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The baby carrier that does more! JACS - a versatile modular baby-carrying system designed for active parents - built for adventure.
The baby carrier that does more! JACS - a versatile modular baby-carrying system designed for active parents - built for adventure.
76 backers pledged £8,550 to help bring this project to life.


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JACS Junior Adaptive Carrier System - Modular Baby Carrier



The Final Countdown .....

There's less than 48 hours to go to grab one of the last few JACS Babycarrier rewards before the project ends.

If you're looking for a Babycarrier that can do more than just carry a baby, then look no further. JACS has what you need!

Stretch Goal!   

Thanks to all of our amazing Backers, we've already hit our launch goal and have started the production ball rolling. Now let's take it even further!

We've introduced a Stretch Goal of £10k - if we hit it, everyone who's pledged £100 or more will receive a JACS Babygrow. It's our way of saying "Thanks for being an Awesome Backer".

As an added incentive to join us on our adventure, we'll also be giving away an extra reward bundle to three of our Backers. We'll draw the names at random at the end of the campaign.  

You could be in with a chance of receiving one of two JACS Babygrow and Baseball Cap combos that are up for grabs, or even a JACS Complete Package, on top of your selected pledge reward.

All you need to do is click the "Back This Project" button today, and help us hit our Stretch Goal with a pledge of £10 or more!

Find out more about JACS below:

When is a Babycarrier not just a Babycarrier?

When it's a JACS - Junior Adapative Carrier System!

What is The JACS?

The JACS is an innovative modular babycarrier and equipment carrying travel system designed primarily with dads in mind, but suitable for mums too, and geared towards parents with an active lifestyle.  

An all-in-one carrier system that enables the user to transport a baby and all necessary accessories within a single wearable piece of travel equipment, without the need for additional baggage, thanks to the easily attachable integrated backpack and chest-pouch storage components.

We think The JACS is the most versatile babycarrier on the planet!

Uniquely, The JACS is the only babycarrier that can be used for non-babycarrying activities. The backpack can be used as a stand-alone daypack, while the harness, chestpouch, and backpack combinations can be used for a variety of outdoor activities, such as cycling, hiking, trail running, mountain biking, and climbing, as well as other uses.

The JACS has all of the style, functionality, durability, and high specification demanded by parents on the go, and is equally at home in an urban or outdoor setting.  

Why "Designed for Dads"?  

The JACS is suitable for Mums to use too - but our aim was to develop a carrier system that is comfortable and practical for Dads, built around a central harness that is more ergonomically tailored for a male torso.  

We think that Dads are an afterthought when it comes to designing baby products - especially babycarriers. We're looking to change that!

The JACS is just as comfortable for mums to use when front carrying a child. However, due to the design of the harness front section, women may find that back carrying is less comfortable.  

We're aiming to work on developing a harness that is more suitable and comfortable for mums to use at some point in the not too distant future.

After all - we're not built the same, so why settle for the same!

More information on The JACS can be found on our website:

Here's what a few others have to say about JACS: - There are few carry scenarios that can rival the complexity of carrying a baby along with necessary childcare items. Military carry is one of them though, so it makes sense that the JACS baby carrier has embraced tactical inspiration for its design. The military aesthetics are aimed at dads, but there’s no reason moms can’t get in on the action too. - Man-up with this papoose that looks more like an army tactical vest, designed by one of our action dads. It's got loads of pockets, including one that's even big enough for your baby: ... because it's fun to pretend your child is Yoda, right Skywalker? - Is this the coolest baby carrier you've ever seen? I think so!!! - A front wearing, back wearing, additional kit wearing baby carrier that has so many options you won’t know where to start. Best product I've seen in a very long time... - Looking for a great carrying system - look no further!

What make the JACS different?   

The JACS offers active parents , and in particular dads, a high performance alternative to the mum-centric and unisex baby carriers currently available, and provides a rugged and durable system for parents that want a carrying device that not only stands apart from other carriers, in terms of functionality and versatility, but lets the adventure continue off the beaten track.

