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Welcome to the most exciting skirmish wargame around!
Take command of your squad and lead your men in epic battle for their very life!
Welcome to the most exciting skirmish wargame around!
Take command of your squad and lead your men in epic battle for their very life!
Welcome to the most exciting skirmish wargame around! Take command of your squad and lead your men in epic battle for their very life!
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    1. Claudio Berni Creator on March 19

      Hi Eric,
      I just posted an update as I guess you're not the only one wondering... bottom line I can not yet tell for sure but I'd hope no more than a few weeks now

    2. Eric Kessler on March 17

      Claudio, when will the first wave be shipping to the US?

    3. Claudio Berni Creator on March 9

      yes, sorry, super-busy with doing the pictures and the diagrams for the new extra sections of the rule book, which is now well over 80 pages and keeps growing!

    4. Claudio Berni Creator on February 7

      Yes, absolutely, the first wave consist of everything we planned for originally, so both the initial starter packs and the rulebook. That is what most backers choose and we can realistically deliver within the planned timeframe. Everything else will come after.

      That would be the theory anyway, but we are going to have a relatively small delay as announced, mainly due to the dice and possibly other components not going to be available until after the Chinese New Year... so, by the time everything that is in the first wave will be ready to ship, we will have ready also some of the extra stuff... I can already guarantee the 3D markers will be in the first wave for sure and probably a couple of the figures unlocked in the campaign...

    5. Eric Kessler on February 7

      Your explanation sounds reasonable and would have went a long way prior to the charge coming across. Can you tell us what the first wave consist of and then the second wave?

    6. Claudio Berni Creator on February 7

      Hi Eric,
      please don't be disappointed! :)
      We will splitting shipping as planned, unfortunately that needs to be done on a individual base as each single shipment is different. The software does not support that. So what is going to happen is that after the first wave has shipped we will calculate shipping costs for the second wave and you'll get a refund via paypal for the difference. I'm afraid this is the only practical way to do it... My apologies for your disappointment, I should have explained it better earlier, hopefully it is clearer now... :)



    7. Eric Kessler on February 7

      Looks like we got charged for he additional shipping, but unfortunately, no further word on splitting shipping to save money. Disappointed.

    8. Claudio Berni Creator on January 30

      Hi Eric,
      yes absolutely! Sorry I should have mentioned that... the fact is I'm still discussing with backerkit support how to handle this as in the worst case scenario it seems you will need to delete the items above the 70oz/2kg threshold from your order and then re-order them separately as a pre-order. I realize this is a tedious and annoying process to go through, so please hang on and wait just a little longer as there is still hope we can adjust that manually at this end... I'll drop a line to everyone once that is settled one way or another!



    9. Eric Kessler on January 29

      Claudio, do we still have the option of splitting our pledge in reduce the shipping costs?

    10. Claudio Berni Creator on January 20

      Will add a zero postage fare for a "pick up" option before closing down the surveys!

    11. Claudio Berni Creator on January 20

      Can't confirm Crisis yet unfortunately (but will be there if at all possible, so I'd say 90% yes!)
      We will definitely be at Salute too!

    12. Reinout Waelput on January 20

      Pick up at Crisis would be great! Entrance fee would be covered by savings on shipping :)

    13. Claudio Berni Creator on January 3

      Hi Steffen,
      please wait a bit longer, we are waiting for the new fares, should be better. If not we will look for alternatives... for example I can already tell you now there will be the chance to collect your reward in person at Salute if you happen to go there... we may be attending other events in Europe later on in the year (Crisis probably)... feel free to suggest :)


    14. Steffen Krebs on January 2

      i mixed it up 02/01/2018 means february -i am not used to that date style. I thought it would be the second of January.

      But what about the xtra fees?

    15. Claudio Berni Creator on January 1

      Hi Steffen,
      what you mean with the pledge manager expire tomorrow?
      The pledge manager does not "expire" I have to close manually they surveys which I will not do until the end of January.

