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The analog productivity system that offers the freedom of a blank page with the clarity of a digital system.
The analog productivity system that offers the freedom of a blank page with the clarity of a digital system.
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November Update

Posted by Ryder Carroll (Creator)

Dear Bulletjournalists,

Happy November!

I just wanted to give you guys a monthly update as to how things are going.


I sent out a survey to notebook backers that will allow me to place the first order and then ship the books. For those of you that have taken the survey, thank you! For those of you who haven’t gotten around to it yet, please fill out the survey by Friday November 5th. The survey provides me with your shipping information, and I can’t send you your books without this info.


As for the website, I’ve been collecting feedback from backers to start framing the final scope of features for the next version of the website. Once the books ship, I’ll be able to shift my attention back to developing the site. There are a lot of books that need to get to a lot of people, so it will take a little time, but rest-assured, i’m on it!

Amazon “Failed” Payments

 For those of you experiencing credit card issues with Amazon (you would have been notified), please check this link here for answers:

I missed the kickstarter but want a book

For those of you who have missed the kickstarter but would still like to purchase the unlimited edition journal, please subscribe to the newsletter to be notified when they are ready for sale:

Thanks again for all your support and encouragement.

Please feel free to message me with any questions.

Very best, Ryder

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    1. Clare K. R. Miller on

      I don't think I got the survey. I definitely didn't get the update before this (I didn't know there was one until I saw a reference to the new guidelines in a Facebook group). Is it still possible to fill out the survey?

    2. Missing avatar

      Lisa on

      Are we due for another monthly update? I love kickstarter for watching the process of what is being made!

    3. Mark Stanley on

      Hi, I don't think I ever got the survey - how do I get my reward?

    4. Missing avatar

      Devan Paul on

      I haven't gotten the survey...

    5. Ryder Carroll Creator on

      EDIT: the due date is the Friday the 7th of November, not 5th as stated above.

    6. Ryder Carroll Creator on

      @Epactall, the guide is printed in the journal. It's not an insert.

    7. Phaedra Weldon on

      It probably was, Mr. Carroll, but I had to reformat my hard drive on Wednesday, November 29 due to the Flashback virus. The worst casualty was my mail. :( Three years of it.

    8. Julian Summerhayes on

      Looking good from this side of the pond Ryder, and can't wait to get my hands on the first book. Thanks. Julian

    9. Missing avatar

      Epactal Claviger on

      Carroll: For clarification - The 8-Page Bullet Journal Guide will be an insert, correct? Not permanently printed into each notebook?

    10. Ryder Carroll Creator on

      @phaedra It should be in your inbox.

    11. Phaedra Weldon on

      Uh oh...what happens if you think you missed the survey?