With up to 8 different configuration options, The JACS can be quickly and easily tailored to meet the needs of the mission ahead. Choose your set-up from either of the following:

  • Harness + Baby-Carrier (front mounted - inward or outward facing)
  • Harness + Baby-Carrier (back mounted) 
  • Harness + Baby_Carrier (front mounted) + Backpack 
  • Harness + Baby-Carrier (back mounted) + Chest-Pouch 
  • Harness + Backpack + Chest-Pouch 
  • Harness + Chest-Pouch 
  • Harness + Backpack 
  • Backpack (off system)

Designed around the principles of military load carrying equipment, and constructed from super-tough military grade materials, with intuitive functionality, The JACS offers parents a complete baby-carrying system that is uniquely Modular, Adaptable, Durable, and Expandable.

The system enables the user to quickly and easily adapt the set-up of the system in line with their specific day to day needs, using the harness as the base for attaching the desired accessories.  

The JACS innovative mounting platform allows a high degree of component interchangeability, and enables the backpack to be easily attached and detached to the harness without the need to remove either the baby-carrier or harness, making it ideal for fast on the move equipment access.The backpack also converts into a standalone daypack by simply attaching the adaptor straps provided as standard.

The air-mesh padded babycarrier component also features a removable 100% cotton comfort liner, that can be quickly and easily swapped out in seconds, for washing in the event of soiling. No need to wash the whole carrier when accidents happen!

Got twins (or a baby and a toddler)? No problem. With a JACS you can carry both at the same time, as the harness can accommodate a front and back mounted babycarrier component at the same time. 

What do I get with a JACS?   

The JACS Complete Package includes the following components, allowing the full range of up to 8 different carrying configurations:

  • Harness
  • Baby-Carrier - with removable 100% cotton liner
  • Standard 12 Litre Backpack - with expander zip for added storage, and adaptor straps
  • Chest-Pouch - with 3 cargo pockets for wipes/nappies, bottles, etc.
  • 2 x Back-Carry Straps - for added safety and security when carrying toddlers in the back-mounted carry position
  • 1 x additional babycarrier cotton liner 
The launch range is available in both Tactical Black or Digital Multi-Camouflage options. Other colour and pattern choices will be added to the product range at a later date, post-launch.

In addition to the current product range, we are also developing an expanded range of attachable accessories, ensuring The JACS is adaptable to any baby-carrying challenge ..... and more.

How is The JACS made?
The JACS has been designed with the requirements of European safety standards in mind, and has successfully completed EN 13209-2:2005 safety testing.  

The JACS Babycarrier component has also been specifically designed with a wide seat-base, to provide a high degree of hip and thigh support in younger babies. Dependent on the age and size of the child being carried, the degree of knee-to-knee support will vary,and will reduce as the child grows older. However, we are currently developing additional ancillary components, such as seat inserts and attachable stirrups, that will enable users to continue to provide the child with a range of leg positioning options when being carried.

The JACS is constructed from lightweight yet robust military grade materials, including 1000D Cordura fabric, high tension rot-proof thread, and 3D spacer mesh breathable padding. 

The JACS features side release buckle connections and also two karabiners, making connecting and adjusting the harness and carrier components simple, fast, and intuitive.

The JACS also features MOLLE (Modular Lightweight Load-Carrying Equipment) style webbing loops for attaching accessories, soft toys, and additional pouches, allowing for quick and easy access to the most frequently needed items. This system also enables other non-JACS MOLLE pouches and additional storage accessories currently being developed to be easily integrated too.

Our manufacturing partner specialises in producing a wide range of military and law enforcement tactical equipment. Designed and built to an exacting high standard, all components of The JACS are rigorously inspected at every stage of their construction.   

Our Story ...

I first had the inspiration for The JACS after taking my son Jack (now 3 1/2 years old) on his first plane journey. Using a market-leading baby-carrier, I found that I still had to rely on using non-compatible shoulder bags or backpacks to carry all of the accessories and equipment needed to care for Jack. 

