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Taposé brings the once hyped Courier to the iPad. The ingenious split interface allows interaction with multiple apps simultaneously
1,274 backers pledged $26,561 to help bring this project to life.

Additional Backer Rewards - Sorry &Thank You

Posted by Benjamin Monnig (Creator)

Want to start off by communicating how sorry we are about the iTunes gifting issues that have been encountered for non-U.S. users, and the delay in getting codes to U.S. users due to other issues.  Ricky and I could have never created Tapose without your help, there is absolutely no question about that.  These issues should have been foreseen and a solution determined before yesterday.

As an apology and duplicating as a thank you for sticking by us for over a year, we'd like to send out an additional small reward to backers.  Yes, it was over a year.  Launched on Kickstarter March 23, 2011, and launched Tapose March 27, 2012.  This is a long time to stick by anything, especially two developers creating an app.   It has not been determined what this reward will be yet, and may need to wait a month to send it out so revenues can come in, but it is something that we would like to do.  Feel free to give opinions on this additional reward below.

Again, very sorry for the inconvenience around the gift codes, and thank you so much for all your support!


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    1. Missing avatar

      Manickam Janakiraman on

      This project experience was one reason I stopped kickstarter backing altogether. I pay high price and wait a year but other users get the same for $2.99. Total rip-off!

      I feel cheated!

    2. digital tuning, inc. on

      So not only did you overcharge your backers $10 for a $3 app, then you said you'd do something to make it up and then didn't. Bravo.

    3. John Maddocks on

      We're the gifts ever sent? If so, I never received anything.

    4. Missing avatar

      Uffe Hagen on

      Seems to have stopped

    5. Katia Johansen on

      Haven't been able to download Taposé in Denmark, though I tried the workaround in iTunes. Can you help?

    6. Layne Tepleski on

      Time for another update on the status of our gift codes

    7. Guido Alexander Sanchez on

      Perhaps a cloud subscription?

    8. Ross Freeman on

      I agree with Jeremiah. The current way is confusing and slightly clunky. The way the iBooks app has it is really nice and should be the way Tapose is handled. When I do the 2 finger sliding, I keep accidentally drawing random lines on the page. Overall, it's still a great app that could use a few improvements.

    9. Jeremiah Clark on

      I find that behavior to be completely distracting. The first time it happened I wondered if I'd encountered a bug.

      Personally, I don't feel it adds any realism since I would shift my gaze or move the notebook when turning the page, I certainly wouldn't doggedly focus on the right most page then slowly slide my view over where it's supposed to be. As it is it feels like gratuitous flash that just gets in the way of actually using the app.

      Again, in apps like iBooks and Kindle when in portrait mode the book is treated as if there is only printing on one side, completely eliminating this problem. That would be a good model to emulate.

    10. Benjamin Monnig Creator on

      @Court, this is because Journals have two pages side by side. When flipping page 2 in portrait mode, it will first show page 4 then slide over to page 3 automatically. When you "flip" page 1 in portrait mode, it just slides over to page 2. We did this to keep consistency and to feel more like an actual moleskin. Are you finding that this not intuitive? Should it just flip pages instead of sliding?

    11. Court Campion on

      @Jeremiah Clark, "..there's the weird way they turn in portrait mode, showing you the opposite page then sliding over to the page you're supposed to be looking at." This is the same problem I am getting.

    12. Benjamin Monnig Creator on

      @Jean, if you haven't already, can you send us a private message with your email address and whether or not you are a non-U.S. backer? Thanks!

    13. Jean Paul Hope Mou on

      Unfortunaly i have not received my code but i am positive after all this mayhem passes i will get it.i am 100% behind what you guys are doing so i guess i can wait a little longer just don forget to send me a code !!

    14. Missing avatar

      Ben Thompson on

      @ Eddie Aubrey - Since Tapose's subscription services rely on cloud storage, there are no doubt some fixed (or more likely sliding scale) per-user costs associated with that. It may not be realistic for us to expect the guys to provide a subscription to 1200-odd backers at anything less than cost price - worst case, it could wipe out their entire revenue stream in one hit, or even leave them in debt in the long term.

      Also, there will be a (large?) number of users for whom the iPad's internal storage meets their requirements, for these folks a reward based on cloud subscription would be rather pointless.

    15. Missing avatar

      Eddie Aubrey on

      As a reward for backing, possibly a free year of cloud subscription since the app was sold at 2.99, and we backed for more than the cost of the app? What do you think?

    16. Missing avatar

      Andreas Ødegård on

      Page turning can be done three ways:
      *Sliding horizontally on the little ear on each page
      *Using two fingers to slide
      *using the index.

      The sliding with one finger thing took me a bit to figure out too but it's semi-consistently when you do

    17. Jeremiah Clark on

      For me even tapping on the corners takes several taps before they turn. Swiping with two fingers is hit or miss, almost not worth it. There's also the fact that the pages turn very slowly, with a noticeable delay. Finally, there's the weird way they turn in portrait mode, showing you the opposite page then sliding over to the page you're supposed to be looking at. Maybe not everyone is seeing this, but I'm not the only one who has mentioned it in the comments here or on their site.

