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Taposé brings the once hyped Courier to the iPad. The ingenious split interface allows interaction with multiple apps simultaneously
Taposé brings the once hyped Courier to the iPad. The ingenious split interface allows interaction with multiple apps simultaneously
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    1. Jess von Brandt on

      What happened to this project... I went to download and I even checked the website. It appears that the app is no longer in the US app store. So I have nothing to show for backing this project...

    2. John Maddocks on

      By far the worst Kickstarter project I've backed! Promises never kept by creator. Pitiful app!

    3. John Maddocks on

      Where is the promised small reward? Have we backers been forgotten?

      As an apology and duplicating as a thank you for sticking by us for over a year, we'd like to send out an additional small reward to backers. Yes, it was over a year. Launched on Kickstarter March 23, 2011, and launched Tapose March 27, 2012. This is a long time to stick by anything, especially two developers creating an app. It has not been determined what this reward will be yet, and may need to wait a month to send it out so revenues can come in, but it is something that we would like to do. Feel free to give opinions on this additional reward below.

      Again, very sorry for the inconvenience around the gift codes, and thank you so much for all your support!

    4. Missing avatar

      Uffe Hagen on

      Any news on this one?
      Update #41: Additional Backer Rewards - Sorry &Thank You

    5. Benjamin Monnig Creator on

      @Cassio, if you haven't received your code, please send us a private message and we will resolve the issue as quickly as possible.

    6. Cassio Damasceno on

      How do I receive my award for being a backer ?

    7. Benjamin Monnig Creator on

      @Dennis, we have posted in the updates and in the comments to please send us a private message so we can resolve this.

    8. Missing avatar

      Dennis on

      I still have not received any information from you, itunes, or the US Gov. on the status of my backer award. Can you address this matter please.

    9. Benjamin Monnig Creator on

      @Scott, Please see the last updates and send us a private message so we can resolve this.
      @John, we posted several updates asking backers for opinions regarding the pricing, and included a public poll on this as well.

    10. Missing avatar

      Scott Head on

      Still no code.
      Yes I checked all my emails from iTunes. I checked my junk mail. I even checked deleted items.
      I went to the Kickstarter site and sent a private message. No response.
      What now?

    11. Missing avatar

      John Martin on

      So let me get this correct ... I pledge $10 for the app (helping you to get it developed), and now you sell it for $2.99 to everyone else. Does that mean I get 3 copies? Or are you planning on something else for all of us who helped you become successful?

    12. Benjamin Monnig Creator on

      @Mark, Sorry you do not like Tapose. We tried to cover the basics in the tutorial which appears immediately upon launching Tapose. We also did a video walkthrough which is on our blog at

    13. Mark Keyes on

      received my code and was able to install the program. VEry disappointed however in the program itself. No real tutorial on how to use the functionality of the journals and only after playing around for awhile was I able to get it figured out (sort of ). after all this wait to get this program I thought it would be better. I agree with a review I read that its not ready for prime time yet and needs some interface tweaking to be what I was expecting it to be.

    14. Benjamin Monnig Creator on

      You can message us on Kickstarter. Right next to Benjamin's name above is a "Send Message" link. That will allow you to send us a private message.

    15. Missing avatar

      Eric Amend on


      I've finally found the code, but only because I read what William Blevins wrote about what might be the reason US Backers were having trouble because they didn't know where to look in the first place.

      I'm not an unreasonable person, but I am given the right instance, and we could have avoided this if you had been a little more specific from the very beginning with how the gifting process works. I have never received a gift code before so I was looking for an email from either you directly or Kickstarter Update as to inform me about what to do, not from iTunes. I never bother looking at my iTunes email because it's just receipts from purchases that I know I've already made.

      Never, at any point, did you tell us to look for an email from iTunes, and while it might have seemed obvious to the other backers that found it, it wasn't to the few of us that we're frustrated all week long.

      Continued success and I hope things go much smoother with Apple for you from here on out!! I'll be anxiously watching your progress


    16. Missing avatar

      robin van der basch on

      I am a non us backer and I would like to get the gift code. I received an email but it was send from a non reply address. Where can I send my email to?
      Robin van der Basch from the Netherlands.

    17. Missing avatar

      William Blevins on

      Let me stress this again for Sumit because I'll bet dollars to donuts he is making the same mistake I made.


