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Light up your face to the music around you


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Color options update

Now available in blue! If you're only buying one pair of PEGS just let us know if you want red or blue.


It makes us so happy to create light-up gadgets and we're excited that you love them too! When our founder created the first pair of PEGS out of cardboard, hot glue and sheer passion, he knew he had something that must be shared. It's been a year and a half since the cardboard prototypes were brought to life, but it has been well worth the wait.

PEGS are a sound reactive, text showing, pattern displaying pair of LED shutter shades. They are USB programmable and rechargable with over 6 hours of battery life. They fold up like regular glasses, make it though security at concerts and don't break easily. We've made the custom PC software for designing, sharing and uploading custom patterns and text to PEGS.

This is PEGS second time on Kickstarter and although we didn't reach our goal last time, we don't see it as a failure. It came as a blessing. We took it as an opportunity to redesign PEGS to be exactly what you want. The last pair was simply not ready. You told us what we were doing wrong and what you wanted and believe us, we listened.


Most importantly, a MICROPHONE! It was the elephant in the room last time. We built a pair of party glasses that didn't dance to the beat. Well now they do! Thank you for telling us time and again that that is what you wanted. 

More, brighter, and bigger! Now PEGS have a lot more LEDs that are much larger and twice as bright.

Rechargeable batteries. Two LiPo 250mAh batteries now power PEGS for over 6 hours of continuous use! They are rechargable from any USB power source with a USB micro cable. Charge time is about 1 hour.

Oooooh... Ahhhhhh
Oooooh... Ahhhhhh

USB programmable. No more button combinations to enter text. Just plug them into your PC and use our open source software to upload new patterns, text or firmware. We will host a repository where you can upload and download custom patterns from our website.



We chose an Arduino compatible design to make these glasses friendly to the electronic tinkers out there. The software was written in the Arduino IDE and will be available on Git Hub.


  • MCU: Atmega 328p
  • MEMORY: 512 Kbit Flash
  • MIC RANGE: 20 - 8000 Hz (active)
  • Brightness: 1800 Lumes
  • BATTERIES: 2x 250mAh LiPo batteries (6 hours minimum 10-15 hours normal)
  • WEIGHT: 45 grams or 1.58 oz
  • SIZE: 150mm wide, 54mm tall


PEGS are a quality item and we stand by our craftsmanship. We have a three month no questions asked full replacement guarantee. We also have a one year mechanical or electrical defects replacement policy. After the three months if you happen to drive your car over your PEGS or destroy them in some other horrible way, we are offering a lifetime half priced replacement.


PEGS began life as a cardboard and hot glue prototype our founder made on a rainy day while watching A League of Their Own.

So many people asked for their own pair that he began a production design. Version 1.0 and 1.1 were designed using PCB material as the substrate. They were functional and cheap but...

They lacked a few necessary things: a mic, rechargeable batteries, USB programmability and style. Version 2.0 added all these features and then some. The redesign increased the size and number of LEDs, making the PEGS even brighter. This new version also features a fully hinged design and a few more subtle changes.

 If your interested in more story check out the last time we had them on Kickstarter or visit our blog we used to log the progress from last pair to now!



Caleb Pinckney - CEO and Electronics Wizard.

He has worked in the electronic industry for 5 years designing custom and commercial products. He currently contracts with businesses in Columbia, SC designing and building custom PCBs and electronics.

Marcus Gardner - Product Design and Marketing

He is the style that PEGS needed. He combined his artistic abilities and his grasp on current fashion and cultural trends to completely redesign the look and feel of PEGS. He is an excellent project manager and is currently pursuing his PMP.

FYI the hair is real.


November 2013 - Kickstarter completion. Two week wait for pledge money from Kickstarter.

December 2013 - Engineering sample ordered from manufacturer.

January 2014 - Receive and approve samples. Order first production run.

March 2014 - Receive production run. Ship to Kickstarter backers.

June 2014 - Begin selling though webstore.

Risks and challenges Learn about accountability on Kickstarter

We're the same manufacturing team that worked at Chimp Systems, LLC. We've produced and sold hundreds of DALCONs and tens of thousands of Grippys commercially. We've also designed, fabricated and delivered multiple custom projects on time and on budget. We will use the experience we gained with Chimp Systems, LLC to deliver what we're promising.

We used proper Design for Manufacturing techniques to help increase manufacturing efficiency. We included redundancies in our supply chain, so a single issue will not hold up the entire production. We have back-up manufacturers, so if problems arise with one, we can switch to another.

- Caleb Pinckney and Marcus Gardner


  • Yes! We've had ones running for over 100 hours and still going strong. We also just got back from EDC Orlando with no damaged pairs after very rough use.

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  • Worst case 6 hours but we usually see 10-15 hours depending on the pattern and what music is playing.

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