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The first ever infinite procedurally generated platformer! ...We think.
The first ever infinite procedurally generated platformer! ...We think.
640 backers pledged $23,582 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Pwnee Studios Creator on

      We haven't gotten permission yet to give out bakcer copies of the game for anything aside from Steam and WiiU. It doesn't seem likely that we will get that permission, but we're definitely working on it!

    2. Pwnee Studios Creator on

      We'll have word on the release day soon. We need to get the game cleared by every console (tested for any sort of bugs, issues, etc.) before we can nail down a release date. All I can really say is that we want to try and get it out there as soon as we can! We feel your pain. We thought we were going to be done with it a while ago too!

      I love the cactuar icon by the way :-P

    3. Michael Reichelt on

      Sweetdiculous! I'm glad to hear that your lives have been made easier by this. Now, I don't suppose there's any chance you could let us know when the release will be? At this point I'd just settle for a quarter and a year. Just itchin' to play this game that I thought I'd be playing about half a year ago is all.

    4. John Laschober on

      Any chance I can get a copy for my vita now that you guys are signed up with Ubisoft?

    5. Erin Paige on

      Is there any word on an expected release date?

    6. Pwnee Studios Creator on

      Correct! We haven't sent out the full game codes quite yet. They will likely be sent out the day of (or maybe one day before if we're lucky) the official release!

      And we're glad that you're loving our Steam Beta! It's still a bit buggy, but all of that is going to be worked out for the commercial release :)

    7. Phil Scopa

      The Full game codes haven't been sent out yet, correct?
      I hope not...I just finally got my email to stop devouring everything and sending it into an abyss.
      I love what's out on Steam, fantastic game. Can't wait for the commercial release

    8. Missing avatar

      Adam Kratz on

      ... I love you people. Vote Pwnee for most responsive game developer.

    9. Pwnee Studios Creator on

      Hey Adam,

      Good catch! That was our mistake during the most recent update. We're sorry about that, we will be sure to have it fixed again in the next build (and the official release!)

    10. Missing avatar

      Adam Kratz on

      Well guys, the problem I had before you remade the graphics is back again with the latest patch. :/ I can't start the game, and I think (can't remember) that it's the exact same error that I had before. It says:

      "No suitable graphics card found. Could not find a Direct3D device that supports the XNA Framework HiDef profile."

      Will you keep the HiDef profile in Cloudberry Kingdom from now on, or is there any chance of me playing the released game without getting a new computer? Sorry for my shit graphics card. :(

    11. Missing avatar

      Tino on

      Can't wait!

    12. Pwnee Studios Creator on

      Hey Everyone! We just got finished sending out the survey so you should all have it now! Feel free to message me if you are having any trouble with any of the questions.

    13. Michael Pack on

      Just successfully filled out my survey! Because I ordered the Coder's Edition, I assumed that since it would've taken extra time to work on that version that I would've had to wait to even play, but I was pleasantly surprised to find that I'd be getting the regular edition alongside everyone else on release day! I have no issue waiting for the other version of the game now! Thanks! :D

    14. Missing avatar

      Nicholas Wolf on

      Which controllers will you be able to use for wii u?

    15. Pwnee Studios Creator on

      Hey all,

      Just wanted to share the news that we missed our initial launch target of releasing with the Wii U, but we are still working hard to complete the game. Everything is looking good and we're making great progress! We've gotten a few messages about whether or not surveys have gone out, and no, they have not. We will be sending the surveys out after we have announced an official release date (to avoid any complications with address changes, losing contact, etc.)

      Just wanted to check in and let everybody know that we're still alive and working hard! We're hoping to have some worldwide Cloudberry action coming soon!

    16. Tobias Fleischer // PYLON.FM Productions

      What about the people like me having pledged $60 or more for name and a special message in the game - will there be a survey about this? Cheers, Toby

    17. Missing avatar

      Zephyr24 on

      Any news on when the game is going to be out? (Or at least an estimation...)

    18. Dan Murphy on

      Please tell me this is a mistake by Nintendo. Ubisoft isnt a publisher for this game are they?

    19. Pwnee Studios Creator on

      Very true. Jordan is evil sometimes. He wanted to show everyone the basic layout of how the campaign is structured, as well as the new look of the menus. I am currently working to complete the campaign itself. I was also a bit surprised when I first saw that those options had been uploaded to the beta, I was excited to play the campaign even though I knew it wasn't done yet!

    20. Dallas Delaney on

      My story mode won't work :( the menu is there but when I try click any of the chapters nothing happens.

    21. Pwnee Studios Creator on

      We will be sending out a Kickstarter survey to determine who wants the Wii U version vs. who wants the Steam version. After which point we will deliver your copy :)

    22. Missing avatar

      Joshua Foster on

      How do we decide if we want the Wii U version?

    23. KameZero on

      Yay porting! If you need any Linux testers feel free to hit me up!

