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We have news!

Posted by Pwnee Studios (Creator)

Good morning everybody!

As some of you may heard, it was recently announced that we have teamed up with Ubisoft to help release Cloudberry Kingdom. It's a big move, and a few of you have expressed some concerns, so I'll try to sum up the pros and cons in a nice little checklist below. And if anybody feels like I missed something, feel free to comment and I'll answer those too!

Good things:
Ubisoft is going to help with the marketing of the game 
We are now able to release on all major consoles (Finally Confirmed)
Nothing about the game has to change
The game will release more quickly (Due to us not screwing up tons of paperwork)Increased chances of success, which means making more games in the future

Bad things:
Some people may perceive this as selling out, or giving up our Indie status

Those are the biggest points that I can think of for now. A few of you have messaged me about concerns regarding the Kickstarter rewards, and whether the Ubisoft deal will change anything. There will be no affect whatsoever on any of the rewards :) We made a promise to you all, and they want us to fulfill it just as much as we do.

We looked at this opportunity long and hard before we decided that it was the best option. Really, after looking at everything - there was very little reason not to go ahead with it. We think it was far and away the best decision that could have been made for Cloudberry Kingdom and putting us in the best position to make a really great game available to as many people as possible. You guys were the first domino in this awesome turn of events. Thank you all so much for allowing us to make this step. You won't regret it!


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    1. Pwnee Studios Creator on

      Ohhhh no no no! The deal with Ubisoft was to get us on another platform. We're in still in full control of our company, creative direction, and IP. They're just helping us to try and reach ore people with the game.

    2. Dan Murphy on

      Im glad you didnt partner with EA. I would infact be asking for a refund if you had. Out of principle, they get none of my money. Ever.

      What I want to know is whether you sold the rights to the game to ubisoft or whether you still own the IP?

    3. Pwnee Studios Creator on

      I can confirm that we are DRM free. I believe Ubisoft learned their lesson about that :-P

    4. Mark L

      My main concern is that Ubisoft has, in the past, required DRM for games they distributed. Can we assume that you discussed it with them and they have agreed NOT to impose DRM on the version that we are receiving? If so, I am perfectly OK with this. Even if Ubisoft requests DRM for the version they sell, as long as I can get a version that doesn't have DRM, I don't really care.

    5. Joshua Little on

      Congratulations! Glad to see you could get publisher support on your own terms.

    6. Daniel Bevis on

      I second what Cameron Usman said.

    7. Cameron Usman on

      I think Ubisoft is one of the better Publishers. Especially when it comes to having even support across all gaming platforms. My only concern is they delayed Rayman Legends on Wii U to appease Microsoft same time release requirement, so I hope Cloudberry Kingdom doesn't face a similar delay. Looking forward to your game and expecting to get it still on the Wii U.

    8. Tom Sinnott on

      @Charles They got rid of that kind of DRM in their later games, after the huge outcry of course.

    9. Veav on

      @Daniel Look at it this way, you supported them BEFORE they went Ubisoft. You can be all hipster about it. :D

    10. Daniel

      Negative for me: Ubisoft is one of the companies I decided to boycot buying games from ages ago.

      Not too thrilled with ending up more or less supporting them anyway because of this :-/

    11. Charles Davies on

      Prepare for always on DRM.