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Taposé brings the once hyped Courier to the iPad. The ingenious split interface allows interaction with multiple apps simultaneously
Taposé brings the once hyped Courier to the iPad. The ingenious split interface allows interaction with multiple apps simultaneously
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    1. Gerald Lutz on

      Have you noticed the iPen Kickstarter project? Adding support for that seems like a no-brainer for this product!

    2. Missing avatar

      achecht on

      I can't believe it. I know that I get a free copy of Tapose from being a backer, but do you think I'm going to wait even 2 seconds for that promo code before I just purchase another copy via the App Store as soon as Apple approves it? Now I just have to decide who gets my promo code I guess.

    3. Missing avatar

      joe319 on

      Thanks for the update. I can really use this program so am looking forward to it. But, no stress from here. I'd rather have it running smoothly than get a copy that has problems. It looks great.

    4. Oliver Meyer on

      + 1 on the collaboration features, can't wait to play around with it.
      BUT, please get the writing features right, I just ordered a jot from the states. For me, this is one of the key features to tapose, without proper handwriting tools I don't see the point of the whole app.. may the force be with you, you're almost there...

    5. Missing avatar

      JoeO on

      I've not received a shipment notification for the Tapose keepsake (I whose the $100 level because I was particularly interested in the keepsake...).

      You do have my shipping address as I received my stylus okay...

    6. Ross Freeman on

      Glad to hear! I could hardly wait to get my hands on it.

    7. Benjamin Monnig Creator on

      Ross, we are getting VERY close :). The book is the Tapose keepsake.

    8. Ross Freeman on

      I just got my shipment notification for the book! I was a little confused at first lol. Hopefully this is a sign that Tapose will be released soon.

    9. Missing avatar

      Mikey on

      Just read a story over at CNET about Courier/Tapose. Exciting to hear that a former Microsoft executive is one of the largest backers of this project. Maybe hes even given some input on the design/features?
      Makes me even more anxious to get my hands on it!

    10. allen klesh on

      Still have not been able to answer my survey, does this mean I don't get a copy?

    11. Oliver Meyer on

      Hey guys,
      great to hear that everything's on track but could you possibly be more vague about the new collaboration features? How about some details for your backers? And: when will we finally get to play around with the Tapose App?

    12. Missing avatar

      JoeO on

      I have to say I was sceptical about the Jot stylus but having used it for a couple of days now I'm convinced.
      Good choice guys, well done!

      Now if I can just get my hands on Tapose... :-)

    13. JOE Houde on

      Hey guys - any issues with the new ios5 multi-task gestures? I've noticed that my writing is hered on a few apps when they are enabled.

    14. Benjamin Monnig Creator on

      Great to hear Ross!

    15. Ross Freeman on

      Just got my jot in the mail! It's a really great stylus and I can't wait to use it in tapose.

    16. Missing avatar

      Inigo Echeverria on

      Any time line? when is it going to be ready?

    17. Benjamin Monnig Creator on

      Allen, we noticed the same thing.

    18. Allen Lulu on

      I've never used Noteshelf. And, while it's not as fully realized as you hope to have Tapose, I was struck by how similar the graphics are. The journal covers look the same.

    19. Benjamin Monnig Creator on

      After a quick look, Clibe looks more like NoteShelf than Taposé.

    20. Allen Lulu on

      Ummm...did Clibe just clobber you guys? Looks almost the same. Glitchy as hell Hmmm...

    21. Missing avatar

      Gary Johnson on

      I agree with scaling back of the feature list, except for the "Mind Reading". What languages are you going to support?

      Seriously, I know developers always hate this question. Is there a target date for the first release? Sorry, had to ask.

    22. Benjamin Monnig Creator on

      Shawn, we agree. However, both required complicated tasks to merge completely with Tapose. Since we are already integrating iCloud backup and Tapose collaboration, it was hard to justify the time resource to include two more backup options in the initial release. The plan is to add as an update soon after launch!

    23. Missing avatar

      Shawn Johnson on

      Thanks for the update, I completely understand about having to reduce some features in order to make launch and have a quality product. I believe Dropbox and Evernote are critical for making Tapose highly functional and they were the features i was most early anticipating, if they don't make it for launch I hope they are high on the list for the next update

    24. Benjamin Monnig Creator on

      Thanks for the info! We will check out the More Real Stylus. Yes, normal updates will be free, including bug fixes.

    25. Missing avatar

      lindacarney on

      I love the idea of joining with other KS projects - this is exactly what community supported business is all about. I also supported More Real Stylus and they seem to have a great product too. If the SEattle thing doesn't work out, check out this Chicago based business.…. Will we be able to download bug fixed (although I am sure there will be none :) and updates for free later? Thanks for all your efforts!

    26. Benjamin Monnig Creator on

      Kevin, we completely understand. Was not an easy decision. These will be added if there is time. If not, it is the first thing to be added as an update.

