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We all know Mel's a great guy, but...

Posted by Dave Taylor (Creator)

For those of you who know me and/or Mel, you know we like to do good things that help people. I was looking through the comments section tonight and saw a comment from Mel where he was describing what his plans are for the unique builds he's making for the book once we've done all the fun book stuff we need to do. 

Please note: this is about what will happen after the project has wrapped up. You're a good man, Mel Bose. 

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      So our goal now is to make sure the book is as big as possible so there will be lots of cool terrain pieces for the auction :-)

      Best post kickstarter idea ever.

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      Blake Dawson on

      Amazing idea. What a guy!

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      Allen Henderson on

      Awesome Mel, fantastic Idea, My son and I are both ex Forces and both have Mental health issues, It was very hard to open up as you will know and more and more of us are needing help, so glad to be a part of your KS and a part of your community. Just so that you know, I am known by 3 names on different platforms lol. I am Allen Henderson AKA BuddyH42 AKA Papa_Raigin, talk about having a split personality lol....Keep up the great work Sir you are a champ. I also love the closeness of your family as my family are the exact same and it means the world to me, without my family around me I am nothing they give me the strength to do what needs to be done. Take Care Mel

    4. Mel The Terrain Tutor Collaborator on

      Thanks guys, it's just how we roll.

      To be clear, this is nothing to do with this kickstarter with regards to raising money for ALL CALL SIGNS.

      By being part of this kickstarter, you are not donating to charity, you are not entering a raffle for the pieces into the book. You're backing a book!

      I was just explaining what I was planning to do with the pieces once the project was all done and dusted whilst pointing out the happy side effect that the bigger the book gets, the more pieces I'll have to do good stuff with on youtube afterwards.

      Gotta make that clear because charities, raffles and crowdfunding for a private product brings a whole heap of red tape, regs and complications folks.

      Anyway, thanks, just trying to do a good thing folks.

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      James Cheney on

      Wonderful idea! Your compassion for others is admirable.

    6. Enzo Maini

      Any chance that the guys at BoW with their connection to Warlord Game/4Ground would throw something small towards this project as an add-on with all the proceeds going 100% to the charity? Since it would be a post campaign add-on I do not believe the KS fees would apply.

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      Norman Rowe on

      Very thoughtful Mel. God bless you and all Vets. everywhere.

    8. Missing avatar

      Steve Connor on

      As a fellow Vet, appreciate all your great work Mel, nice one Mate.

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      Darren Holmes on

      As a Vet' this sounds like a great idea mate,

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      Boyd Bearden on

      Great idea. As a veteran going through disability myself, it's great to see things like this. Way to go Mel.

    11. Daniel Hogg

      From a vet who has needed help you are a great guy for doing that. Way too many service personnel serving and vet are struggling and we all need each other. Cant wait to see what you make. Keep the amazing work going brother. Top man.

    12. Missing avatar

      Mohaniker on

      Great idea Mel, and great charity. You are a stellar chap. This KS is awesome.

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      Alan Macfarlane on

      Bloody Hell it just goes on and after.
      Great idea. Good cause.
      We forget there is life after the forces, some times it is not as smooth as it should be.
      We remember the fallen .....but not often the ones who come back bent out of shape if not visibly broken...
      Good man Mel

    14. Missing avatar

      Andrew lea on

      Mel, that my friend is pure genius and a fitting gesture to help brothers in arms who need support. Best Wishes and REspect from an Old Sapper.

    15. Lloyd Lewis on

      Top bloke is our Mel 👏👏

    16. Halkomahooli on

      This raffle for servicemen in need just makes this KS even better Mel!

      Tally ho chaps!

    17. Tim Albers on

      Go Mel go! I hope you don't get writers cramp ;)

    18. Wayne Fitzgerald on

      Well done Mel, that’s a great shout. Thanks

    19. Mel The Terrain Tutor Collaborator on

      It's how we roll Davie boy! :-D