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An Essential Guide to Building Tabletop Terrain
5,658 backers pledged $269,143 to help bring this project to life.

We're almost at 250% funding and the book is growing!

Posted by Dave Taylor (Creator)

Thank you all for your continuing support. Mel and I are still blown away by it all. We're very close to cracking the fourth stretch goal and having an additional 32 pages in the book - for a total of 128 pages (sooooo close). Our next Stretch Goal after this is to make to book a hardback, and then we can jump back into the business of adding more new builds to Terrain Essentials like the fun stuff Mel has planned next for the Water and Snow chapter!

This morning, Mel and I had a chat about last night's Update and the Stretch Goal we revealed in it (Mel signs all the bookplates). After a bit of back and forth we decided that we didn't want it to be a financial goal. We want to save those for continuing to expand the book with Content and Quality Upgrades. So, we're still keeping the intent of the goal, but we've reworked it a little bit to clarify that it's not taking funds away from the book. Instead, we're going to check it off as a done deal once we reach 2,750 backers. Let's keep moving forward and bringing more backers to the project!

Add-ons: I mentioned Add-Ons in the last update and we definitely have something in the pipeline, but we'll have more clarity once we get to sit down over a beer at AdeptiCon next week. I'm very excited for that too. 



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      Blake Dawson on

      You guys are great. Thanks for all the effort you are putting into this.
      The bookplate idea is, whatchacallit, brilliant!

    2. Mel The Terrain Tutor Collaborator on

      @Christian - No mate, to do it justice, it'd have to be built and documented and all the builds are pretty much set to cover all the most requested builds. I would love to be able to include everything that suggested but sometimes, you have to draw a line or the project becomes unfeasible.

    3. Missing avatar

      David Henry on

      Mel and Dave,
      I love the thought of having all of Mel’s tutorial content at my fingertips while I build n-scale railroad terrain. So much of this content translates to what I’m building and have already built, and I’m looking forward to getting this in .pdf format. It will be good reading while working on projects as well as when cozied up to the fireplace on cold nights. Added my pledge for the .pdf plus a little extra for the extra you always give us. Crack On!
      David -wyochiver

    4. Missing avatar


      practical yet awesome lighting tips would be super cool

    5. Missing avatar

      Christian Bedard

      Do you have anything plan on how to add lighting (LED, fiber optic) to terrain and mini?
      Special effect like fake smoke with candle light. Frozen river with "running water" under it?

      I'm on the fence about upgrading from PDF to "hardcover" with PDF.

    6. Missing avatar

      Alan Macfarlane on

      Good it’s Pages and info first.. add ons once the book is hard and big.
      Information is king
      Information needs space.... page. More pages more info simple.

      But this is information and Mels theory’s behind the work.
      Your just making us drool
      Do you need a pencil sharpener......Mel .?

    7. Mel The Terrain Tutor Collaborator on

      Thanks for all the awesome support folks, just loving how I'm getting more pages to share what I know!

      I know lots of you want to make the project special and are asking for addons, we with the bookplate, we decided to absorb the cost across a few of the next few stretch goals so we can make it special but the campaign stays focused on making the best terrain book we can and that means pages and book quality first!

      Can't believe we're getting so close to Hardback! :-D

    8. Missing avatar

      Simon Riley on

      Nice one fellas. I like the you're telling us what'll be on each chunk of eight pages. Here's hoping you get them all 👍👍