    16. Steffen Krebs on January 1

      @toolinger wer bist du noch mal genau? wir kennen uns glaube ich oder?

      @ Claudio Berni as the pledge manager expire tommorow i made my pledge but i am still concerned about the shipping rates as already month ago. I have to pay total of 24,60?! 14 Euros have been charged while i pledged in the cmpaign and now i have to pay antoher 10 Euros?

      You said that i dont have to worry an i would have time till february but norhing seems to be changed?

    17. Missing avatar

      Toolinger on December 31

      Thanks a lot, Claudio!

      Happy New Year for you, too!!

    18. Claudio Berni Creator on December 31

      Hi Toolinger,

      Nope. That is because your reward shipping volumetric weight goes above 2Kg. You will have the option to split shipping, that is having your rewards shipped in two separate occasions as two smaller packages which would be much cheaper. I'm also expecting new (better!) shipping rates for packages above 2kg next month. You'll get a final notice with details for all these options before we close the surveys at the end of January anyway.

      Cheers and Happy New Year!

    19. Missing avatar

      Toolinger on December 31

      I just added my stuff to the pledge manager. It says Shipping Total €107.00 - could this be right?

    20. Claudio Berni Creator on December 24

      Hi Reinout,

      since there will be a (hopefully small!) delay we will delay the closing of the pledge manager too of a couple of weeks, anyway yes, good point, will post comparison pictures between resin and metal figures ASAP!

      Found the Tamiya, so will post that too as soon as I recover from the holiday compulsory binge... Merry Xmas everybody!



    21. Reinout Waelput on December 24

      Hi, by January 2nd we need to provide all info for the pledge manager. Can we have clear comparison pictures between resin and metal figures before this? If not we don’t really know what we’re ordering.

    22. Claudio Berni Creator on November 28, 2017

      Hi all!

      Votation is now closed, the results are:

      option 3 = 26 votes

      option 1+2 = 15 votes

      option 3 has been approved!

      Dice have been ordered, thank you all for your input!



    23. Claudio Berni Creator on November 15, 2017

      Hi Reinout,

      apologies for the delay! I do have some suitable Tamiya on hand, but all the warlords I have are not usable for a reason or another... will have to get some for it.

      Pledge manager should be ok now, I've asked about the comment section, will post an update as soon as I hear anything!

    24. Doug Colbeck on November 12, 2017

      Has the pledge manager been fixed and opened yet?

    25. Reinout Waelput on November 1, 2017

      Any update on the comparison pictures between metal and resin figures?

    26. Claudio Berni Creator on October 10, 2017

      yes, don't worry, you don't need to close it until February.

    27. Steffen Krebs on October 10, 2017

      @ Claudio the problem is that I can't finish the manager cause I have to pay another 10.60 and don't get me wrong but I am not willing to do so.

    28. Claudio Berni Creator on October 10, 2017

      Hi Keith,
      apologies if I do not explain the situation well, I'm trying my best! :)
      Let's me try again:
      1) As for last update, shipping rates are sorted already, I'm sorry if they are not cheaper, but I can not make prices, I can only ask shipping companies for better rates. I'll keep doing that but I can't guarantee some will offer better terms than these.
      2) All the world postage systems use different channels to ship small items and larger bulky ones. The threshold is generally 70oz (2kg) as it is in this case. The original rewards plus a few extras will fit within the "small packet" postal size and can ship at a relatively low cost. If with all the extra add ons added it gets to a "parcel" size shipping fees jump up considerably. Again this is just how it is and I can not do anything about it. In some case one may end up paying twice as much or even more in postage if we ship it all together instead than split it in two smaller
      3) while the cost of postage is now settled the actual exact weight per each individual item is still only an approximation, we will not know exactly until we do have the actual item in its final packaging to weight. Also if your order is only a few grams above the threshold it will probably fit as we can do some juggling with the packaging.
      4) while we hope to get all the initial rewards available in time (despite the rulebook will now have a considerable number of extra material on it!) all the other add ons unlocked later will take a while longer to be ready. Splitting in two shipment waves will allow you to get the initial rewards as soon as possible without having to wait for all the rest to be released, as well as saving you money on postage.
      5) Split shipment is a choice anyway. If for any reason you want it all shipped at once you can still do that!

