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An Essential Guide to Building Tabletop Terrain
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THIRD most popular project on Kickstarter! (and a live stream with Mel)

Posted by Dave Taylor (Creator)

What an incredible 48 hours! I think I’ve had maybe 7 hours sleep since Friday, and I’m confident that Mel has had less.

We so pleased that your support has put our project as the third most popular project in the Tabletop Games category on Kickstarter! How exciting would it be if we made it all the way to Number One?

If you are keen to hear a bit more from Mel about TERRAIN ESSENTIALS and what the response means to him (and me), we invite you to join him in his regular Sunday Nighter livestream from 5pm EST (9pm GMT) where he’ll be answering all sorts of questions. Check out the stream here:

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    1. Mel The Terrain Tutor Collaborator on

      It was emotional Alan and I understand, I can't watch the start either. I'm in a much better place now bud, I think it was just the first time facing such an awesome community after the launch party.

      Now with regards to the book, well, let me just say if you thought my tutorials were useful or my terrain in the vids was good, this book is going to blow your mind buddy :-D

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      Alan Macfarlane on

      I couldn’t watch Sunday live show you were so out of your comfort zone it was hard to see.
      As you stared to answer the questions the information bank that IS you Mel stared turning and churning out the why, the reasons and the path you had taken to get to your way.
      Great to see the stress is only in front of the eyes and not deep in the grey cells.
      I wish you well and the time to make it as good as you want. I believe if it’s even 50% of your plan it will be marvellous. So sharpen the pencil and give us far more than we can ever believe.
      You have, are and will do it

    3. Mel The Terrain Tutor Collaborator on

      OK, so the live show broke me .... Thanks for your support and faith in me folks, it means more than you can know!

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      This book is exactly what I was looking for ... so no pressure ;-)

    5. Missing avatar

      Doug Pickard on

      This is going to be such an awesome book and I am so looking forward to it. In an age of amazing plastic kits, laser MDF and 3D printing, its fun to go back to our terrain building roots!!

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      kenneth eldridge on

      We it could not have gone to a nicer guy keep up the great work!