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An Essential Guide to Building Tabletop Terrain
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Terrain Essentials FAQ - Part One

Posted by Dave Taylor (Creator)

Thank you all for your continued support. Your sharing the project is bringing more terrainiacs at a very steady pace!

We’ve had quite few questions asked in these early stages, and we thought we’d cover two of them this evening:

1) Add-ons like T-shirts and coffee mugs - we really appreciate that you would love some great TTT swag, but we want to keep this campaign focused on the book itself. All of our planning has been around that, and we’d hate to make a mistake and end up having issues with different shipping costs, International charges and tariffs on cotton t-shirts, and broken mugs. We do have some ideas that we’ll be discussing, but they’ll be more closely related to the ideas behind the book.

Having said all that, once the campaign closes, we’ll be looking at places like teespring to bring you some fun shirts so you will be able to represent TTT whenever you are out and about!

2) Autographed copies - We know that many of you would like a signed copy of Terrain Essentials, and would be willing to pay. Mel and I talked through a number of different scenarios, and we both feel a bit odd about charging an extra $10 for a signature, plus additional shipping that it would no doubt cost. So, we’ve decided to revive a classic - the bookplate!

We’re going to print a Kickstarter Exclusive bookplate for each book sold through the campaign and pledge manager. Mel will sign each and every one of them, and they can be much more easily shipped to our fulfillment hubs for inclusion with your books. We hope you like this, and you can check out the mini-stretch goal graphic below for a mock-up of what it could look like.

Finally, not really a question/answer, but Mel has popped up a quick chat video on The Terrain Tutor channel here:

  • Image 394991 original.jpg?ixlib=rb 1.1
  • Image 394992 original.jpg?ixlib=rb 1.1
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    1. Bones BSmith

      This Campaign is an enabler for Dave to suck Mel's brain into a book, IMHO I think it would be better to let Dave and Mel do that, not convinced that a bunch of gizzits are needed, the KS exclusive book plate is more than enough. Other needless items would simply complicate and potentially elongate the production phase, and it would be nice to see this tome in retail so Mel's vast terrainology knowledge spreads further.

    2. Dave Taylor 2-time creator on

      Thanks for your comments, everyone! It's always great to get a feel for what everyone's thinking.

      The bookplates would go out with every Kickstarter copy of the book. It's the most elegant way we can share that bit of love and not end up swamped by additional shipping fees (which can be considerable with printed products).

      @Michael - We have a couple of ideas for KS Exclusive add-ons - stay tuned.
      @Jim - We have bookmark plans further down the road too.

    3. Jim Worthington on

      How about a simple add on like a bookmark?

    4. Missing avatar

      Michel Goulmy on

      My 2 cents, people want to get something exclusive. So my suggestion would be to make the bookplate a Add on

    5. Missing avatar

      Alan Macfarlane on

      Yep a very good work round.
      Wonder how many pens it will need.
      Sweepstake for the......nana
      Think of mels wrist after the more pages and 5000 book plates

      Question ?
      Can these be pledged on any level? If so how.
      Drooling at the thought of the Terrain Bible...all in one place...

    6. Caroline Wilson

      The bookplate is a fantastic idea!

    7. Missing avatar

      Otis TOOLEY on

      I hope I get a sign copy of the book. Otis TOOLEY from west Virginia in USA

    8. Missing avatar

      Otis TOOLEY on

      Think you the Video update