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The first ever infinite procedurally generated platformer! ...We think.
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New Trailer!

Posted by Pwnee Studios (Creator)

Hey everybody!

It has been a while since our last update, where we gave you a sneak peek at some of the new in-game art. Since you have had the chance to play the game with the new art, but not the opportunity to see the campaign, we have something for you :)

Here is your first sneak peek at a few of the cinematic cut-scenes that are in the campaign!

Let us know what you think!


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    1. Eric Reitz on

      Can't wait to play this on the Wii U, speaking of which any word on how that's going to work for backers?

    2. Kirill Potazhevich on

      vince, +1
      Also, I'd like to get back original levels back, I don't like new design

    3. Ksempac on

      Vince > you're not the only one who love the original character. I believe the devs once said they would give us the option to use it

    4. Vince Vazquez

      I gotta admit, I've grown to love the generic, white "paper cutout" dude from the pitch trailer and early footage. The new guy sort of reads as a baby to me, in green jammies, with a little cape:) Cute, but still - is there going to be an option to play as the old skool paper cutout guys? Or am I just being too much of a pain to ask for that? It's just a preference thing; it's not like I'll love Cloudberry Kingdom any less if the option for a different character doesn't make it in...

    5. Missing avatar

      Gammax on

      Looking great as usual!

      Maybe it's too late to come with suggestions, but I would really like a "Play level again" option i Free Play. I hate it when I miss i single diamond, and playing the same level again right now is a bit cumbersome.

      Also, are you still planning on including facial expressions? I like the new hero, but I'd kinda prefer a not so angry look on his face.

    6. Alexandre MANGIN on

      Great work, gentlemen! I love this game so much!

    7. Missing avatar

      Kyle Edwards on

      looks awesome guys! can't wait to play it!

    8. Missing avatar

      Paul Letts on

      Great work guys, can't wait to play this on my Wii U...any updates on the Wii U version btw?

    9. godofthunder101 on

      This game gets more awesome by the minute :)
      Can't wait guys ... keep up the great work.

    10. Christian Yancey on

      Also, just a quick question, when do you think this will be out on the Wii U? My preorder is already in and I'd love this to be part of my library during the launch window!