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Taposé brings the once hyped Courier to the iPad. The ingenious split interface allows interaction with multiple apps simultaneously
Taposé brings the once hyped Courier to the iPad. The ingenious split interface allows interaction with multiple apps simultaneously
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    1. Missing avatar

      Daniel Marcos on

      Never mind, i found it ;) Sorry and thank you very much!

    2. Missing avatar

      Daniel Marcos on

      I have not received my code code yet? Should i be worried?

    3. Missing avatar

      Adrian Brewer on

      Congrats on getting to your goal. Hope it all works well for you.
      Thanks for the voucher code but will not work here in the UK. ( I think you know that by now ).
      I have tried the work around but no go.
      Can you do anything your end to get it working over here in blighty

      Many thanks and good luck

      Adrian Brewer UK

    4. Missing avatar

      Lynn E-S on

      I really don't think the workaround is a viable solution. This app is available in my app store so the gift code should be valid. I've already paid 3 times the cost of the app as a backer. Please sort this out with Apple.

    5. Missing avatar

      Goran Sandwall on

      Your suggested workaround caused me to be locked out of my normal iTunes account and I have had a big problem get it back up and running again. I do not suggest others to try the workaround. Any suggestions.

    6. Grace Smith on

      I've tried the workaround mentioned in your email however Apple no longer offers the option to have 'None' as the payment type so there is no way for me (UK BASED) to download the app after waiting so long for it. I'm sure other people who aren't from the USA are going to have the same trouble.

      Any ideas on other workarounds?

    7. thatVargas on

      I purchased the app as well since the code did not work for me in Canada. Can I regift my code by sending it to a friend in the US?

    8. Missing avatar

      Øystein Lorentzen on

      Sorry to say! Not possible for me to find the app. Not possible to make an US iTunes acount from Norway without using a creditcard.

    9. Benjamin Monnig Creator on

      @Paul, that is very nice of you to say. Very sorry about the gift code debacle.

    10. Missing avatar

      Paul B Ljucovic on

      Hey. I've moved to Canada for work since sponsoring this project so my gift code did not work. However, the app was only $2.99 so I just bought it. I am still happy I sponsored the project, the final product looks spectacular!

    11. Ross Freeman on

      Please check the Taposé twitter feed at to get all of the latest updates. For those who want to know, they are currently gifting them and you will all get them within the next couple of hours. After all, they do have to gift 1274 of them!

    12. Conrad Lopez on

      I did not get that email announcement nor any other communication from Tapose and now the app is in the store and I have no way to get it yet. Somebody? Jeez, feel like I've been more then patient about this.

    13. Missing avatar

      Linda Barkin on

      Congrats. It was a long haul but hopefully you will reap many benefits for you persistance. Good job.

    14. Tod Wicks on

      @ Conrad Lopez: Did you read the email announcement? It was crisp and to the point. Here it is for further review:

      Tapose has finally been approved. It will be in the appstore with the next 24 hours and we will send out gifted copies once it Tapose is officially in the appstore.

      Now go back and read the part in the middle where it states that gifted copies will be sent out. This means that the Tapose team will email each of us backers a gift redemption code that we can use in the App Store to receive our copies.

    15. Conrad Lopez on

      Now that you are approved what is the process by which I will get my app?

    16. Benjamin Monnig Creator on

      @chronzz, Tapose is not a bust. We will get Tapose launched, and apps gifted to all backers how got the $10 reward. Very sorry for the extreme delay, but please remember that we were completed 4-5 months ago and have been waiting on Apple to approve. Looks like they have finally given the "ok" for Tapose UI, and are supposedly expediting the most recent review. For further updates, please see @Daniels message below and visit the website. Thanks!

    17. Missing avatar

      Daniel King on

      Guys, there are more recent updates and information @ It might be approved by next week.

    18. chronzz on

      How can we get a refund since this is a bust?

    19. EWJ on

      Would be great to get an update. I would love to get the product.

    20. Christian Skorik on

      Any updates guys? I'm really looking forward to using your product!