This solution was neither stylish or practical - leading to the first design of a modular baby and equipment carrying system for Dads, and active parents. 

The aim was to create an all-in-one carrier system that married many of the features of soft-structured harness carriers and backpack mounted framed carriers, the latter being suitable for use with babies from around 12 months onwards, creating a product that was equally at home in urban and outdoor environments.

The carrier needed to have the following features:

  • Suitable for use from 3 months to around 3 years – providing security, comfort, and support for the baby/toddler 
  •  Multi-positional (minimum of front inward/outward facing and back carry positions) 
  • Feature accessible multiple storage capability, which is also detachable 
  • Ease of use – with familiar connections, fastenings, and adjustment options 
  • Comfort – allowing for even weight distribution and support across the back, shoulders, and hips 
  • Durability – constructed of weatherproof materials, and be robust enough for a variety of activities 
  • Modular – allowing the user to adapt the carrier based on their individual needs 
  •  Adaptability – to allow the carrier system to grow with the child, and beyond, ensuring longevity of use 

From the original concept in 2012, The JACS has been further designed, developed, and tested for the extreme challenges of parenting.

Why do we need your help? 

We've come a long way since the idea for the JACS, and have been busy developing the concept and fine-tuning the finished product to bring it to a market ready stage. 

We're ready to go now - And that's where we need your support!

A successful Kickstarter campaign will enable us to order the first production run. The minimum order quantity for manufacturing is 300 units - however, our manufacturing partner has now agreed to a lower order quantity of 100 units, to assist us in launching the product to market.

Funds raised will go towards financing the first 100 unit production run, shipping and handling fees, storage, packaging, and dispatch of pledge rewards to all of our wonderful backers. 

Please help us to reach our goal, and bring The JACS to active parents everywhere! 

We're also keen to involve friends of JACS in the design process, as we continue to develop the system to meet as many varied uses as possible. If you have an idea or suggestion for features or add-on components you would like to see, let us know, we'd love to hear from you.

Follow our journey on social media on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, by clicking the links below, and help us to spread the campaign message either by liking, following, or tweeting.

Thanks for your support - Let's make it happen!

Pledge Rewards (the great stuff you get for backing us) .....

See the below for the full range of pledge rewards:

Pledge £10 or more and receive the ....

Pledge £25 or more and receive the ....

 Pledge £35 or more and receive the ....

Pledge £100 or more and receive the JACS Early Bird Complete Package - available in Tactical Black or Digital Multicam ....

Pledge £128 or more and receive the JACS Complete Package (and save 20% off the RRP) - available in Tactical Black or Digital Multicam ....

Pledge £200 or more and receive the JACS Double Package ....

Pledge £500 or more and receive the JACS Superstar Package ....

All JACS Complete Package Rewards are available to select in either Tactical Black or Digital Multicam colour options. We'll send you a message to check which option you would like, when we receive your Backer notification.

All pledges for £100+ will also receive be listed on the JACS Wall of Fame, and be sent regular progress updates.

Other projects we love ....

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We're in awe of the sleek retro styling of this watch, and love the interchangeable strap designs. Hope you like it too!

Risks and challenges

Unlike a lot of other babycarrier manufacturers, we are not a large corporate organisation - we're just normal parents with a big idea.

Our mission is to launch The JACS, prior to developing additional products that attach to the system and increase the functionality of the range. We hope to be able to work closely with our customers by responding to user feedback and suggestions, to help expand the product range with components that meet their needs as parents.

We've established a good relationship with our manufacturing partner, who specialises in producing high specification tactical equipment to a number of military and law enforcement agencies globally. They have been working closely with us on final design and sample production for over 6 months now, and have proved very efficient and reliable.

This is the second time out for The JACS on Kickstarter - unfortunately, our first campaign was unsuccessful! Were we being too ambitious? Maybe!