    18. Missing avatar

      William Blevins on

      Is there a function on the Tapose that will allow me to erase or delete stupid erroneous comments I have made? If not could that be put into version 2.0? Because I am a dope I was looking for an email from Kickstarter. I should have looked for an email referencing Tapose. The emails are from iTunes.
      I apologize unreservedly to the creators of Tapose, they are not at fault, I am. I cannot wait to get home tonight to load this baby up and become more efficient. Hopefully efficient enough to not make such errors in the future.

      I am posting this apology in various threads where I have previously been a jacknape.

    19. Sumit Pathak on

      I did the survey as soon as it was received in my mail. I received no emails that went directly to spam. I have been regularly getting updates from Kickstarter about the Tapose project.


      I am not impatient. I just want you to know that some U.S backers have still not received the code regardless of you having sent them all out 2-3 days ago.


    20. Layne Tepleski on

      Hi received the code, code did not work .. looking forward to getting a working code

    21. Missing avatar

      William Blevins on

      I left a comment on update 42, but suffice to say, nothing was received.

    22. Benjamin Monnig Creator on

      @William, gift codes were sent 2-3 days ago. We are still fixing loose strings like the iTunes issue with non-U.S. backers, but U.S. backers should have been able to download Tapose days ago.

    23. Missing avatar

      William Blevins on

      I am super happy you were approved but I have to say it feels a little like the backers (or at least some as it appears there are people who have the app) that made this possible are getting dicked around.

      Putting aside the earlier kerfuffle about the subscription fee, the app was approved more than three days ago and all I've received is excuses. This is not the first app I've supported but it is the first one that didn't provide a timely reward post-approval. I was invested in your success and wanted to crow about having gotten in on the ground floor but it feels to me that you're trying to make sure that every step of the way is covered in dog dirt.

      Summing up: Get off your rump and send out the "gift" codes.

    24. A. Joseph

      @Amy update #36 says 400mb is free. Unlimited if we pay the yearly subscription price. Which I think as backers should not be what it currently is.

    25. Missing avatar

      Ian M on

      Overall, I really like Tapose. Sadly though, it still feels like a product that's in Beta. Mine crashes just about every time that I use it. Also, I think it would be much better if you added a dedicated button to bring up the bottom tray. The swipe up gesture is very clunky and doesn't work most of the time. That said, I'm eagerly awaiting retina support and a more stable version!

    26. Karl Wong on

      Echoing @Eric, are backers suppose to be getting a code? I have not seen/heard anything to date.

    27. Chrissi C. on

      Hey Tapose Devs,
      I just wanted to leave some positive feedback and say: "Tapose freakin' rocks!" I and my family are blown away by the beauty, simplicity and multiple uses for Tapose and are so thrilled that you stuck with it's creation through all the ups-and-downs! And as far as the iTunes store outside-the-U.S.-download-difficulties (I've had a few friends outside the U.S. experiencing this issue, not necessarily with Tapose, but just in general): At the very least you guys were good enough to make it available to 'everyone.' I can never download outside-U.S.-apps from iTunes. Thank you again -- got to get back to learning about your app now. :)

    28. Mike "MikeScott8" Hamilton

      seems this site needs a background on the approval issues you had with getting Tapose into the app store.

    29. Missing avatar

      Amy Lerner on

      Does the app require a connection to be used or can you access journals offline? What amount of space/journals are free before you need to have a yearly subscription?

      Is there a Contact Us on your website?

    30. Missing avatar

      Eric Amend on

      @Ben What about US backers that still have not received the code??
      Anything... Bueller.... Bueller????

    31. Missing avatar

      Scott Head on

      Hi Guys,
      I'm really looking forward to using the app! I'm in Canada and have not received the code yet. Please do what you can to get the code to me. Thank you.


    32. Benjamin Monnig Creator on

      correction, I mean non-U.S. backers that codes do not work.

    33. Benjamin Monnig Creator on

      Any non-U.S. backers that still do not have codes, please reply to the iTunes email. It should email myself or Ricky and we will sort this out for you. Very sorry for the inconvenience.

    34. Rom on

      Sad that I still have not received the gift code. Bummer.

    35. Missing avatar

      Nick O on

      Sorry forgot you will have to enter a US address. Use your favourite zip code 90210 (Beverly Hills) and add a 310 area code phone number.

