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Updated Art, Sneak Peek Anyone?

Posted by Pwnee Studios (Creator)

We have a preview of the new direction that we are taking the art in. Let us know what you think! We're looking for any and all feedback.


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    1. Missing avatar

      Navarre R Bartz on

      A little late on posting, but I love the new art! To be honest, I wasn't a huge fan of the original artwork. As a side note, it seems the beta plays a little slowly compared to a more traditional platformer, but perhaps that is just my computer being slow...

    2. Pwnee Studios Creator on

      Hey guys, thanks for all of the feedback so far, it has been very helpful. Not only have you re-affirmed some of our initial concerns, but pointed out a few new ones as well. Keep up the feedback! It is great to get a better feel for what our community wants!

    3. Jason on

      I don't get all the hate for the new character design.. look i grew up seeing the AOL running man enough as is. One question i wonder though is why does he position his body to face the camera when not moving?

    4. John Peter McGrath on

      I do like the 3rd one since it really invokes a creepy, yet hilarious setting on dungeon levels.

      The 2nd scene may be a little bit distracting because of teh slightly dark colors in the background

      The first one does feel a bit fitting as a sun-setting, but I am not sure whether green would be an appropriate color to fittingly contrast against the hot colors.

    5. Matthew Volke on

      I have to agree with the comments about it being a bit too dark. Unless these are darker levels. But I did enjoy the bright, vibrant colors of the older art. They were fun, almost satire-like in their take on traditional platformers. It was ike you guys were saying: "We're making this the hardest platformer ever, and taking everything to the max, including the cheery disposition. We're going to kill you a million times with the happiest freakin' things we can come up with."

      I do like the frozen world, though. The yeti-looking thing is pretty cool. Can't wait to play this on Wii U!

    6. Missing avatar

      Andrew Holland on

      I'm with Ceric and Teba; That new character design has to go. Keep the old one.

      The green spike monsters, deathchain, and ... well the ice creature is going to die when that chain snaps, so he's not an obstacle - but the other 2? Are they new obstacles? Do the pink, blue, and green boxes respresent the same game mechanic? How will the player know?

      I think the best part COULD be the sense of movement you might achieve using parallax mapping with the chandeliers - the blurry foreground model sort of looks like you might be able to pull that off. Just be careful not to obscure the actual game area and/or confuse the user by making it hard to determine what is foreground/background and what is playfield.

    7. Missing avatar

      Teba on

      I am really liking the art style in the last picture, but I agree with Ceric that if that's the new character model in the first picture I would actually prefer the old models, the stick figures that is.

    8. Missing avatar

      Ceric on

      I have to say so far I like the old look better. Especially if the first picture has the character look. I like the other stuff ok I just really like the stick figures in the beta.

    9. Missing avatar

      Adam Kratz on

      Yes! I actually liked the old art style a lot, but this is way more unique. It's a charming way to present the game if you ask me. :D

    10. Eric Reitz on

      Looking great to me, it has a unique style that compliments the crazy platforming of the game. Can't wait to see this playing on my Wii U.

    11. Missing avatar

      Thomas Rogers on

      Oh my god yes........... It pops out to me... and looks great! It totally seems like it fits the mood for cloudberry! Great job, money well spent! Thank you so much for the update! Can't wait for the game ^_^

    12. Vince Vazquez

      I love this new art! It's still simple and charming, but more style is here and that's awesome. The color usage is beautiful too - nice and complementary, rich, storybookish, and good for getting the tone of the worlds across. I can't wait to see what the new characters look like...although I admit I do kinda love the bland, faceless, "paper cut out guys" from the old videos :)

    13. Missing avatar

      Apirux Boontherawara on

      I'd like to second having "the old/legacy style as an option for people to play" idea. Personally, I prefer the old simplistic style better, but that's probably just because I prefer simple & clean style aesthetics in general.

    14. Andrew Ferreira on

      I definitely like the direction you're taking with the art. I also think you should keep the old/legacy style as an option for people to play... not sure if it would be as simple as texture/animation/art swapping, but I think it would be really nice to have both. Take care.

    15. Pwnee Studios Creator on

      Hey everyone! Thanks for the feedback!

      These are fairly sketchy, and we're still hammering out details, such as making sure the foreground pops out, and making sure the background doesn't distract you from the action. We'll be polishing and tweaking these a little more before getting them out into the beta, and then we will see how everyone likes them in action.

    16. Taint

      Really nice style update; quirky and very unique; but sets a standard that the animation will really need to match.

      There may also need to be better definition of the obstacles; as it's difficult to tell if those are spikes or background art. :-/

    17. Missing avatar

      Fredrik Selander on

      That Ice better be slippery,
      Well I really like how the objects looks different in every world. Makes the world feel more alive.

    18. Jason on

      Gonna have to say while I really like the new art I have to agree the color palette on the top shot seems way too busy and might be too difficult to read on harder difficulties

    19. CocoSmackdown on

      I think these looks really good, and help me get away from thinking Super Mario Bros the whole time while I'm playing. When do we get to play on these?!?!