      Hope this clears the matter up!

    29. Missing avatar

      Keith Emin on October 10, 2017

      Hi Claudio,
      When will you get these shipping rates sorted out? It does not inspire confidence in your ability to deliver the project. Other KS projects manage to get known cheaper shipping rates without having to split shipments before they close their KS so the backers have a reasonable idea of what they will be. I am reluctant to pledge for more on backer-kit until this is fixed. Please let us all know when this is done so we can close our backer-kits and you can start production so this project is not late. As I said It really does not look very professional at the moment and we all want this to be a success.

    30. Claudio Berni Creator on October 9, 2017

      yes, don't worry, most likely toy won't have to pay any extra postage at all. Just wait.

      I'm sure that won't be the case... I can take a return flight to Belgium and bring it to you myself for less than that... :)



    31. Steffen Krebs on October 9, 2017

      €66.00 Pledge Level €66.00
      Add-ons €20.00
      Shipping Total €24.60
      Pledge Level €14.00
      Add-ons €10.60
      Pledged on Kickstarter (€100.00)
      Order Total €10.60

      I have to pay another 10,60 shipping cost for 4 extra miniatures?

      Something seems to be wrong...

    32. Reinout Waelput on October 9, 2017

      Shipping Total €107.00
      Pledge Level €14.00
      Add-ons €93.00

      To Belgium, that is. I hope this can be improved (quite a bit). :(

    33. Claudio Berni Creator on October 5, 2017

      Hi David,
      nope, we run some tests on this, there is basically no weight reduction for the resin figures, partly because they have larger casting sprues so most of the weight reduction is compensated by the extra material, and partly because the actual figure makes up only a small proportion of the total weight of everything except the single figure packs...

    34. Missing avatar

      David J Schaffner on October 5, 2017

      Speaking of the resin upgrade and postage, I'll assume savings should be had on the shipping charges by changing our choice from metal figures to resin instead?
      I should run a Backerkit test on this.....

    35. Claudio Berni Creator on October 4, 2017

      Hi Theodore,

      just choose the "resin upgrade for one Starter Pack" in the add-ons!

    36. Theodore Barnett
      on October 3, 2017

      How do I indicate I want the resin upgrades for the Starter Packs included in my Legendary Hero pledge using the backer kit?

    37. Claudio Berni Creator on September 30, 2017

      hi all, just to clarify:

      you can re-open your orders and change everything in the BackerKit pledge manager until we lock them down.

      We will not lock them down until we are nearly ready to start shipping (February 2018) and you'll get a notice before we lock them anyway, to make sure you have a chance for a lat moment change.

      Your cards will NOT and can not be charged until we lock down the orders. You will get a notice from BackerKit when your order is locked down.

      The crazy 1000 euro fee for shipping above 70oz (2kg) is just a way to tell you we do not have final shipping quotes for shipping orders above 70oz - 2kg. You will NOT be charged 1000 euro for shipping!

      If your order is larger than 70oz - 2kg please just leave it unconfirmed for now. We will apply the best postage rates we have this coming week, you can conformed after that.

      We will change and re-apply shipping fees in BackerKit after you have completed your surveys, using the best postage quotes we get. We will do this any time we get better prices and the postage rates will be automatically updated in your surveys.

      If you have already confirmed with the 1000 euro postage THAT IS FINE, you don't need to do anything, your postage will be fixed automatically as soon as we update the shipping fees next week.

