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The first ever infinite procedurally generated platformer! ...We think.
640 backers pledged $23,582 to help bring this project to life.

Almost there!

Posted by Pwnee Studios (Creator)

Hey Everybody!

We want to thank our current backers for helping us along this far! 75% funded with 4 days left!

I would like everyone to take a moment, and give yourself a super cool high five, you deserve it! Or maybe you prefer a pat on the back? Do that too! Maybe even a hug? Highly recommended! (just make sure nobody else is looking) 

Seriously though, we're so glad that you all decided to back us, and we're looking forward to being able to come out with an absolutely amazing game. We fully expect that our finished game will blow our current beta out of the water, leaving every single one of our backers in tears from the glory of it all!

Thanks again,

- The Pwnee Team


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    1. Missing avatar

      Agent000 on

      Congrats, it's fully funded! Here's a gameplay video I made:…

    2. Josh Owoc on

      OK NOW WE CAN CELEBRATE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      The total as it is now is $20,400. OH SWEET JESUS YESSSSS!!!

      Also, here's my video of the gameplay. Since we're sharing :D…

    3. Ksempac on

      I agree with supergtt, it's not time to congratulate ourself, there will be time for that when this is funded. Until then, we should raise our banners, launch our twitter and facebook armies and get this over its goal !
      Talk to everyone you know about the game, or even better let them play it...It's totally doable to get to the goal, but for that we, fan of Cloudberry Kingdom, will have to work. It won't fund itself.

    4. MercilessMerc on

      I felt compelled to do a Youtube video after receiving the Beta, so with my newly formed account I bring you all this:…

      That is just a quick showing of what you can expect with the game so far, and it already is very fun to play. Even though my video probably won't be watched by too many people I hope that it can give some hesitant people the little nudge they may need. I also have another video of me just playing some of the other modes I didn't play in the first. Tell me what you guys think (not here obviously :D)

    5. Eric Reitz on

      Yeah, we still have work to do to get this one funded. Everyone needs to group together and rally more to the cause.

    6. Missing avatar

      supergtt on

      Pat myself on the back? not until we get this funded! tell your friends!