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The first ever infinite procedurally generated platformer! ...We think.
The first ever infinite procedurally generated platformer! ...We think.
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    1. Pwnee Studios Creator on

      The coder's edition will be released upon its completion, and whoever chose that tier, will receive it for free.

      We just sent an email out to explain the situation for Steam codes, check it and enjoy your copy of the game!

    2. Missing avatar

      Shawn Simas

      My beta version on steam became the full version, are you sure the same didn't happen for you?

    3. Jason on

      Same as below, i received a beta key but never a final key :(

    4. Missing avatar

      João Carlos Bastos

      I received a Beta key several months ago, and I was told a new Steam key would be issued for the final game.
      Today is release date, I see people referencing that they already received a key, but I’m yet to receive mine.
      Have you send out all the keys?

      I answered the survey several months ago.

    5. Anthony Miller on

      Just d/l and played my Wii U copy of Cloudberry Kingdom. Insane! What did I pay for? Consistent punishment? LOL, the game is great and I'm glad you guys were able to accomplish your goal for releasing it, especially on the Wii U. Now let's see what your next game title will be.

    6. Missing avatar

      Broken_Cartridge on

      So I was going to ask about the Coder's Edition, but I guess you guys haven't finished it yet?

    7. Missing avatar

      supergtt on

      feels good to be downloading on my wiiu. awww yea.

    8. Pwnee Studios Creator on

      Hey Christian, we goofed up! We'll get your other sent your way as soon as we can!

    9. Christian Yancey on

      Hey guys! Love the game! Just curious, I backed for 2 copies, only got one email with one code. Should I expect another email to come soon, or is code good for two? Please let me know, thanks!

    10. Missing avatar

      Shawn Simas

      Sweeeeet. With over 1,100 games on my steam account I never end up playing anything that comes DRM free so that is excellent news ;)

    11. Pwnee Studios Creator on

      The Coder's Edition will be available for every console once we have completed it :)

    12. Missing avatar

      Shawn Simas

      Will the Coder's Edition be on Steam as well or just DRM free?

    13. Alexandre MANGIN on

      The game is glorious! Epicissimo!
      (And count on me to find other typos)

    14. Pete on

      Kind of surprised to see $10 price tags on the game I backed for $15. Don't get me wrong, I'm happy to help and sure it will be worth it, it's just... hmm.

    15. Pwnee Studios Creator on

      Typos, noooo! We can't make any fixes to typos before launch at this point =(, but we can make changes for when the next patch goes out. Thanks for pointing this out, let me know if you find any other typos!

      Hope you enjoy the Story Mode =D

    16. Alexandre MANGIN on

      Waouh! The story mode this morning!! Thank you!!

      I just noticed two mistakes in the French translation :1/ Instead of "J'en ai déjà ferrer", it should be "J'en ai déjà ferré". 2/ It is not "Piéces" but "Pièces".

    17. Alexandre MANGIN on

      Thank you. The Coder's Edition and the story mode will be marvellous surprises, methinks.

    18. Pwnee Studios Creator on

      The plan for the Coder's Edition is that it will be sent out to everyone who backed it once it is completed. We have some interesting ideas for it :)

    19. Alexandre MANGIN on

      I was wondering abour the Coder's Edition. Have you planned something or will I receive it later? The game is awsome so far anyway.

    20. Missing avatar

      Jonathan on

      Awesome, thanks!

      Can't wait to finally play the final version on Wii U.

    21. Pwnee Studios Creator on

      Hey Jonathan,

      I just posted an update to let everyone know when we're letting them out of the dark. We'll be announcing the release dates for the rest of the platforms next week! :)

    22. Pwnee Studios Creator on

      Hey Tino,

      No worries on the confusion! Pre-orders for the PS3 version start tomorrow, and the official release date on PS3 is July 30th!

    23. Missing avatar

      Jonathan on

      July 30th release date on PS3, any news for other versions? It kinda sucks for us to be left in the dark about this.

    24. Missing avatar

      Tino on

      Okay, i'm going for broke - 3 posts in a row!

      The guy who writes the plus posts is terrible at his job. These are games available to be pre ordered. Release date on the 30th.

      And I'm gonna pre order on ps3 also, redeem my free copy on PC :)

    25. Missing avatar

      Tino on

      Sorry to double comment - I suppose I should supply context.

      Sony update their PS plus blog and claims you are out tomorrow, discounted for plus members.

      I've been playing the hell out of your beta, and love it. Wouldn't mind re-buying it on ps3 again :)

      Any idea if you guys are coming to Vita as well? (to the article that brings you up.)

    26. Missing avatar

      Tino on

      Are you guys releasing tomorrow?!

    27. Missing avatar

      thijs on

      Alright, I keep playing on pc :). BTW: Nice interview you've done at iDEAME (…;), have you met some nice indies and showcased your game well?

