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From finding a therapist to how to know when you're done, this book will demystify the process and make therapy accessible to all.
From finding a therapist to how to know when you're done, this book will demystify the process and make therapy accessible to all.
93 backers pledged $3,306 to help bring this project to life.

Recent updates

Down to the wire!

We've got eight hours to go, and about 700 dollars to get there! Very much still attainable. If you're already given, consider increasing your donation just a bit to push us over the top. And, tell a friend.

Regardless of outcome, this has been such an inspiring experience. I think there really is a need for this book, and this website, and I will keep trying to make it happen. 

I say let's fund this Kickstarter today, and do it RIGHT. Keep the faith, folks, give a bit more, and share the project with a friend or two. I want to be the guy who got married right in the middle of a Kickstarter project and had supporters awesome enough to STILL make it work!

Thanks, a million times over.


New incentive!

Just a quick update to let you all know that I've added an incentive at the 50-dollar level: A guest post written for your blog! Check it out, and all the other incentives, and consider upgrading your donation.


Wedding bells and deadlines!

People were kind enough to offer me all sorts of advice when I started this Kickstarter project - marketing tips, incentive ideas, thoughts about when and how to write updates - but interestingly, no one told me that I should leave town right in the middle of the project and go get married in Las Vegas! So, of course, I did just that.

The wedding was wonderful, and I'm such a happy newlywed! We returned to Portland a couple of days ago with a lot of great memories, all the better to keep with us as we return to work and kids and "real life."

Part of that "real life" is the very real Kickstarter deadline that we're facing! While folks have been very generous so far, we've got a little under half our goal still to meet. There's time, but it will take all the effort you can muster!

Please feel free to share the link with friends and family, social media acquaintances and people who walk past you on the street. I feel so strongly that this book can really help a lot of people - but we need to do first things first! Get the word out, give a little more, drop a suggestion to your favorite blogger - everything helps. Together, we can get this project funded, and start the process of demystifying therapy for everyone.

And, after all, that's what this is about. Everyone should be able to access psychotherapy without fear or hesitation. The book and the blog aim to help them do just that. Please help make that become a reality.

And, hey, what a great wedding present a funded project would be! :)

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Time marches on!

Hey folks!

Big days ahead - we fly to Las Vegas Thursday, and get married on Friday. Again, who scheduled a WEDDING in the middle of a Kickstarter project? :)

Regardless, there's still a project to fund! A colleague and I were talking today about how many clients we've had who have had a history of "bad therapy," experiences that have left them feeling un-connected and un-helped. They didn't really know how to tell that things weren't going well. No one had ever told them what to expect out of a good therapy session.

At that point in the conversation, my colleague said "how do we let clients know how to get good therapy? How can they tell what's right and what's wrong in a session?" I had just the answer for him. There are a million books for therapists out there, books that tell us about techniques to use, things to look for, different ways to do our job. Clients, however, seem to be on their own, left to negotiate their way through a system that is confusing at best, and secretive and byzantine at worst.

Your support of my book will mean that, in the flood of therapy and self-help books, at least one will be directed at improving the basic experience of being a therapy client. Please do what you can to share the word. There are 12 days left, and that's plenty of time to put the funding over the top and make this book a reality.



Timing is everything!

It strikes me that straddling a wedding in Las Vegas with a Kickstarter project might not have been the most clever timing ever!

In exactly a week, I'm marrying the woman of my dreams. The week after that, I find out whether you all have given me the go ahead to get this book and website off the ground.

THAT is a pretty exciting couple of weeks!

In the midst of all the wedding planning and the minutiae of daily life, I'm just bursting with ideas for the book. I'll post a rough outline when I can - for now it lives in emails, scraps of paper, and in my busy mind. I'm getting more ideas all of the time - from friends, readers, search hits on my blog, clients - everywhere. I'm so excited to get this going, and happy that you're along with me.

This week, while I'm getting ready to go get hitched, could you take a moment to tell a friend or family member about this project? Pass the link along, put in a good word... and I'll be around as I can to keep things going in the middle of all the other excitement!

Thanks, sincerely, for your help so far. Happy Friday, much love, and be well!