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Bring a holocaust survivor's story to the stage, with a full theatrical production, songs and book written by survivor, Lucy Deutsch.

My name is Lucy Deutsch, a veteran novelist, poet, screenwriter, songwriter and playwright. I am also one of the last living survivors of the Holocaust.  In 1944, I was 14 when I was taken to Auschwitz and encountered Dr. Mengele. 

Now, 82 years young, my life's last and greatest dream is to see my unique tale of survival produced on the stage, for a new generation to understand what truly happened.  For an old woman, I hope my creative drive and determination can be an inspiration to others.  

In the past few years, I have crafted my beautiful and unique story on the page under the title "No Time To Weep". I wrote 25 original, beautiful songs, which capture the fear, anger and hope that I went through during the final days of World War II.

"No Time To Weep" was met with modest success, having a limited run in Los Angeles.  This proved to be a process of trial and error, resulting in an end product that was creatively and personally unsatisfying.  The lessons learned were important and made me realize the need to keep the project personal.

What could have been a breaking point, I realized, was only the beginning.  In the months since the original run, I have continued to pour my heart out tirelessly on the page, tightening the revision of "No Time To Weep" under my original intended title "The Miracle".  This truly is a story of the Holocaust unlike any you've seen before.  It is a poignant story of perseverance and is one that needs to be told now more than ever.

I want, more than anything, to see my dream come to fruition; the story I mean to tell with my own creative impetus and control.

As one of the last living survivors, I know there is not much time.  I feel this weight, now more then ever... to see my story leap from my heart to the stage.

I have outlined a budget as follows.  This is the standard budget for an equity play, set for a 6 week run, plus rehearsals:

  • Casting Director - $5,000.00
  • Director/Producer - $10,000
  • Production Coordinator - $5,000
  • Stage Manager - $6,000
  • Prop Movers - $8,000
  • Set Designer - $8,000
  • Set Builder - $10,000
  • Wardrobe Coordinator - $3,000
  • Makeup Person - $3,000
  • Sound Director - $5,000
  • Music Director - $10,000
  • Lighting Operator - $4,000
  • Rehearsal Hall Renting - $5,000
  • PR - $15,000
  • Wardrobe Renting - $10,000
  • Theater Renting - $50,000
  • All Insurances - $6,000
  • 20 Actors (pay for the whole run) - $50,000

As you can see, producing a musical is no simple feat.  This is the first time I have reached out to the community in a public forum such as this.  I poured every resource I had into "No Time To Weep" and what came out of it was only the beginning of this monumental story.  My greatest wish is to see this story return to the stage in it's new form, "The Miracle".  It will take many small miracles, and the generosity of a community to turn a tragic story of the past into an uplifting song for the future.  

For each and every one of your tiny miracles, I thank you.  This human story belongs to a generation, as much yours as mine.  From the bottom of my heart, thank you so very much.

Lucy Deutsch

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I am a very capable producer, however at 82, it can be difficult to be accepted in a position of complete creative authority. I am very active, able, and determined to see my vision on stage. For someone my age, it is almost unheard of to be in charge of a large six week production, but it is a challenge that I wholeheartedly accept. The lessons I've learned and the funding here will enable me to avoid the pitfalls from the past. The resources to hire a proper production team, Director, cast and most important marketing will address the missteps of the past.


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    Any assistance is appreciated in bringing Lucy's story to life. Thank you so much!

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    From the original holocaust survivor, a hand written thank you letter which will contain one of her famous poems from Auschwitz.

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    A custom pressed original CD with three songs from The Miracle: Little Bird, Rasberry Kisses, and the Declaration song.

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    A limited edition CD "A Child's Journey Through The Holocaust" of Lucy's original poetry featuring the original Paper Children song from The Miracle and Lucy's Yom Hashoa speech from 1997.

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    A copy of Lucy's published autobiography book "Shattered Childhood" along with the Thank You note and custom CD.

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    A copy of the book and music for "The Miracle", signed by Lucy.

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    Receive an assistant producer credit for The Miracle, two reserved seats to the premiere, and everything above.

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