    28. Pwnee Studios Creator on

      We're still working on a Mac version, it's not quite ready for the beta stage yet :(

    29. Missing avatar

      thijs on

      Hi Guys, I am now playing the beta on Windows but my main computer is a Mac. Will the beta be available on Mac too? I believe you must get some help with testing on that too :)

    30. Pwnee Studios Creator on

      We haven't gotten permission yet to give out bakcer copies of the game for anything aside from Steam and WiiU. It doesn't seem likely that we will get that permission, but we're definitely working on it!

    31. Pwnee Studios Creator on

      We'll have word on the release day soon. We need to get the game cleared by every console (tested for any sort of bugs, issues, etc.) before we can nail down a release date. All I can really say is that we want to try and get it out there as soon as we can! We feel your pain. We thought we were going to be done with it a while ago too!

      I love the cactuar icon by the way :-P

    32. Michael Reichelt on

      Sweetdiculous! I'm glad to hear that your lives have been made easier by this. Now, I don't suppose there's any chance you could let us know when the release will be? At this point I'd just settle for a quarter and a year. Just itchin' to play this game that I thought I'd be playing about half a year ago is all.

    33. John Laschober on

      Any chance I can get a copy for my vita now that you guys are signed up with Ubisoft?

    34. Erin Paige on

      Is there any word on an expected release date?

    35. Pwnee Studios Creator on

      Correct! We haven't sent out the full game codes quite yet. They will likely be sent out the day of (or maybe one day before if we're lucky) the official release!

      And we're glad that you're loving our Steam Beta! It's still a bit buggy, but all of that is going to be worked out for the commercial release :)

    36. Phil Scopa

      The Full game codes haven't been sent out yet, correct?
      I hope not...I just finally got my email to stop devouring everything and sending it into an abyss.
      I love what's out on Steam, fantastic game. Can't wait for the commercial release

    37. Missing avatar

      Adam Kratz on

      ... I love you people. Vote Pwnee for most responsive game developer.

    38. Pwnee Studios Creator on

      Hey Adam,

      Good catch! That was our mistake during the most recent update. We're sorry about that, we will be sure to have it fixed again in the next build (and the official release!)

    39. Missing avatar

      Adam Kratz on

      Well guys, the problem I had before you remade the graphics is back again with the latest patch. :/ I can't start the game, and I think (can't remember) that it's the exact same error that I had before. It says:

      "No suitable graphics card found. Could not find a Direct3D device that supports the XNA Framework HiDef profile."

      Will you keep the HiDef profile in Cloudberry Kingdom from now on, or is there any chance of me playing the released game without getting a new computer? Sorry for my shit graphics card. :(

    40. Missing avatar

      Tino on

      Can't wait!

    41. Pwnee Studios Creator on

      Hey Everyone! We just got finished sending out the survey so you should all have it now! Feel free to message me if you are having any trouble with any of the questions.

    42. Michael Pack on

      Just successfully filled out my survey! Because I ordered the Coder's Edition, I assumed that since it would've taken extra time to work on that version that I would've had to wait to even play, but I was pleasantly surprised to find that I'd be getting the regular edition alongside everyone else on release day! I have no issue waiting for the other version of the game now! Thanks! :D

    43. Missing avatar

      Nicholas Wolf on

      Which controllers will you be able to use for wii u?

    44. Pwnee Studios Creator on

      Hey all,

      Just wanted to share the news that we missed our initial launch target of releasing with the Wii U, but we are still working hard to complete the game. Everything is looking good and we're making great progress! We've gotten a few messages about whether or not surveys have gone out, and no, they have not. We will be sending the surveys out after we have announced an official release date (to avoid any complications with address changes, losing contact, etc.)

      Just wanted to check in and let everybody know that we're still alive and working hard! We're hoping to have some worldwide Cloudberry action coming soon!

    45. Tobias Fleischer // PYLON.FM Productions

      What about the people like me having pledged $60 or more for name and a special message in the game - will there be a survey about this? Cheers, Toby

    46. Missing avatar

      Zephyr24 on

      Any news on when the game is going to be out? (Or at least an estimation...)

    47. Dan Murphy on

      Please tell me this is a mistake by Nintendo. Ubisoft isnt a publisher for this game are they?

    48. Pwnee Studios Creator on

      Very true. Jordan is evil sometimes. He wanted to show everyone the basic layout of how the campaign is structured, as well as the new look of the menus. I am currently working to complete the campaign itself. I was also a bit surprised when I first saw that those options had been uploaded to the beta, I was excited to play the campaign even though I knew it wasn't done yet!

    49. Dallas Delaney on

      My story mode won't work :( the menu is there but when I try click any of the chapters nothing happens.

    50. Pwnee Studios Creator on

      We will be sending out a Kickstarter survey to determine who wants the Wii U version vs. who wants the Steam version. After which point we will deliver your copy :)

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