Since then, we've gone back to our manufacturing partner, and agreed a reduced minimum order quantity for the first production run - from 300 units down to 100. This has given us the opportunity to relaunch the campaign with a much lower funding target, which is great news for everyone who backed us in round 1, and for everyone else that wants to get on board.

Production time for the first 100+ units takes 35 days, and we have allowed an additional 10 days to account for shipping and handling. As soon as we have the stock in our hands, then we'll be sending them out to all of our generous backers.

We aim to deliver each JACS package reward sooner than the projected fulfillment dates listed, but have built in additional time to account for possible delays in production or delivery.

We've already started production, as we reached 100% earlier in the campaign, and everything is on track for our scheduled September shipping time-frame.

If problems do arise, we will notify our backers straight away, and keep you updated with any changes to the delivery schedule, and provide alternative options where necessary.

Please drop us an email at, if you need any further information. We're happy to answer any additional questions that you might have.

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    Pledge £10 or more About US$ 13

    The Wall of Fame!

    We'll name you as a supporter on The JACS website.

    See your name in lights on the “We made it happen” Thank-you page.

    Instant Feelgood factor guaranteed!

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    Pledge £25 or more About US$ 31

    The JACS Onesie

    Let your little munchkin go tactical in a 100% cotton body suit printed with the JACS logo.

    Size: 6-12 months

    Colour: Black

    We'll send it to you for free, and also name you as a supporter on The JACS website on our “We made it happen” Thank-you page.

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    Limited 1 backer
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    Pledge £35 or more About US$ 44

    Grab yourself a stylish JACS baseball cap, and be the envy of the cap-less masses.

    The JACS charcoal grey baseball cap is made from 100% heavy brushed cottonand features a light grey JACS embroidered logo.

    We'll even send it to you for free!

    Estimated delivery
    Limited 9 backers
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  4. Reward no longer available

    Pledge £100 or more About US$ 126

    Early Bird Special - Get Them While They're Hot!

    Save a whopping £60 on the RRP - and be one of the first to receive a JACS.

    The JACS Complete Package has everything needed to adapt the system to it's full potential - Ready for the any parenting adventure.

    The Complete Package contains the harness, baby-carrier, standard 12 litre backpack, chest-pouch, back-carry straps, and an additional carrier liner.

    Choose from either Black or Camo options.

    Estimated delivery
    Ships to Anywhere in the world
    Reward no longer available 31 backers
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    Pledge £128 or more About US$ 161

    Not So Early Bird Complete Package!

    You might have missed out on the Early Bird deal, but we've still got a great JACS offer for you.

    Get your hands on a The JACS Complete Package, and save £32 of the RRP! We'll even throw in a JACS baseball cap for free!

    The JACS Complete Package has everything needed to adapt the system to it's full potential - Ready for the next parenting adventure.

    Choose from either Black or Camo options.

    Estimated delivery
    Ships to Anywhere in the world
    Limited 15 backers
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    Pledge £200 or more About US$ 251

    The JACS Double Whammy!

    Not one, but two JACS Complete Packages. Saving £120 on the full RRP.

    Receive both a Tactical Black and Digital Multicam JACS - ready for any urban or outdoors adventures.

    We'll even throw in a JACS baseball cap for free!

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    Pledge £350 or more About US$ 440

    The JACS Superstar Package!

    Not one, but two JACS Complete Packages in Tactical Black and/or Digital Multicam options - with free shipping.

    Plus be the first to receive every new addition to the product range for FREE.

    That's right - you'll get EVERY new JACS product that we develop for free, before they're even released!

    To give you an idea of what's in the pipeline, we're working on a 20l Backpack, attachable toddler carrier, and various MOLLE utility pouches, plus other accessories.

    We'll even throw in two JACS Babygrows, two JACS baseball caps, and two exclusive "JACS - Built for Adventure" polo-shirts!

    You'll also be listed as an Offical JACS Superstar on our "We Made It Happen" Thank-you page.

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