    27. Missing avatar

      Kevin Joseph on

      I read the update that was just sent. While I am an avid supporter of this project and think this app will be a great addition to my iPad, I have to comment on the removal of the calendar/to do function from the release. To me this is a major reason for getting the app. Combined with the browser and notebook functions, this app is designed for productivity. Without the calendar/to do function, it simply becomes another web browser or note pad app. I can understand having to limit in order to achieve time goals, but I really believe this will be limiting success.

    28. Benjamin Monnig Creator on

      We will post an update in the next day or two with our final schedule.

    29. Missing avatar

      Inigo Echeverria on

      When is the soft going to be ready?

    30. Missing avatar

      John Miller on

      I absolutely agree with Happy Owl Studio. I own the original wallet and I can't say enough nice things about it. It I a great case.

      As to the stylus, check out Hard Candy Cases. They have a very stylish one

    31. Missing avatar

      Daniel King on

      For stylus reward, check out the cosmonaut also on kickstarter.

    32. Allen Lulu on

      Thanks, Ben. everything else seems to be doing what it's supposed to be. I would make and send a journal but right now I'm just playing around with ways of putting pictures in, like a photobook.
      Hope things are going well there.

    33. Benjamin Monnig Creator on

      Drag-and-drop from Safari hasn't been enabled it. It will be soon though. We are also making it easier to grab, move, edit, and delete media.

    34. Allen Lulu on

      Some things I noticed: moving pictures and/or deleting them is very difficult. Not entirely responsive but I assume that will be fixed. What I am struggling with is lack of drag and drop function. Using the web on the left panel is great but I can't seem to drag anything into a journal. Can someone tell me if this is an issue for them as well?

    35. A. Joseph

      @Alexander on their updates tab, they have been keeping us up to date! Did you check out the video they posted recently? Also, some of us backers are currently Beta Testers. I'm loving what I'm using sofar.

    36. Missing avatar

      Alexander lopera on

      I just got around to reading the e-mail about someone stealing some of the ideas from you guys. That sucks! As a backer how can I see the progress....I don't recall ever getting any information about how to keep up with the progress although I may be wrong. Please advise?

    37. Kevin Skeete on

      Wow that sucks! Do you think this will delay the project in any way?
      Well whatever the outcome..... Just know you guys have plenty of support!!!

    38. Rob Richards on

      Sorry to hear that Tapose has had some of it's ideas stolen, but I DID actually think that you were being a bit TOO open with your feedbacks and videos. To go into stealth mode is a very good idea.

      It's a jungle out there .........

    39. Missing avatar

      Sarah Z. on

      Totally cool! You guys are doing a great job. Keep up the good work. I'm looking forward to Tapose's release.

    40. Missing avatar

      Lois Dirkes on

      OMG I just watched the demo and I'm blown away. For someone who is not particularly computer savvy, you made it look so easy. And it does things that I haven't been able to do on the computer. Yippee I'm excited about this.

    41. Missing avatar

      marginwalker on

      I probably should have posted this a long time ago, but here's the feature I'd really like: open a PDF from Dropbox in the left pane. Open a blank notebook page in the right pane. Take notes about the PDF in the notebook page. When I'm done with my notes, inset them into the PDF as a new page(s) wherever I want and save the updated PDF back to Dropbox. That functionality is similar to what's available in Noterize, but with Tapose, I'd be able to see the notes and PDF side by side.

    42. Benjamin Monnig Creator on

      Oliver, Ross is correct. Unfortunately, Apple does not allow more than 100 testers, and that number has to include us and our team as well :S. By stealth mode, I just meant for non-backers. We will post a video for ALL backers too see the beta, but we do not want every developer to have access pre-launch. I'm very sorry that we cannot accomodate everyone.

    43. Ross Freeman on

      Oliver, it's not their fault. Apple's developer system only allows 100 development devices per account. If they could, I'm sure that they would let everyone have access to the beta. Also, they are not going into stealth mode. They said in their last update that YouTube videos and consistent updates will be provided to people who didn't get an opportunity to get into the beta. To me, that's pretty good and their part for keeping everyone else up-to-date on development.

    44. Missing avatar on

      i must admit im still very disapointed that only 100 beta entries are allowed, couldnt you run a deal with the deployment system to let others test this sytem too? i dont like being in the dark when it comes to my own investment. by saying your going into "stealth mode" your basiclly saying your not going to provide updates to investors which is just poor mangement.

    45. Darva Campbell on

      I'm glad you asked for and listened to your backers' feedback . . . even though it was heated for awhile there. It would be nice to have an update on how things are progressing, not that - hopefully - emotions have cooled.

    46. HAL1800

      Guys??? Update???

    47. Missing avatar

      Edgard Negron on

      Correction: Haven't seen any updates since the first week of July. Any updates would be welcomed :)

    48. Missing avatar

      Edgard Negron on

      Haven't seen any updates since the first week of July. Any updated would be welcomed :)

    49. Benjamin Monnig Creator on

      Uncle GroOve, I agree. We have learned from this and will present information differently next time when asking for feedback. Thanks for your support!

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