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The first ever infinite procedurally generated platformer! ...We think.
640 backers pledged $23,582 to help bring this project to life.

Successfully Funded!

Posted by Pwnee Studios (Creator)

Woooah! We did it! We want to thank all of the backers so much for your support so far! You guys have been great!

We have already surpassed our goal, which means that anything else donated is going straight towards improving the gameplay itself. We already have some ridiculous plans for what the campaign is to become, and we think everyone will totally dig it (think big, like, infinity big =)

Thanks again everybody for your support! Especially those of you who have been active in the Beta community, you have been a great help towards further improving the game, and continue to help us to move forward in the right direction. All the feedback is awesome!

We love you all! Every single last one of you!

(Seriously, we've been hermits working on this game for the last 3 years, so it feels awesome to be talking to people again.)

(Also, we just ran out of Beta keys, so we'll get a few more from Steam. It may be a few days to get them to delivered to the most recent backers.)


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    1. Missing avatar

      Nate Doty on

      While I love the idea of different level themes, as a casual hardcore gamer (not a hardcore hardcore one) I'm concerned about things like will the hitbox for the ice chains be the same as the fire chains, and will the both line up with what I see? That sort of thing. When everything looked the same (crisp, clear, precise!) it didn't look to be an issue.

      That, and i do share the sentiment that things might be too dark. While I love the unique style as something to look at, i dont know now well it would translate into something to have to pay attention to while playing.

      Regardless of nit picking, i've been excited about this since I first saw it before funding was complete!

    2. James Olson

      More beta keys coming soon? Ok, looking forward to it!

    3. Cameron Usman on

      I have played the beta and the thing that I think needs most improvement is sound effects and some animation to let you know when you have landed so you can jump again. Some sound effect that lets you know you are still jumping or starting to come down. Things that will help the gameplay be a little easier. I suggest the developers try New Super Mario Bros and Rayman Origins to see how the platforming/jumping feels in those games.

      The jumping in the beta has a weird feel and I hope that now that you have more funding, you will be able to address those areas in addition to the level generating (which seems to be working great). I also like the art style although I think more improvements can and should be made. You gotta add more animation and have visual and audio indicators to help players enjoy the game more.

    4. Missing avatar

      Herman Parmo on

      Im happy you made it, but I dont really care to much for cutscenes and cinematics in a platformer. Spend the money on making the graphics better instead.

    5. Alexandre MANGIN on

      I am so happy for you and for us. The game will blow everything away. It is bsolutely inovative and a ton of fun. Thank YOU !