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This Kit holds everything you need for your active day. Band-aids, sewing kit, aspirin, stain wipes, spray bottles etc. safe and secure

I made the ShootKit for wedding, portrait and nature photographers, but it turns out that day hikers, travelers and busy moms on the go all LOVE this kit and want to buy it. It is compact, easy to stock and use and is made of an earth friendly,canvas material. easy to clean and sturdy enough that you will have the kit for years to come. The money you pledge will go towards production of the Shoot Kit. It is made in the USA ,so help create some jobs out there. Some funding will go towards the marketing of the Shoot Kit to a larger audience. Pledge now and get one also for your friends for the coming holidays
Here is a video about the kit.


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    If you pledge $25.00 We will send you a ShootKit case. This case can be customized to your style. add what your like or fill it with what you have in your bag now. All 2 and 3oz sample bottles fit comfortably in the Shoot Kit. Service is the difference, Take care of your clients with the Shootkit and you will be hired again. the canvas kit is included in your gift for pledging

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    You cannot beat this offer! This pledge level will get you a fully loaded Kit, Aspirin, Pins, needles, Stain wipes, Sewing kit, Band-aids and more are all included in your gift for pledging

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