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A colorful symbolic story brings together a group of anthropomorphic characters that confront a devastating future together, our future

Hello!!! Thank you for taking the time to read our story..

After over three years of hard work…wait, more than three years already? Yes! Creamen is finally in post-production!!

Creamen is a stop-motion animated short film with A LOT of work and many artists behind it, so is a very challenging and expensive project. Our goal now is to get all the funds to actually finish this film. The final stages of post-production bring with them some pretty substantial and unavoidable hard costs (color correction, sound design, original score, music licensing, festival submissions, etc.). $15,000 is the bare minimum we need to raise to complete the film for a festival premiere. Please consider chipping in - every contribution will help towards reaching our goal. We've got very nice rewards to offer in exchange for your contribution. The custom design items will feature artwork by artist Jan Arias (pictures below).

Needless to say, we can get it all done, but we need your help!

As you probably know, we have to raise ALL the Kickstarter money, or we get nothing.  So, if you like what you see, please donate what you can, and share the video with anyone you think may be interested.  As independent filmmakers, we cannot do it without your help. 

We truly appreciate your support, and we look forward to having you with us on this amazing journey. The funds requested here will allow us to complete the production of Creamen with the same high production values as we've achieved to date - We invite you to visit and also join our Facebook group where you can view the film in progress.


The Creamen’s Team

Film Synopsis

Creamen – taken from the Spanish word crimen, meaning “crime“, is a colorful, symbolic and micro-cosmic story about the global warming crisis, which brings together an unlikely group of abstract, anthropomorphic characters who unexpectedly are forced to confront the challenge of a potentially devastating future together - our future.

My goal is to contribute to the ongoing conversation about one of the most dramatic public issues of our time in a new, non-polemic form. Creamen entertains through unusual character development and the remarkable landscape of stop-motion animation; in which an animated, human-like ice creams confront a catastrophic heat wave. The film concentrates on the dialog between them as a reflection of current society's own conversations surrounding global warming. Vanilla, Strawberry, Chocolate and Banana represent different nationalities and regions of the world, showing the best, and not so best, in all of us.

The story takes place in a bustling city park, ice creams situated on a busy corner. Gradually, the park is overtaken by heat; the ice creams are reduced to shiny piles of liquid...

Media and Process

We are creating this film in the traditional medium of stop motion puppet animation using miniature sets, props, and characters composed of clay, silicone, plastic, cloth, and other materials. The puppets are animated frame by frame, meaning that in order to get one second of animation, we need to shoot 24 still pictures…and this can take a full day. You can imagine how long can take to animate 8 minutes! (which will be the length of this short film).

­­My intent as a Director is that this film becomes a unique and memorable part of the increasing discussions about this most pressing global environmental problem. When I watch the film, though still a work-in-progress, I think we've been successful in my original goal of creating something beautiful, appealing, and real. Please, become a part of it!

Thank you so much!!!

Director, Producer and Animator



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