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A print and play WW2 wargame for two players and solitaire that takes around half an hour to setup and play.
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counters PDFs

Posted by Matt White (Creator)

Hi Everyone

Back from the family hols and busy getting the PDFs ready. Here are the working versions of the main game counter sheets and I'll be working on the expansion sets next. :)



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    1. Missing avatar

      Barry Kendall

      Bless you, Matt, I certainly appreciate that. I've mounted thousands of counters and "double cuts" have been my bane (I have the cysts on my wrist to prove it)!

      Really looking forward to experiencing your game (and hearing what you might have in store in the way of expansions or add-ons).

    2. John Kane on

      I have sourced a couple of packets of cheap round adhesive furniture pads for use with your counters, Matt. Available in B&M stores, and, if I remember correctly, B&Q and Wilkinson. They are desisgned to stop furniture legs scratching laminate floors, but provide light but easy to handle counters with depth. They already have a pale green or pale beige coloured, flocked reverse surface. Turn them over for instant 'fog of war' effect.

    3. Matt White 4-time creator on

      thanks Barry - yep I can do that no problem.

    4. Missing avatar

      Barry Kendall

      Graphics look good, but PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE . . . if possible, bring the counters together with just a visible "cut line" between them instead of all that white space, The way these are at present, it's twice the effort to cut them once they're mounted. Please please please!!!

    5. Missing avatar

      Christopher Salvatore on

      Looks good, can't wait for this one.