      Getting the pages to turn as nicely as something like iBooks is probably not realistic, given the complexity of this app and the size of the dev team. But even making the pages slide like in the Kindle app would be great. Speaking of iBooks though, maybe you could take one hint from them and in any view that only shows one page, as opposed to two side by side, treat it as if there is only writing on one side of the page. That's how most readers do it, and it works well, avoiding the sliding view problem altogether.

      I know I'm being hard on the final product, but that's only because it has so much potential to change the way I use my iPad. What's already present would be enough if not for the lagging and constant crashes. You guys have been great about communication what's happening, and the offer of some sort of thanks/apology is nice to see. I do have faith that all the kinks will be worked out, but that can only happen if we make the problems we're seeing clear. I hope my tone hasn't implied that I'm just out to attack or tear your work apart.

    18. Tod Wicks on

      To Benjamin and Ricky: I am nothing short of impressed with your product. That you had so many roadblocks that were overcome was just sad. I hope things get resolved for those who are still waiting for their copies.

      I got the itunes notification late the other night while on my iPad and went immediately to the ITMS to redeem the code. Maybe I'm one of the lucky few as the process was totally painless and within minutes I was working my way through the interactive tutorial (which, by the way, is a great learning tool). I've gotten into Tapose over the past couple of days and find that it's simply fantastic.

      As for an "apology reward," I'll just go with the flow. This app is so kewl that whatever bonus comes along will be fine.

      The reviews are trickling out and they all are positive, even mentioning J Allard's backing. Thanks for everything, especially the periodic status reports.

    19. Tod Wicks on

      Regarding turning pages: are you tapping the upper left or right corners? That's how i get the pages to turn and it's consistent.

    20. Court Campion on

      Agreed Steve, page turning is pretty awful. Benjamin, what is the best way to report bugs as I am getting quite a few.

    21. Steve Brown on

      Still can't use the app on my iPad. Can't get the pages to turn in the tutorial. Can you help?

    22. Benjamin Monnig Creator on

      Or you can sent us a private message on Kickstarter.

    23. Missing avatar

      Jennifer on

      Happy that the app is finally approved but the issue for non-us backers does need to be resolved as others have mentioned. I don't fancy the work around solution and don't particularly want to purchase the app again...
      I like the idea of perhaps a capped lifetime limit for cloud also, as an additional perk.

    24. Benjamin Monnig Creator on

      @Anne, we've requested that all non-U.S. backers reply to the iTunes email they received. it should email Ricky or I, and we will attempt to correct the situation. Thanks

    25. Missing avatar

      Anne Botha on

      The apology is appreciated, but I do want to know what is about to be done about non-us backers? The two account solution isn't an answer to being able to use Tapose. The additional reward is a nice idea, but it would be great if a solution was created for us that would provide the normal way of installing and updating an application.

    26. Carles Garcia Ballesteros on

      About additional rewards let me make a suggestion: Instead of spending your time or money on a reward, what about to add a new feature for free to backers ? What about the possibility of adding at journals pages links to our docs/notes in Gdocs, Evernote, Dropbox, Icloud, etc... ?

    27. Missing avatar

      Mikey on

      Id like to think that as the backers that got this project off the ground, we 1274 would be able to have some type of "perk" over the others that are paying only $2.99.
      Correct me if Im wrong, but there was a previous update a while back about backers getting a free year of cloud service? Was that decided on?
      Perhaps a capped lifetime limit for cloud?

    28. Carles Garcia Ballesteros on

      So, finally, after creating my brand new AppleID for the US Store, Taposé is running on my firts gen Ipad, and after a few crashes, I think I got it. Well done boys.

    29. Missing avatar

      Franck Perez on

      A possibility would be that Backers will be offer a complimentary access to version 2.0 (if this is to be charged and not a simple update).

    30. James Sherrard on

      Hey, a user from the UK, just putting my name out there for when the non-US codes come round :)

    31. Max Ziebell on

      I hate to see that I need an additional account for non-US. I had this once when somebody gave me a giftcard from the US. My biggest wish would be a non-US giftcard that can be used with my account in Europe. if somehow possible! I am from Germany

    32. Missing avatar

      Daniel King on

      Looking forward to getting proficient with the new Tapose app. Given that subscription service wasn't contemplated when the pledge categories were set up (the $100 or more could have included lifetime subscription), and the time delay.....I offer the suggestion that all backers get 1 year free of the subscription service.

    33. Andreas Hansen on

      No problem! You've been amazing at updating all your backers (including me) through the rough process. Congratulation that you're now on AppStore. I really hope the best for you regarding sales. Only had the chance to test the Tapose shortly (works fine outside US - just need to change account in iTunes), but it looks very promising and very intuitive. Very good job, guys!

    34. Benjamin Monnig Creator on

      @David, some others have had this issue. When you look up Tapose in the appstore, does it show "install" or "$2.99"? If it says "install" then the code worked. Some of the other backers said it initially showed "$2.99" but then "install" later. Hope this helps.

    35. Missing avatar

      David Hall on

      BTW, I accidentally tried to download the app to my iPhone yesterday (without luck). When I tried to download it to my iPad yesterday evening, it told me that the coupon had already been used, and would not allow me to download.