    21. Missing avatar on

      @Rob new post shows the calender and task items have been removed. This was just a simple link into the Apple API which apple wasn't keen on. This has been changed and the fix has been made.

    22. Benjamin Monnig Creator on

      @Rob, no loss of functionality minus the middle position of the Slide Bar currently. That's why the appeal was helpful. We will try to get the middle position of the Slide Bar back in a quick update if possible.

    23. Rob Richards on

      Great news on what now appears to be a success with Apple. However, a question, ... If there hasn't been any loss of functionality, how is it that it NOW gets thru Apple ?
      Or IHAS there been some functions lost from that which you originally intended and reported to your backers ?

    24. Jeremiah Clark on

      Is there any way we can contact Apple on behalf of Tapose? I don't want you guys getting in trouble for organizing anything (which would be reasonable on Apple's part, in my opinion), I'm just wondering if there is some particular email or web form to direct comments at? Or maybe a name or number to reference so it gets to the right person? I doubt a normal support message would do any good.

    25. Lawrence Cooper on

      If Apple won't take it - make it work on Android!!!! Please!

    26. Missing avatar

      Andreas Ødegård on

      JoeO, if it's the "Open in..." feature you're talking about, that's built right into iOS and used by thousands of apps. The full reason for the reject is given in the update if you click the "updates" tab above

    27. Missing avatar

      JoeO on

      Any ideas on what the basis for the rejection is?

      Personally I suspected that Apple might reject it on the basis of it having 'Launch app' type functionality (Apple don't like replacement app launchers)....

    28. Christian Skorik on

      :( I'm sorry to hear about this guys. Not your fault, of course.

    29. Missing avatar on

      The App has been rejected by Apple (according to the Facebook post made by Tapose)

    30. Benjamin Monnig Creator on

      No update on the appstore approval. We have contacted Apple to inquire about the status.

    31. Missing avatar

      Eric Amend on

      Why do you insist on continuing to so ignorant and difficult, Andreas??

      I know, and knew, when Tapose submitted the App for approval, but what you are unwilling to acknowledge, accept, or are incapable of comprehending for some mystifying reason, is that, Tapose did in fact "reset" the time frame on December 15th, whether you like it or not, to the other 1,273 of us by saying that they will "update us WHEN they hear something from Apple". Guess what??? They still haven't heard anything yet because they have't updated us since Decmber 15th!! ((Actually, the 1,273 of us already have the app and we're playing a trick on you!!))

      OR, maybe they did hear something, they have to resubmit, and don't want to tell us that. That's up to them, but you being impatiently obnoxious isn't going to improve the turnaround time!! Logic would hope you could comprehend that, but it seems that your impatience is overriding your ability to do so!!

      SO.... ONE MORE TIME.... your childish impatience of, and I'm paraphrasing here, "I don't care if it's Christmas or not, tell me what's going on RIGHT NOW because I want to know!!" is overly obnoxious and extremely rude!!

    32. Missing avatar

      Andreas Ødegård on

      And in case it still wasn't clear: a month in Apple's hands. A time frame that isn't reset by Tapose updates on this page.

    33. Missing avatar

      Andreas Ødegård on

      Let me explain this slowly so perhaps you can keep up: the app was submitted on December 5th. Apple stops app submissions over Christmas, but even so, this is an unusual amount of time for an app to be in review unless something is wrong. Apple has a tendency to deny apps on the weirdest of reasons (e.g. a developer of a note app I use got an update denied because the app contained a web browser, in which case Apple demands 17+ age rating, although that actually isn't enforced by all reviewers. That's the sort of quick note I'm looking for, nothing else. Nothing rude about that.

    34. Missing avatar

      Eric Amend on

      If you're not suggesting to Tapose that they speed it up, then what could you possibly want from them?? The obvious, and only, answer is that you want another update??

      Well then, you're the one who cannot count/read because Tapose's last update was on December 15, NOT the 5th!! Please click on updates and look for the video and then please take special note of the last sentence where they say "We will be updating you as soon as we hear anything". That sentence right there, it's not too tough to miss and it was followed by "Have a nice Day".