      If you have not yet confirmed please be aware BackerKit will send your annoying reminders until you do. We can't help that, just ignore them, it will stop as soon as you confirm anyway.

      Hope this clears it up, but let me know if you have any other questions!



    38. Missing avatar

      Robert Weebe
      on September 29, 2017

      Thanks Claudio, now I understand.

    39. Claudio Berni Creator on September 29, 2017

      Hi Robert,

      the STARTER PACKs do not include the rulebook.
      the SARGE and GRUPPENFÜHRER pledges include 1 STARTER PACK + 1 RULEBOOK
      the LEGENDARY HERO pledge include 2 STARTER PACKs + 1 RULEBOOK

      Regardless of your pledge, you can also get all 4 STARTER PACKs and the rulebook separately as add-ons.

      Incidentally as lots of new figures have been unlocked the rulebook will now include also rules for Heavy Weapons, bazookas, grenade lunchers, etc. so is going to be well over 40 pages...

    40. Missing avatar

      Robert Weebe
      on September 29, 2017

      Thanks Claudio. Ok, I'm a little confused. I thought each starter set included the 40+ page rule book (thus my reluctance to buy 4 of them in 4 starter sets). Is this true, or do you need to buy the rulebook separately. Thanks!

    41. Claudio Berni Creator on September 29, 2017

      Hi Rainer,
      I'm sure that would not be a problem, your card will not be charged until February 2018 anyway. This is just for us to organize production now...

    42. Missing avatar

      Rainer Engerth on September 29, 2017

      But my finger was faster then my mind and i finished it. I hope that i can change it again when you finalised the shipping cost, because i want much more then i have

    43. Claudio Berni Creator on September 29, 2017

      Hi Robert,
      you can get the all starter packs as add ons, those do not include a rulebook.
      Reference sheets are free and the markers are really needed to play, as it is the terrain included in the starter packs...

    44. Claudio Berni Creator on September 29, 2017

      Hi Rainer,

      the 1000€ fee is just there to stop you to use it. This is done to save you money. There is no way to disable shipping for parcel larger than 2kg, but we still have not received the final shipping quotes for larger parcels. I f your order is above 2kg please just wait to close it. We are also working with Backerkit to solve the issue with them sending daily reminders... for the moment please just ignore them!

      From the Backerkit FAQs:

      what about the crazy shipping above 70oz?

      Quite simply, we do not want you to do it. :) Not yet anyway! We do have a very good (for Italy) shipping deal but only up to 70oz, above that weight level we would need to use another courier and shipping prices would go up much higher and vary a lot (for instance a 80oz shipment would cost to us more than twice a 70oz one)... in any case you would pay less by shipping in two separate smaller packages, which would also give you the opportunity to get the original items (due February 2018) first and the rest (which will be available several months later) after. Now I said "not yet anyway" because we are working on getting a good deal for shipping larger parcels too. As soon as we get some decent pricing arranged will get back, add the options in and let you guys know!

    45. Missing avatar

      Robert Weebe
      on September 29, 2017

      Hello Claudio,
      Would it make sense and is it possible to offer the starter sets minus the rules, reference sheet, markers (for a reduced price)? I would like to have all four starter sets (soldier-wise), but it seems overkill to have 4 sets of all the common stuff (rulebooks, etc.).

    46. Missing avatar

      Rainer Engerth on September 29, 2017

      Fix the sipping issue fast, because it´s not acceptable. First, when i have all the things ordered i want, the shipping costs are more than 1000€. Than i received a mail from backerkit, where the said:" reduce your order, than the shipping costs go down". So i reduced it, but the shipping costs are now sill 37€. In your kickstarter so said, that the shipping cost in europ are around 11-13 Dollar.
      So fix the problem, that i can order want ever i want with acceptable shipping cost, or give me my money back.

    47. Claudio Berni Creator on September 28, 2017

      Hi David,

      not sure about that, too technical... I'll have to ask the guys at Backerkit and get back at you later...

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