      And more importantly I forgot to say thank you for persisting with Tapose. It is taking a bit to figure out how to navigate (finally realized I need to use the slide bar on the left to really get around) but looking good!

    36. Missing avatar

      Nick O on

      The method works (at least if you are in Canada, but should work elsewhere too). I have done it before and just tried it again with a new address. It is VERY important that you follow the directions carefully. In the main itunes store window go to the very bottom right corner and you will see a circle with a flag. Click on it. Choose the US. You are now in the US itunes store. Find a free app (look at top free apps in bottom right window and pick one). You MUST enter via a free app to get the NONE payment option later. Click on one so that it is displayed. Click on the Free App button under its picture. In the window that opens click on Creade apple ID. Put in an e-mail address NOT associated with your normal itunes account. Make a password (one upper and one lower case, a number, 8 characters). Create the three verify questions, enter your birthdate. Go to next screen. Now you will see a NONE option next to the credit cards. Select it. Click next to create your ID. Verify via e-mail etc... Now log in if you aren't. Go to your e-mail account where you received the Tapose code. Open the e-mail and hit the Redeem link. Follow it until it finally opens in your US itunes store (you are still logged in). Redeem the code. Download begins. When done, go to bottom right-hand corner of itunes store. Click flag and return to your country's itunes store. Log in with your normal ID. Synch your devices. Tapose will be there. Hope this helps.

    37. Missing avatar

      Daniel Marcos on

      Never mind, i found it ;) Sorry and thank you very much!

    38. Missing avatar

      Daniel Marcos on

      I have not received my code code yet? Should i be worried?

    39. Missing avatar

      Adrian Brewer on

      Congrats on getting to your goal. Hope it all works well for you.
      Thanks for the voucher code but will not work here in the UK. ( I think you know that by now ).
      I have tried the work around but no go.
      Can you do anything your end to get it working over here in blighty

      Many thanks and good luck

      Adrian Brewer UK

    40. Missing avatar

      Lynn E-S on

      I really don't think the workaround is a viable solution. This app is available in my app store so the gift code should be valid. I've already paid 3 times the cost of the app as a backer. Please sort this out with Apple.

    41. Missing avatar

      Goran Sandwall on

      Your suggested workaround caused me to be locked out of my normal iTunes account and I have had a big problem get it back up and running again. I do not suggest others to try the workaround. Any suggestions.

    42. Grace Smith on

      I've tried the workaround mentioned in your email however Apple no longer offers the option to have 'None' as the payment type so there is no way for me (UK BASED) to download the app after waiting so long for it. I'm sure other people who aren't from the USA are going to have the same trouble.

      Any ideas on other workarounds?

    43. thatVargas on

      I purchased the app as well since the code did not work for me in Canada. Can I regift my code by sending it to a friend in the US?

    44. Missing avatar

      Øystein Lorentzen on

      Sorry to say! Not possible for me to find the app. Not possible to make an US iTunes acount from Norway without using a creditcard.

    45. Benjamin Monnig Creator on

      @Paul, that is very nice of you to say. Very sorry about the gift code debacle.

    46. Missing avatar

      Paul B Ljucovic on

      Hey. I've moved to Canada for work since sponsoring this project so my gift code did not work. However, the app was only $2.99 so I just bought it. I am still happy I sponsored the project, the final product looks spectacular!

    47. Ross Freeman on

      Please check the Taposé twitter feed at to get all of the latest updates. For those who want to know, they are currently gifting them and you will all get them within the next couple of hours. After all, they do have to gift 1274 of them!

    48. Conrad Lopez on

      I did not get that email announcement nor any other communication from Tapose and now the app is in the store and I have no way to get it yet. Somebody? Jeez, feel like I've been more then patient about this.

    49. Missing avatar

      Linda Barkin on

      Congrats. It was a long haul but hopefully you will reap many benefits for you persistance. Good job.

    50. Tod Wicks on

      @ Conrad Lopez: Did you read the email announcement? It was crisp and to the point. Here it is for further review:

      Tapose has finally been approved. It will be in the appstore with the next 24 hours and we will send out gifted copies once it Tapose is officially in the appstore.

      Now go back and read the part in the middle where it states that gifted copies will be sent out. This means that the Tapose team will email each of us backers a gift redemption code that we can use in the App Store to receive our copies.

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