      Like I said... you'll get it when you get it!! ((either the app OR an update))

      P.S. "Christmas or no Christmas" was implying that you don't care whether or not that the biggest holiday of the year just passed because you want: an update from Tapose or your App from store. Whichever it was, that's just a plain rude way to ask for anything!!

    35. Missing avatar

      Andreas Ødegård on

      @Eric Amend: I don't know what your problem is, but there was nothing obnoxious about my comment. First off, you can't count, as the update about the app being submitted to Apple was posted December 5th. Today is January 5th. Do the math. Second, I'm not suggesting that the Tapose guys can do anything to speed it up here, as they have submitted the app to Apple, which means it's in their hands now.

      As for the iPen, my message to the project creators regarding the issue is dated November 23rd. I assumed they simply weren't aware of it and wanted to bring it to their attention. They completely ignored that message for over a month until a website called them out on it, forcing them to comment on the issue. To me, that just makes them bigger crooks than they were originally.

    36. Missing avatar

      Eric Amend on

      @Andreas Odegard,

      Actually, it's only been 18 days from the time of Tapose's last update until you posted your obnoxious comment, which is two and a half weeks here on Planet Earth, and isn't considered a month.... "Christmas or no Christmas". So hold your horses there lil' man, you'll get it when you get it!!

      And don't be trolling here about the iPen, which I'm also backing, because they had already rectified the issue. Sorry if you didn't get the memo, I did.

    37. Missing avatar

      Andreas Ødegård on

      Any update on the review process? Been a month, Christmas or no Chritstmas.

      Btw, be careful about that iPen thing. They advertise it as being world's first, but an almost identical product was shown off months ago, called the aPen or something like that. I confronted the iPen people about this and got no response. Smells like scammers, or at least very sleazy people who rely on deceit to sell their product.

    38. Gerald Lutz on

      Have you noticed the iPen Kickstarter project? Adding support for that seems like a no-brainer for this product!

    39. Missing avatar

      achecht on

      I can't believe it. I know that I get a free copy of Tapose from being a backer, but do you think I'm going to wait even 2 seconds for that promo code before I just purchase another copy via the App Store as soon as Apple approves it? Now I just have to decide who gets my promo code I guess.

    40. Missing avatar

      joe319 on

      Thanks for the update. I can really use this program so am looking forward to it. But, no stress from here. I'd rather have it running smoothly than get a copy that has problems. It looks great.

    41. Oliver Meyer on

      + 1 on the collaboration features, can't wait to play around with it.
      BUT, please get the writing features right, I just ordered a jot from the states. For me, this is one of the key features to tapose, without proper handwriting tools I don't see the point of the whole app.. may the force be with you, you're almost there...

    42. Missing avatar

      JoeO on

      I've not received a shipment notification for the Tapose keepsake (I whose the $100 level because I was particularly interested in the keepsake...).

      You do have my shipping address as I received my stylus okay...

    43. Ross Freeman on

      Glad to hear! I could hardly wait to get my hands on it.

    44. Benjamin Monnig Creator on

      Ross, we are getting VERY close :). The book is the Tapose keepsake.

    45. Ross Freeman on

      I just got my shipment notification for the book! I was a little confused at first lol. Hopefully this is a sign that Tapose will be released soon.

    46. Missing avatar

      Mikey on

      Just read a story over at CNET about Courier/Tapose. Exciting to hear that a former Microsoft executive is one of the largest backers of this project. Maybe hes even given some input on the design/features?
      Makes me even more anxious to get my hands on it!

    47. allen klesh on

      Still have not been able to answer my survey, does this mean I don't get a copy?

    48. Oliver Meyer on

      Hey guys,
      great to hear that everything's on track but could you possibly be more vague about the new collaboration features? How about some details for your backers? And: when will we finally get to play around with the Tapose App?

    49. Missing avatar

      JoeO on

      I have to say I was sceptical about the Jot stylus but having used it for a couple of days now I'm convinced.
      Good choice guys, well done!

      Now if I can just get my hands on Tapose... :-)

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