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Facebook, Twitter, and cell phones are transforming the politics of the Arab world. How about the U.S.? A film on internet democracy. Read more

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This project was successfully funded on June 10, 2011.

Facebook, Twitter, and cell phones are transforming the politics of the Arab world. How about the U.S.? A film on internet democracy.

About this project

The Story

In the early 2000s, the political blog DailyKos created an online environment that invited any and all to write about the invasion of Iraq.  Today it has evolved into a network 800,000 strong—arguably the most powerful online political community in the U.S.  When 2000 of their most active bloggers gather annually, all the major Democratic players from senators to the President himself, have a presence — digitally or in person. And when Obama went to D.C., he took key Netroots members with him.

A battle is raging for the soul of our country.  The Tea Party gets copious press for their side.  But online a different story is being tweeted, Facebooked, and wiki-leaked.  Netroots: new media, new democracy?  is a documentary film exploring the intersection of new media and democracy through the intimate stories of the Netroots online warriors—farmers, chemists, comedians, teachers, computer geeks, and thought leaders from every nook of the U.S. as they battle for influence in the 2012 election. Their stories will give critical insight to the question: what does democracy look like in the information age?

What We Need

With the Center for Independent Documentary as our sponsor your donations are tax deductible.

Funds will be used for a nation-wide character search, to get the producers and a small crew to the upcoming Netroots Nation and the Right on Line conference in Minneapolis (June 14-19!) .  With footage from the Minneapolis, we will fund raise to produce a trailer and then the entire 2-year film and new media project, in time to be considered for Sundance 2013.

Besides $, what else can you do?

Jump in!  This will be a 360 degree project.   If you have ideas about new media and democracy, share them with us in text or video at and our facebook page.  Films are a big undertaking.  Through youtube, facebook, twitter, broadcast media, and finally the film, we will use this effort (and your resources) to share innovative ways to enhance, cultivate and learn about the sausage making endeavor of democracy.


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    Got any miles? This documentary requires some travel. Donate travel vouchers or airline miles. Over 25,000 miles, you will receive recognition in the film credits as a Travel Coordinator.

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    Lunch for one of our crew. Thanks!

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    A hand painted thank you card. They're very pretty and actually come via snail mail!

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    A "Thank you!" credit in the film and a download or physical copy of the DVD.

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    A meal with the producers at Netroots '11 (on us!) to share your best stories and ideas for the film.

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    White water rafting trip for six on the South Fork of the American River, Coloma, CA

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