and this totally blows everything else out of the water. Can't wait to get mine. :)

    47. Missing avatar

      James Risley on

      This is my first Kickstarter pledge! It's seems like such a great idea! I have one question: When do we choose the Designer Cover? Did I miss something when pledging? Can't wait until February.

    48. UNDFIND Creator on

      @October, thank you so much. I got sick of always buying a camera bag and a laptop bag so while I was doing my research, I realized that the dimensions of a typical 15" laptop bag was similar to a camera bag that could fit three lenses up to 70-200mm f/2.8. That was kind of the 'Aha!' moment! The trick was figuring out how to implement it :)

      Thank for the support and I know you're going to love your bags!

    49. Missing avatar

      October Smith on

      This is just AWESOME! I have been looking for a similar laptop bag, but to find out it is all in one! Fabulous!

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