    24. Atarun

      @Pwnee Studios: Oh, yes, indeed, contracts are evil... but a necessary evil, I've been told. It seems every time people bypass them, something goes terribly wrong and then all hell breaks loose...

    25. Pwnee Studios Creator on

      Still chugging along! Fighting through a bunch of paperwork and working on getting the game ported to multiple systems, while still completing the campaign. We'll be sending out the survey after we have everything completely in order so that we don't accidentally miss out on anything important. Also, contracts are evil :)

    26. Atarun

      Any news?

    27. Missing avatar

      Adam Kratz on

      Correction: Cloud setting!

    28. Missing avatar

      Adam Kratz on

      Sure am. :) I found that the setting that (seemingly) lags least often is the Hills setting. Not sure if that's just coincidence, though.

    29. Pwnee Studios Creator on

      Hey Adam,

      We noticed that recently as well, it is on our list of bugs to squash. Out of curiosity, are you playing in full -screen mode?

    30. Missing avatar

      Adam Kratz on

      Addition: It also happens even on very short levels, if that helps.

    31. Missing avatar

      Adam Kratz on

      Hey, Pwnee. I recently got the game to work for me (love the new art style) and everything is fine and dandy. Only... I get strange periods of lag, seemingly for no explanation. I tested and it doesn't have to do with screen resolution, it seems to happen more often on some settings (most consistently on the Sea setting), and can happen even without any obstacles spawning. Occasionally, the lag only happens at the start and end of a level. What might be causing this?

    32. Matthias Panholzer on

      read the earlier posts!
      Go to "Regional and Language Options", which should be in "Control Panel" under "Clock, Language, Region". Then change the number format to American English (so that one thousand dollars looks like $1,000.00"). It should work now!

    33. Missing avatar

      petfrank on

      sorry disregard the earlier comment i fixed it :D but one question. Does the 60$ tier reward include the coders special edition with 2 beta keys?

    34. Missing avatar

      petfrank on

      My cloudberry kingdom! keeps crashing after the pwnee studios logo and loading bar appear and the bar won't load at all. The windows error report says "Cloudberry kingdom! stopped working windows is checking for a solution to this problem." then it closes! PLEASE HELP its such a great game it worked before and i really want to play! THANKS!

    35. Missing avatar

      thijs on

      Will there be 4-person online multiplayer?

    36. Jason on

      Really loving the game so far... was wondering if there was any intentions on adding any sound to movement/jump? it feels so awkward not hearing any kind of either jump and/or landing sound after all these years

    37. Pwnee Studios Creator on

      For anybody who is having issues with the Steam update, try going into the steam folder and finding Cloudberry Kingdom, and deleting it. Some people (including me) will have to do that and download Cloudberry again to get it to to work. Sorry for the issues!

    38. Mark Lores on

      Right now Steam is giving me an "Invalid Content Configuration" error when trying to install. :(

    39. Veav on


    40. GameDemonKing on

      This was very interesting that I have discovered that I have already Microsoft .NET framework but in the 2.0 configuration version and after you install XNA 4.0, you can still play the beta version of Cloudberry Kingdom.

    41. Missing avatar


      So apparently my computer isn't good enough to run this game. What in seven hells are the system requirements? (Yes, the .net and XNA things are installed.)

      Granted, I'm stuck with integrated graphics rather than a proper graphics card, but come on -- it's a sidescrolling platformer!

    42. Pwnee Studios Creator on

      Hey Matthias, sorry for the bug! I think this is probably the local settings bug we've been encountering. This should be fixed in the next update, but you can get a work around right now. Go to "Regional and Language Options", which should be in "Control Panel" under "Clock, Language, Region". Then change the number format to American English (so that one thousand dollars looks like $1,000.00"

      Sorry for the inconvenience! Expect a fix for this very soon.

    43. Matthias on

      Both my work and home pc's won't run the beta. It loads 3/4 way then it gives the standard not working error of windows.
      Work pc is windows 7 32bit.
      Home pc is windows 7 64bit.
      Both .net 4.0 and xna 4.0 have been installed.

    44. Missing avatar

      Gammax on

      Yay! Got the beta key just as I was going to go to sleep last night, instead I stayed up another two hours! It's really awesome, thanks!

    45. Missing avatar

      Erik Hoggard on

      The game's awesome so far. Thanks for the beta keys and keep up the good work!

    46. Pwnee Studios Creator on

      Everybody should now be able to enjoy the beta!
      I'm exhausted!

    47. Missing avatar

      Zero on

      4-5 (total) days of wait is painful ;0! Hopefully Tuesday can get some as I'm really looking forward to how the controls feel. Thanks for the update though, any time is better than leaving us guessing xD.

    48. Pwnee Studios Creator on

      I would say that Tuesday the 29th might be a good chance, if not Wednesday. Everyone is off for Memorial day :(

    49. Missing avatar

      Erik Hoggard on

      No ETA on the new keys?

    50. Missing avatar

      SignT on

      When would you get more keys?

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