    20. Ksempac on

      Although the ambient feeling is nice, I'm very concerned about readability. When you have a split second to react, the heterogeneous colors of the beta were useful. On theses 3 screens, it takes more time to notice everything that is going on. The first screen is especially worrying : some dangers share the same color as the earth or the diamonds. At least on screen 2 each object is clearly detached from all the others.

    21. Nathan Morse

      Love it.

    22. Cameron Usman on

      Looking a lot darker than what I tried in the Steam Beta/Demo. I don't mind a few stages that are themed darker for ambiance but I hope the game also sports a larger share of brighter more cheerful levels.

    23. Missing avatar

      Paul Letts on

      Really like the new style. Any chance of including the old style as a power-up where the screen flashes and you are transported there for a level...?Or something like that lol

    24. Shannon Wagner on

      This new style is very attractive. I love the detail in the backgrounds! With either style it doesn't take away from gameplay, so I'm happy either way. However, I was in love with the simplicity in the art design from the beta we played. For me, it gave it a sort of "Oh I can handle this look how simp--- OMG I'M GONNA DIE!" vibe that made me grin every time I jumped on a smiling block that secretly new my fate.

    25. Missing avatar

      hard band on

      I really like it! I makes the game look more vibrant and unique than it originally was! Yeah i'm really into it and can't wait to play when it is added (if my game doesn't crash on start up...)

    26. Missing avatar

      João Carlos Bastos

      I love the new look!
      While I wouldn't say the "old" look was bad in any way, this new art style makes the game look much more stylish, "professional", and overall more appealing.
      With this art style, I'm sure the final release won't have any problems attracting a few more players.
      Great job!

    27. Missing avatar

      Gammax on

      I think the new art looks fantastic! The color schemes are spectacular, they really make the game stand out. The overall style is also very good, I especially like the stylish outlines.

      I do however agree with the others that the backgrounds might be a bit distracting, though mainly in the first picture where the lines are very sharp. Even if it works in motion though, you should probably try to have a coherent style for them. I'd say 2 and 3 work together, but 1 is to sharp.

      I'd like to see some larger picture of the hero though,from what I can tell he looks a bit to detailed for my taste. I feel like a simpler style would work better. That might not be a problem with enough customization though.

    28. dont come here for fun on

      I think the old Graphics are awesome, and while they could be improved with more details and such, I don't think a whole new art direction is needed (Even though it does look pretty cool). Who knows, maybe you can make Multiple Art styles that can be switched in options like Texture packs for Minecraft.

    29. Missing avatar

      ARRG on

      Didn't like the old art, love the new one.

    30. Josh Owoc on

      I liked the old one. But that doesn't mean the new one is worse, just different. I'd say go with both, make it random.

    31. Missing avatar

      Zero on

      Yeah. #1's color scheme seems a little off. I mean it is only a still image so there isn't much to see for the other objects. As for #2, it looks interesting, but my only fear is that the objects aren't very easy to tell what is safe and what isn't. Finally, number 3 seems to be the most interesting since it is bright, but does represent the pain that will be going on in our minds xD.

      I personally wouldn't mind a short video of each to get an idea, or if there were themes to choose from. I agree with the others than the original art did have a nice feel to it, but I'm sure we're all for making things look more clean-cut.

    32. Marty Rabens on

      Another +1 for the third image.

    33. Arthur O'Dwyer on

      Personally, I like the old art just fine. I agree with Jason's comments: the background of the first one is too loud, and the third one looks the most like something I'd play over and over.

    34. Dan Pierce on

      The ball and chain having a smiley face? Whoever came up with that, tell them personally that I love it.

    35. Missing avatar

      Micheal Wells on

      I think the art is good, and I think any issues of uniqueness could be solved in the animation department.

      I think detailed backgrounds would be great as an additional option. More specifically, I think it would be interesting to show scrolling text somehow embedded in the background. Perhaps this text would offer warnings of special obstacles in the near future. Think of it as a co-pilot in a rally-racing simulator. Maybe audio would be a good alternative medium for this coach!

      +1 for beta milestone posting!

    36. Missing avatar


      I like the third one a lot. Second one looks a little generic and unpolished, except the monster which is ... hah, freaky. First one is a bit abstract for my tastes. Also, might be better to make the backgrounds a little more muted so they're not too distracting.

    37. Dan Murphy on

      The best thing you can do for the game is attempt to make the art style as unique and memorable as possible. Not sure if its there yet.

      BUT, I like it. You can count my feedback as positive.

    38. Missing avatar

      Jonathan on

      I REALLY like the way this looks, although I do worry that the fairly detailed backgrounds could be distracting.

      It's great overall though.

      Offtopic... generally speaking, are you guys going to continue to update the demo? I've been having a lot of fun with it, and would love to be able to see how it progresses myself.

    39. David Armada on

      Woah...that actually looks amazing